Prophetic Words


Not only is He restoring things, especially this week, He is also bringing a supernatural increase and favoured upgrade in the manifestation of many hearts desires.
Do not be discouraged by things that are broken. Know that the Lord is bringingrestoration to many circumstances and not only will there be restoration of what was broken and lost, but everything will be completely new.
The favour of the Lord is not only bringing restoration but a complete upgrade and a divine rearrange. We have a good Father in heaven who knows how to give good gifts to those who ask him (Matthew 7:11). Our GOOD GOD is demonstrating His Father heart of love and kindness as He lavishes good gifts of restoration and ALL THINGS NEW upon them. Look out people of God…You are about to be LOVESTRUCK again!

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  • Rodica Florica

    dear sister in Christ,
    can you please explain to me for i am soooo much confused about one thing. You are saying such many nice things from Yahshua and other people on youtube for example are talking about distruction and death coming, about rapture, about terrible things. Your messages speak about love, restauration, new my mind one contradicts another so can you please make me understand? i really find myself more and more confused lately..and God is not the author of confusion so this is why i need to understand..may HE bless you and yours abundantly ,shalom