Prophetic Words


Many are contending for a miracle. They feel like they have come to the highest place of pressure, stress and stretching thus far.
Desperation has set in.
The Lord has seen your desperation and He has seen your faith that has continued to remain unwaivered throughout this turbulent time. I sensed Him saying “it is time for you to see your miracle”.
Do not give up hope! You are at the pinnacle of a miracle! Things will change, for He has set the stage and all has been arranged. God is about to do, what only God can do and the people of God will cry out in joy “There is NO ONE LIKE YOU, NONE LIKE YOU”.
Some of the greatest miracles and miraculous provisions are upon you, He is about to blow your mind and bypass the “natural” mindsets with His GLORIOUSLY GOOD works. Your wings of faith are about to expand and take you to new lands.


  • Irsan Nusaputra

    Dear Lana Vawser, May I ask you a question.?Some people believe that the sun become dark for 3 days in mid December. What do you thing about it. Please email be back Thanks Lana , bye . GBU                                                 Kind regars                                               Irsan Nusaputra                                                  Jakarta – Indonesia