Prophetic Words


I have been hearing the words repeating in my spirit “IT IS RIGHT TO WRITE”

The Lord showed me many in the body of Christ that are questioning whether now is the right time for them to write, or whether they are even meant to ‘write’ for the Lord. I heard the Lord saying “IT IS RIGHT TO WRITE!!!”

There is such a wooing of the Holy Spirit over many writers right now where the Lord is drawing them back and deeper into the secret place. That thundering “COME OUT” word that I have been hearing the Lord speaking over the body of Christ, I see also over the “writers”.

Right now the Lord is having you separate yourself from things and places where you have previously had your hands upon and been connected into. There is a MAJOR transition happening over many writers right now where the Lord is calling you into a time of fresh consecration to hear what is on His heart and what He is speaking for this new era.

It is a place that is entered into in surrender and yielding to His ways, His agenda and what He wants to do. Many have been in a tremendous battle that has ramped up in the last little while and that’s because there is a major increase of the weightiness of His revelation upon you to write and scribe what He is saying.

This increase that He is releasing is not for the fainthearted. This increase is being released upon the writers who have been through the fire. This increase and invitation is being released upon those who are living yielded. Those who have paid the price to seek to know Him and His ways above all else. There is a deep place of revelation that He is inviting them into to receive keys and wisdom for this new era that will be penned and sent out into many different areas in the earth.


The battle is over the keys that are being released. The battle is over the revelation that is being released that is being given to many forerunning writers. I hear the Lord saying “As you write you are trailblazing with fire, My fire. You are creating pathways for My Glory to come and you must run in the purity of what I saying and writing in the earth.”

I heard the Holy Spirit say “What you pen will see heaven and earth collide.”

What the Lord is releasing in this hour, the revelation that is coming forth is WEIGHTY! It’s revelation that has been found in the heart of the Father, it is revelation that has been found in the Word and the WAYS of God and not the ways of man.


I feel a strong unction of the Holy Spirit to encourage the writers to be seeking His heart for what HE is writing and what He wants to write. Write what is RIGHT and that is what is flowing from His heart. Write what is on the heart of God and the message flowing from His heart without the pressure and expectation of man.

Do not write what is popular, do not write in a way that others write because you doubt what He is telling you, write what the Lord is telling you and you will see great favour upon your writing and He will make room for the message He has given you to go where it needs to go.The Lord showed me that there is going to be a “shutting of the mouths” of the mockers who are speaking and will speak against the words the Lord will have you pen in this new era by His hand of FAVOUR that will be upon you heavily.

The “brothers of Joseph” who operate in jealousy against you will be left stunned by what God is going to do and the writing of His heart through you. There will be major public demonstrations of His favour upon your obedience in penning what He is saying.

Do not rush in the writing, rest and allow His flow to carry you. His timing will be perfect. Stay faithful to engage with Him and to write but stay surrendered to His way and His timing.

Rest in the writing. Rest in the waiting. Rest in Him and His hand knowing that in your obedience, your radical obedience and walking in faith, He is going to perform wonders through the writing.

The pressure of ‘man made expectations’ will fall off you as you nestle into His heart. The Spirit is going to break out through the writings He is having you pen. For the Lord is going to have many of you take what feels like huge steps of faith in your writing as you STAY TRUE to the message He has given you and not change or compromise the message to “fit into certain places or with certain people or areas”.

The Lord is requiring radical obedience in the writing. For the mysteries of heaven and deeper mysteries of the word (Proverbs 25:2) are being released on the earth RIGHT NOW to the writers and the Lord is looking for those that He can entrust the keys and secrets of this new era with.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” (James 1:5)

Ask the Lord for wisdom in this new era for the writing and the navigating of the writings that He is publishing through you in many avenues. For the Lord will give you the strategy and blueprints of how to steward the writings He has given you.

He’s looking for the yielded writers. The writers who will WRITE what is RIGHT and those who write with conviction and obedience of the Holy Spirit, founded in deep biblical truth and not writing for the popularity of man, fame or approval of man, or to compete or fit in with others.

MAJOR outpourings are taking place and are going to RAPIDLY increase through writings in this new era like we have never seen. Signs, wonders, miracles and salvations will take place as people READ physical words on pages of what the Lord has spoken. They will be dripping in the anointing.

The new wine, the fresh manna of heaven and there will be UNUSUAL miracles that will take place as people READ the writings of the Father that have been penned by the yielded, faithful, surrendered friends of God.

There’s a fresh mandate that’s been released upon many in this new era to WRITE. The Lord wants to confirm to you again today that it is RIGHT to WRITE and stay true to His message within you and through you. WRITE what is RIGHT and watch how His Spirit moves in MIGHTY power and signs, wonders, miracles through your writing and His favour upon you.

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