Prophetic Words


"The joy of the Lord is your strength" – Nehemiah 8:10
I saw many of the people of God and they were looking at mountains before them that had risen up in their path and they could see the word "DISAPPOINTMENT" written all over these mountains.
"Come up here"
Suddenly I found myself above these mountains and I was looking down at these mountains and I could see a word written all across these mountains and they were titled "APPOINTMENT".
I sensed the Lord saying that what many are facing in situations, where things have fallen through, things haven’t turned out the way they expected, areas where the Lord has said no, areas that have been screaming "DISAPPOINTMENT", heaven is saying "APPOINTMENT".
Areas where the people of God have been disappointed are actually areas where the Lord is releasing them into their next greatest APPOINTMENT. Immediately came to my mind a quote by Bill Johnson that a friend reminded me of this week "When God says no, it is because a better YES is coming". Whether you are facing a situation where the Lord has said no, or the enemy has stolen, or life has thrown a curveball a better YES is coming into your life.
What may feel like a season of great disappointment, heaven is declaring "NEW APPOINTMENTS". You are moving forward into that new land with courage and renewed hope as you continue to trust Him and hold His hand ESPECIALLY WHEN you do not understand. He is GOOD! Gloriously GOOD! Always GOOD and working FOR YOUR GOOD!!!
I feel some need to hear again today…..HE IS FOR YOU! HE IS FOR YOU! HE IS FOR YOU!
As I saw many in the land of disappointment, suddenly I saw WELLS OF JOY springing up! In the very places where disappointment had entered and the people of God felt they could never have joy walking through the pain, the disappointment and discouragement, in that process SUDDENLY wells of joy ERUPTED before them.
These wells were DEEP!!!!! I saw in these wells the Lord bringing remembrance to the people of God of His faithfulness (Joshua 4:2-7) and provision in the past. I saw revelations of Him in this well, and as I looked deeper into the well I saw the words "THE JOY OF SALVATION".
The Lord was erupting wells of revelation before the people of God in disappointment and discouragement and JOY was erupting as they drank from this well. DEEPER revelation of the JOY of their salvation and the JOY of knowing Him, the joy of LOVING HIM!!!! The JOY of knowing what was purchased for them at Calvary and the LIFE that is theirs in loving and knowing Him!
He is surprising His people with joy even when they did not expect it! An arising of "CONFIDENT ASSURANCE AND EXPECTATION" in His GOODNESS, IN HIS LOVE and HIS WORD and seeing it manifested.
As the people of God drank from this well, as they pressed in closer to Him despite their feelings of disappointment and discouragement, I saw the Holy Spirit moving upon HIs people heavily and they began to shake. A shaking was taking place as they were pressing in.
This shaking was the JOY OF THE LORD invading every place in their mind, heart and body that had not been previously overtaken by it. CONFIDENT ASSURANCE AND EXPECTATION was filling every part of their being. I saw their whole bodies shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit and disappointment was FALLING OFF. It was all FALLING AWAY!
A new strength, a new hope, a new vision was being restored back to them. What was already theirs that had clouded and marred by disappointment was being RESTORED.
Some of the people of God began to laugh and laugh and laugh as the joy exploded within them. Some of the people of God had quiet confidence, strength and peace as the joy exploded within them. Some of the people of God breathed a sigh of relief and contentment, the struggle was over, as the joy exploded within them. Some sat silently with arms raised in worship and HUGE smiles on their faces as the joy exploded within them. Some stood up with courage and determination in their eyes as the warrior spirit within them awoke again as the joy exploded within them. Some cried as their hearts were healed and awakened again to His goodness as the joy exploded within them.
The people of God stood up with a strength that they did not previously have. Empowered, courageous and ready to take risks, to believe Him and take Him at His Word again. They were filled with confident assurance and expectation filling every part of their being.
I saw them look at the mountains that were before them again… and they smiled and suddenly I could see what they could see. The mountain was labelled.. "APPOINTMENT".
Some of the greatest appointments for the people of God are just ahead.
The joy of the Lord IS your strength!
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