Prophetic Words


Over the past few months the Lord has been speaking to me about consecration and the invitation upon the body of Christ right now to consecrate ourselves afresh to the Lord and to His purposes.

For many months I have been hearing the Spirit of God decreeing “COME OUT”. The Lord is summoning the body of Christ to “COME OUT” in many ways. To come out of the old wineskins, to come out of the old ways of thinking, to come out of compromises, to come out of impurity, to come out of areas of bondage, to come out of areas of sin, to come out of areas of complacency, to come out of partnering with things not of Him. To come out of things He is not breathing upon. The thundering words of the Holy Spirit “COME OUT” is bringing the body of Christ into a greater place of maturity, purity and positioning for the next move of the Spirit of God upon the Church.

There is a weighty invitation for the Lord to CONSECRATE ourselves afresh to the Lord for there is a fresh OUTPOURING that He is preparing to release upon the body of Christ. The thundering words resound in my heart “Ready or not, here I come”, He is calling us as His people to be ready. There is an urgency and immanency to His Words.

The Lord is about to release FRESH DOWNLOADS from His heart and His Word concerning this new era. The Lord is about to release FRESH revelation and keys in greater ways than we have ever seen to navigate this new era upon us. In the preparation for us to receive that which the Lord is about to pour out, there is a consecration that He is requiring. The Lord is shifting things, He is changing directions, He is raising standards.

We MUST consecrate ourselves to HIM and HIS WAYS afresh. He is calling the body of Christ to a fresh place of surrender, lives as altars unto Him, because I hear the Lord saying “MY FIRE IS ABOUT TO FALL!!!!! MY FIRE IS ABOUT TO FALL!!!!” The fire of God is about to fall on the consecrated places.

Joshua 3:5 is resounding loudly:

Then Joshua said to the people, “Sanctify yourselves [for His purpose], for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders (miracles) among you.”


It is IMPERATIVE that as the body of Christ we are consecrating ourselves for HIS purpose, His way, His agenda for the Lord is about to do WONDERS and MIRACLES and He is looking for those who are consecrating themselves completely to Him and His way.

The Lord is saying “no” to doors and things that in previous seasons He has said “yes” to. Now many of you are hearing a “no” from the Lord, that’s because this is a new era and He is moving in a different way, He is moving in new directions. The Lord is moving and leading His people in the unexpected ways. The fire of God and the weighty downloads of heaven are about to fall like a tidal wave, but those that will receive the fire and carry these weighty downloads are those who are consecrating themselves.
I heard the Lord say “

Do not trade consecration for compromise”.

Do not compromise on the Word of the Lord. Do not compromise on the rhema word for your life. Do not compromise on the Word of God. Trust Him. He is shifting relationships, He is shifting directions, He is shifting momentum, He is shifting SO much right now and you MUST listen to His voice, not to what’s been done before, not what is “popular”, not what man is screaming at you, there is a MAJOR transition point we have entered into and are now moving through in the body of Christ and CONSECRATION is the word flowing from the Lord’s heart. Do not allow fear to bring compromise into your life.

NOW is the time for RADICAL obedience. Now is the time to follow the Word of the Lord in the unexpected. What He’s asking of many, how He is leading many is unexpected, but He is making ROOM in your life for you to receive the fire He is releasing and the downloads that are coming. These keys that will unlock major breakthrough in this new era will be given to those who have consecrated themselves to the Lord and are living yielded and with their ears close to His heart, listening to the heartbeat of God and His Word and not the drumbeat of man.

God is going to do WONDERS! The miracles and the greater glory we are about to see, the majesty of God, the harvest that is that are upon us is unlike ANYTHING we have ever seen.


I heard the Lord say “You cannot feast at the same tables anymore”.

There is a deep invitation into the secret place with the Lord that is richer and deeper that many have experienced before. The Lord is inviting His people deeper into the Word of God than they have ever been. Where there has been a reliance on teachings or prophetic words “ABOVE” the Word of God, the Lord is inviting His people deeper into the secret place of being consecrated to Him and to His Word.

There is nothing wrong with teachings, it is good to be fed by teachers and leaders in the body of Christ but the Lord showed me that there has been an imbalance He is wanting to correct, where many have been feasting on what is being given to them ABOVE their own time and communion with the Lord and in His Word and the Lord is bringing a healthy balance to these places.

There are also “feasting tables” the Lord is saying to move away from in this new era, because He has fresh revelation that He wants to release to His people and by feasting continually at old tables it will hinder the flow of the new revelation that He is wanting to release.

New watering holes of encounter with Him are opening up. I heard the Lord say “i am shifting My people from the watering holes of man made ways and expectations.” Rather than drinking from “waterholes of man” and “ways of man”, the Lord is leading His people deeper into the place of drinking from the “waterholes of His Spirit” and “HIS WAYS!!” which requires eyes to see and ears to hear to receive the revelation He is releasing for this new era.


The Lord showed me that there is going to be MAJOR confirmations of His unexpected directions and call to consecration this week for many. So expect confirmation this week.

The Lord is about to do MIGHTY wonders amongst us and He is calling us to consecrate ourselves, to be completely yielded and devoted to Him, to carry what He is about to release.

Yield to the places that He is calling you to be “set apart” from and follow His leading even if it doesn’t make sense as it is preparation in the positioning for His fire to fall. His fire is falling upon living sacrifices. He’s coming to consume you like never before with His fire.

“When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the LORD filled the temple.” – 2 Chronicles 7:1

“The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.” – Leviticus 6:13