Prophetic Words


"And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty" – Philippians 4:13 (latter part of the verse The Passion Translation)
Get ready for a demonstration of Christ’s explosive power in your life. Draw closer to Him, for He is going to meet you in power that is going to give you supernatural strength to overcome the difficulty that is before you.
The Lord is leading you forward in victory. I saw the people of God standing in a line with difficulties surrounding, and I saw Jesus and He walked up to each one and placed His finger on their heart and He spoke.. "YOU, THE OVERCOMER! MY OVERCOMING ONE!!!"
What is before you is NOT going to defeat you as you press in. Stay aligned with Him and keep your eyes on Him. You are being led into the glorious victory that is already yours.
Greater encounters with the Glory of God and His explosive power are happening now at an increased level for the people of God as they press in, that is infusing the people of God with a strength and an empowerment not of this world. HIS EMPOWERMENT to overcome all that life and the enemy is throwing their way.
In this season I see impossibilities are rising up more and more before the people of God to attempt to hinder them and stop them from moving forward, but as the people of God are keeping their eyes on Jesus, they are marching forward. They are marching forward and impossibilities are bowing and being placed UNDER the feet of the people of God as they OVERCOME! These impossibilities are turning to ladders that are leading the people of God closer to Him, and into a depth of understanding the realm of the spirit like never before.
I saw Jacob’s ladder and the angels ascending and descending on the ladder and felt the Lord saying that there is a greater understanding of angelic activity being awakened in the body of Christ right now as the people of God are pressing in to see impossibilities overcome. There is a greater awakening and sight happening in this season for the people of God as they are seeking Him, seeing the operation of angelic hosts in their lives and the lives of those around them.
"You are going to see exactly who is fighting for you and with you"
(Exodus 14:14)
As I felt the Lord speak this, I saw the Lord dressed as a warrior, He was tall, strong, the embodiment of perfect love and authority and His Glory so beautiful and He held a sword in His hand. Around him were thousands upon thousands of angelic hosts. Instantly I knew that the Lord was fighting for His people.
He smiled..
"I’ve got your back"
As I saw the Lord move forward to fight for His people, there was really no fight at all, because as He moved forward and swung His sword and spoke "ENOUGH", impossibilities were crumbling, demonic forces were fleeing. NOTHING could stand even close to Him. He marched forward as a mighty warrior with his angelic hosts marching behind Him.
As He marched forward I saw His beautiful glory and love being poured out on the people of God around Him. Word curses were being removed, spiritual knives in the backs of the people of God (those who had experienced ‘back stabbings’) were being removed and healed, tormented minds were receiving freedom, broken hearts were being healed, chains sucking the life, joy and peace out of many of the people of God were being instantly healed. As He walked in such love and authority, deliverance was happening rapidly. It’s a time of deep deliverance.
"I am revealing the pathway of victory to you, that is already yours"
As the people of God were awakened to see who is fighting for them and with them, they were encountering His love, His power and authority and it was rising them up into who they ALREADY ARE, the OVERCOMING ONES!
From that place greater demonstrations of victory and overcoming was beginning to come to fruition in all areas of their lives at different times. LIVES were coming to LIFE again and dead parts in lives were being removed.
I saw the people of God facing huge hurdles before them like in a hurdle race where the athlete’s jump over the hurdles. The people of God as they heard Him speak.. "YOU… THE OVERCOMER…" knowing who fights for and with them, they began to not walk towards these hurdles but RUN and as they came close to the hurdle HIS strength in them lifted them up and not over just one hurdle, but NUMEROUS hurdles at once. Great ground was being taken because it was HIS explosive strength infusing them. NOTHING was impossible, they could do ALL things because of HIM. The overcoming spirit over them was making the world turn and look, an invitation to know Him.
A mighty army is now arising. A mighty army who KNOWS who they are in Him, the OVERCOMING ONES, who know who fights for them and with them.
Don’t be discouraged by the impossibilities or difficult circumstances before you. As you press in, you are being positioned for greater encounters with Him, to be infused with His power at a level you have not experienced before. Your capacity is increasing. A spirit of excellence is being released. An unshakable courageous warrior spirit is being called out in you.
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  • christascherman

    This is most precious word from God! The past few days God is giving me the number 2.  He always gives me numbers – during the day or at night. He woke me up now – exactly 2:00 in the morning (South Africa).  I asked Him – Lord, what is it with this number 2 the whole time.  He said : Its you and Me, its you and me ……  One minute later this email came through.  He further said (sang) : You and Me were created for a love story, you and Me created for a love story. …….. I could feel in my spirit He is revealing something deep with the message of the  overcomer. We are in exciting times. Thank you so much Lana for for hearing heart.  I know we can just give God all the honor and praise …. you are a willing vessel.
    Be blessed Christa 
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  • Sonja,Mara Warrington

    THANK YOU,  J E S U S!!!!! victory is here!! it is mine, THANK YOU, THAT you will fight for me, for i am weak at this stage, JESUS, i press in and what YOU are going to do in my life, i believe will have a tremendous impact in my life and ALL of those who believe in what YOU are going to do for YOUR children.O!! JESUS, I’M LOOKING FORWARD FOR MY GREAT AND MIGHTY KING, WARRIOR WHO IS GOING TO FIGHT WILL OVERCOME THE FORCES OF DARKNESS WHOM IS BUSY BREAKING MY TRUST AND FAITH IN YOU down, my KING OF GLORY. i glorify your most high and precious NAME, I EXALT YOUR NAME ABOVE EVERY OTHER name. YOU are my KING and the LORD OF lords.PRAISE i bring to the only true and living GOD, CREATOR of the HEAVENS and the EARTH. HALLELUJA, AMEN

  • Rita Knight

    Praise God! I love this post today. I am taking a Bible Study class now, “Becoming An Overcomer”. Everything in my life is falling into place…God has given me so many signs that I am on the right path, and will be guided into a fabulous future…one step at a time! Thank you so much for these encouraging words! I continue to pray daily asking God for protection, discernment, and guidance. He is so faithful!

  • Denina Powe

    What is before you is NOT going to defeat you as you press in. Stay aligned with Him and keep your eyes on Him. You are being led into the glorious victory that is already yours.
    This is truth. I trust and believe this to be for both of us. I feel it and I know you do as well!!!! So I say to you….. GET READY!!!!!!! 😉
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  • Beverley Estes

    Is there any difference in walking on the Water or the Water of the word?
    These sure help on mornings like this morning. Yesterday I felt like I should feel. But this morning I just want to go back to bed and go back to sleep. Yet I do not want to do that as it is not reading Gods word. Now I set here and read what your saying and know your right from my personal relationship with HIM. So I chose rightly. Blessings Beverley