Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser
I felt the Lord wanted me to release a word for intercessors right now that there has been an attack against many of you to bring a DISTRACTION and DISORIENTATION and this is a time right now to “FOCUS” because there is IMMINENT birthing and IMMINENT breakthrough in the atmosphere.

When I was seeking the Lord about this word the scene from Snow White flashed before my eyes when the witch came and offered her an apple and when she took a bite of the apple she fell into a deep sleep. There was a curse placed over her and what broke the curse was a kiss from her prince, her true love.

The Lord showed me that many intercessors have come under a major attack of “slumber”. There has been an assignment sent against many intercessors to cause a “slumber” because there is about to be a birthing in the area that the Lord has assigned them to pray into. Intercessors, bind the spirit of witchcraft, bind the slumber that is coming against you for that thing is about to break.

The Lord is inviting you into a deeper place of encounter with Jesus where the Lord is taking you to a deep place where you will hear the “new sound” louder and clearer than you have that is rising up and into the earth through the decree of the Lord that is going to bring forth a great shifting, shaking and rearranging to prepare the earth for the revealing of His majesty and the Kingdom of God.

There has been a mighty attack against the minds of the intercessors to bring this confusion, this fog and mental torment but it is being given its eviction notice by the Lord. Intercessors, STAND! Now is the time to stand and to FOCUS! To lift your hands in praise and to bind these spirits coming against you. You are needed in this hour. The Lord showed me many of you wanting to give up, do NOT give up, the Lord is calling you to RISE UP against this because the Lord is positioning you now to receive some of the deepest mysteries of the Kingdom and His heart that you have ever received.


The Lord showed me that He is about to crash in into the body of Christ and into the earth in such a significant way, in a way that we have not seen before and a way we are not expecting and the Lord is using the intercessors to set the stage and to pave the way. That is WHY there is such an assault against the intercessors right now. Intercessors DO NOT be distracted, FOCUS.

There are even “good things” that are being brought to you that are “luring” and they look “good” on the outside but they are not what the Lord is breathing on and it has been brought to you by the enemy to move you away from your post and lure you into directions that are NOT of the Lord.

It is a CRUCIAL time intercessors to be asking for wisdom and discernment on the things that are being brought before you.

“If any of you lacks wisdom [to guide him through a decision or circumstance], he is to ask of [our benevolent] God, who gives to everyone generously and without rebuke or blame, and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5 – AMP)


I heard the words “intercessors there is strength in numbers” and I felt the Lord saying two things. It is imperative right now to be standing in unison with others and praying together.

There is strength in numbers against this attack that is coming against you. I saw “offenses” and “issues in relationships” between intercessors that were happening that the enemy was using to bring division. He was stirring up trouble and whispering lies and twisting things in order to bring a breakdown between intercessors. Intercessors, it is IMPERATIVE that you are dealing with offense and hurts between you in this hour and not allowing the enemy to come in, in ANY way.

Keep communication lines open and FIGHT for relationship for the enemy is working hard to bring division and break down STRONG intercessory groups.

I also saw many intercessors that were alone in their bedrooms faithfully interceding and crying out to the Lord for community, others to stand with them in the battle and I heard the Lord say “intercessors, hold on, I have heard your prayers and your tribe is coming!”

The Lord is bringing communities of intercessors together in rapid ways to bring a strength and a wall of fortification against the enemy to bring forth the greatest demonstrations of victory that we have ever seen in the earth.


I heard the Lord say:

“The sound that is arising is the sound of earth shaking victory and resounding Glory. My Glory is about to be seen in the earth in unprecedented ways. Intercessors, lay down in surrender, lay down in the place of yielded surrender to me and listen to the earth groaning. Listen to the earth groaning for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God to arise (Romans 6:19) and My Glory to be seen. Quiet yourselves in the midst of this distraction and disorientation that is trying to take you out, and listen to the sound that is arising. It’s coming. It’s bubbling. It’s arising. Listen to the sound of My Kingdom Government being established. Listen to the sound of earth shaking victory and resounding Glory, My Glory being seen in the earth.”

“Listen to the sound of the fear of God being restored to the Church. Listen to the sound of the feet of the Almighty, My feet, stepping in. (Psalm 24:7-9) The time has come. It will not be held back any longer. The time has arrived. Here I come! Ready or not here I come! Allow the groans of intercession to arise. They are getting louder because the greatest birthing of My Spirit and plans and purposes on the earth are about to be seen. It’s travail. It’s travail! The TRAVAIL IS GOING TO INCREASE AS I LIFT THE VEIL that has blinded many to My power and My Glory. I am lifting the veil.”

“I am bringing many of you My intercessors and prophets behind the veil to hear and see mysteries that you have never imagined. It’s time for you to search them out. It’s the time of Proverbs 25:2 and Jeremiah 33:3 but to enter into this place you must be surrendered, you must be in a position of humility before Me.”

“Listen to the sound arising “WHO CAN STOP THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY?”

Intercessors can you hear it? Can you hear the sound of My power being demonstrated and My presence manifesting in the earth in ways you have never seen. Can you hear the sound?”


Revelation 22:1-2 was thundering in my spirit:

“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

Then I heard the Lord say “The river of My Spirit is gaining momentum. A time is coming where My river will flow and there will be healing of the nations. Intercessors you are now walking in the place of travail for the nations. I am releasing greater intercessory keys, insights and burdens to pray into and pray through, to travail to bring forth the birthing of the healing in the nations. The enemy is working hard to bring destruction and darkness in the nations, but I am calling you My intercessors to jump into the river of My Spirit deeply to reveal what I am releasing for the nations. Do not be afraid of the travail. The travail leads to the birthing. Now is the time to travail, the labour pains because the birthing is coming imminently.”


The fire of God is coming upon intercessors and intercessory meetings in unprecedented ways, it is imperative to stay positioned. Don’t move. Wait upon the Lord for the fire of God is coming. The fire of God is coming in a way you have never seen to set those places of intercession alight. The Lor d is opening the eyes of intercessors in greater ways to actually SEE what happens in the spirit when you pray.

The Lord is going to show you greater angelic activity that takes place as you pray. He is going to show you in greater ways and with greater clarity what takes place in the spirit when you intercede what He has placed upon your heart and this is going to set your heart on fire like never before to pray.

The time has come to pray like never before and to not stop praying. Intercessors hearts that have become weary are going to SUDDENLY be revived and set alight as the fire of His presence falls. A fresh baptism of fire is upon you intercessors. A fresh baptism of His fire is upon you to PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD.

Here He comes! Ready or not here He comes! Don’t fall asleep! Rebuke this attack of witchcraft, stay awake, for the earth is about to shake with the demonstration of His GLORY unlike anything we have ever seen.

Who can stop the Lord God Almighty? His arm is stretched out! He’s coming to do what He needs to do and will not be stopped, our UNSTOPPABLE GOD is coming.

“For the Lord of hosts has decided and planned, and who can annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?” – (Isaiah 14:27 – AMP)

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