Prophetic Words


You are going to make it through. You have been set up for breakthrough! The Lord is using the circumstances before you to bring you to a place of huge breakthrough. No matter whether you are facing a heavenly shaking, or an opposition from the enemy, no matter what is before you, the Lord is USING IT to bring you to a place of breakthrough.
The air is pregnant with breakthrough and the Lord is calling you to come closer. To draw closer to Him as He is outworking His perfect administration in your life and bringing you into greater alignment. Many (including myself) continue have the number 12 highlighted to them over and over and this morning as I read The Passion Translation by Dr Brian Simmons, I looked at a footnote on the number 12 and he says “The number twelve is found often in the Bible and is linked to God’s perfect administration and our human alignment to it.”
God is outworking His perfect administration in your life right now as you ALIGN yourself with it. Through your ALIGNING yourself with Him and His Word and purposes, you are SET UP FOR BREAKTHROUGH.
NUMBERS 6:24-25:
I had a dream last night and in my dream I was declaring the blessing of Numbers 6:24-25:
“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace”
The part of my dream that was highlighted to me were the words:
In my dream as those words were spoken I knew that the impartation for GREATER ENCOUNTERS with Him was being released. Face to face encounters with the Lord where His face will shine upon His people and they will be brought to a place of seeing a glimpse of His Glory that they have not entered into before.
The light and Glory of God that will be released through these encounters will bring RADICAL INTERNAL transformations that will SETTLE SOUL struggles once and for all and many of the people of God that haven’t in the past will begin to EXPERIENCE the perfect peace that is THEIRS through Christ Jesus and LIVE in that place of perfect peace in Him.
If you continue to press in and align yourself with Him, not forsaking HIs Word, you are coming into some of the GREATEST encounters of your life that are going to SET EVERYTHING BACK to how they were meant to be in God’s grand design. His beautiful perfect administration!! The alignment that is happening now is BEAUTIFUL and He has set you up for breakthrough. It is TIME to step into it and things will turnaround as the beautiful light of His face shines upon you. As you encounter His Glory things will SHIFT.
Much of what has opposed you has done so to keep you from THIS VERY PLACE of DEEP encounters with Him. Look for new ways He is going to speak to you, new encounters with Him, increasing heavenly visitations and angelic encounters. The new realm is open and waiting for you, the invitation list here for all, we just have to step in.
I also saw many who have been struggling with anger recently, as a constant in their lifetime and generational issues of anger being HEALED in the light of His presence. Those of you who have been living with anger for so long and doing all you can to get free from it, yet it continues to remain, God is inviting you into deeper encounters where this will be HEALED once and for all, the chains of anger will no longer bind you. As you see His face and the light of His beauty shines upon you, anger will be dissolved and PERFECT PEACE will fill you and you will no longer be hindered by it.
The sense I have been left with after dreaming about Numbers 6:24-26 is that there is such encounters with Him, blessing and peace being released right now that the people of God will begin to see that their greatest days are before them. The opposition has been to hold them back from entering this very level of breakthrough. God is wanting to infuse His people with greater hope in Him. The hope that is in being a child of God. Abiding in Jesus. As you lean in, closer and closer and closer you are going to SEE like you have never seen before. You will SEE the light of His face, the beauty of His countenance and see that He is rewriting your history. Things are shifting and changing and your greatest days are before you.
I saw angels in the spirit at the entrance of this new realm holding birds on the palm of their hands and these birds were singing and they were singing the most beautiful tune with such joy and at first I thought they were singing “tweet tweet” and then as I leaned in I realised what they were singing “DESTINY, DESTINY, DESTINY”.
You are being invited into your destiny!!!!!!!! You have been set up for breakthrough!
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    Thanx Lana. I know for sure the word is for me; He has been revealing to me that things blocked till now are to melt away, ushering a time of bounty and grace from Him. Yes, I’ve decided to align myself with Him and His purposes Will appreciate your prayers. Thanx again. Bless your heart! David Abraham [India]

  • gigimom3

    I am so thankful for your heart and willingness to be used by the Lord to edify and encourage His people. I have read your book and it forever changed my life. I thank God for you and for showing me what it truly means to go desperately deeper with Him. Praise God for His faithfulness and his handmaiden that brings joy! God Bless!

  • Tina Edward

    I agree with you and I receive every word that the Lord has given you even as I am expecting a miracle and fullness of His blessings each day in Jesus name. holy spirit position me to receive and this is my year to receive back my God ordained destiny in Jesus name.

  • Pamela Rice

    Thank you Lana! A timely word so relevant in my life right now. In worship the night before you put out this word I had an intense and deep encounter with the Lord. He reached deep into the sediments of my soul and revealed the embittered anger lurking behind an apathetic christian veneer. He pulled out the anger and pain of unfulfilled promises and I repented, forgave and released what I didn’t know was even there!!! Anger was dissolved and I feel a freshness and peace that was lacking in my heart of hearts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us. It is so encouraging to know we are flowing with the Lords timing in our lives…or at least mine! God bless you with every good and abundant gift from the Father. May he give back to you 100 fold of what you give out to bless others!