Prophetic Words


The Lord has been speaking to me for many months now about the need for ‘change’ and ‘making room for the new’ in our lives. As believers we have a responsibility to have our ear to His chest and be listening to His instruction and wisdom and implementing it in our lives.

In this time of significant transition and in this new era I have been hearing the Lord say over and over:

“Things HAVE to change, they cannot remain the same. Things NEED to change in order for you to move into the NEW that I have for you and to move in and on the new page I have opened up for you.”

The hand of the Lord is doing a MAJOR rearranging right now in the lives of His people. This is a time to YIELD unlike any other. It is a time to ALLOW the Lord to move what He needs to move. To rearrange that which He needs to rearrange and to shake that which needs to be shaken.

I heard the Lord say:

“Some things HAVE to go in order for you to move in the NEW FLOW!!!!”
There is a divine LETTING GO that is taking place right now. The Lord is asking His people to remove their hands from certain things, to let go of things that cannot go with you into the new.”

The “letting go” is happening on MANY levels. There is a letting go of holding onto the past. There’s a letting go of unforgiveness and hurt. There’s a letting go of unrealistic expectations. There’s a letting go of anxiety. There’s a letting go of fear.

There’s a letting go of “old wineskins”. There’s a letting go of the burdens of “this is how it should be done” or “this is the way you should go” or “this is who you should go with”, the expectations of “man” NEED to fall. The Lord is summoning His people to LET GO of expectations built by man and led by man, it’s a “man made way” and not the way the Spirit is leading, but see in the OBEDIENCE and the letting go and following where Jesus is going and where He is leading there is great fruit, increase, favour and blessing unlike you have known.


There are MANY relationships that are shifting right now. Don’t fight to hold onto a relationship when there is a change taking place by the hand of the Lord.

I heard the Lord say:

“There is a shifting and changing happening in relationships and some relationships cannot be taken into the new place that I have for My people.”
The Lord is leading many of you reading this in new directions and you feel relationships that have been close to your heart and some that you love dearly, beginning to change. You can feel the change, you can feel the shift, there hasn’t been offense or hurt or a falling out, but you feel the relationship shifting and changing and you have been wondering what’s happening.

The Lord showed me that there are SEASONS for some friendships and there is a CLOSING of a season of friendships for many right now, but I hear the Lord saying “TRUST ME”.

For where those friendships shift and change and you are moving into something new and a new direction, the Lord will bring new people around you for the next part of the journey. Yes, there’s a grief, yes there’s a process in the letting go, but where the Lord is saying to “release them”, do so, because some cannot go where you are going. Do not hinder the process of moving into the new thing the Lord has for you by holding onto some relationships He is clearly saying to let go of.

It is IMPERATIVE to listen to the wisdom of the Lord right now regarding relationships and those who are walking with you on your journey. I heard the Lord saying “INNER CIRCLES ARE SHIFTING”, some of these inner circles need to shift and change in order to move into the new.

In the shifting of relationships and shifting of many “INNER CIRCLES” there is a depth of intimacy with the Lord that is going to blossom with the Lord and a deeper unity that is going to come with those the Lord brings into your life. God is building stronger community and unity in your life, the Lord is strengthening unity in your life, it’s just happening for some in different ways than you realise.


I heard the Lord saying:

“Can you hear the sound of increase?”

The Lord is bringing increase like never before and as a loving Father He is releasing wisdom and instruction on how to move with Him and yield with Him to be able to carry the increase. The sudden changes, the sudden changes of course, the resounding of the Lord to “COME OUT” of things you were in and part of before, is exciting because you are moving into something more beautiful and greater than you could ever imagine. It is increase. Any deep pruning taking place right now is simply to see the increase of fruitfulness in your life. You must arise and obey in order to ARRIVE into the increase He has for you.

Yield! Yield! Yield!

There is a resounding sound from heaven to YIELD!!! HUMILITY is KEY and THE key in this new era.

“The source of revelation-knowledge is found as you fall down in surrender before the Lord. Don’t expect to see Shekinah glory until the Lord sees your sincere humility.” – Proverbs 15:33 (The Passion Translation)

“The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom, and humility comes before honour.” – Proverbs 15:33 (ESV)

Take heed of the Lord’s instruction, follow His wisdom in the “letting go” and the “rearranging” for He is leading you into a new place of favour and partnering with Him to see His Kingdom established and His Glory revealed. Watch as the name of Jesus is lifted high and glorified in and through your life through your obedience to His wisdom and instruction.

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