Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I have had a phrase running through my heart and mind the past few days SO loudly and the phrase is:
But I want you to hear this. I was not hearing it necessarily in the expression of a question and one of doubt, I was hearing it as a decree, a declaration. It was a declaration, it was a statement of VICTORY!!!!
As I have been pondering this phrase over and over the past few days, the Lord has been speaking to me about such a significant breakthrough of victory and MOMENTUM of breakthrough for many, that the decree and testimony out of your mouth will be “WON’T HE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!” Hearts screaming out “I KNEW He would come through! He is faithful! Won’t He do it!!!!”
He is stepping in with divine repayment, SWIFT turnaround, and I saw MIGHTY RECOMPENSE. Many of you have been in a “bay of waiting”, waiting for Him in those situations where He needs to show up and turn things around. It has been a hard place for many of you in the waiting. It has been a whole new level of trusting the Lord, and I heard the Lord say:
“The demonstration of My power, My faithfulness and swift divine turnaround of impossibilities are going to FAR OUTWEIGH the uncomfortable stretching and pain you have endured. Oh the recompense that is upon you!!!!! Oh the rain of My blessing and restoration that is being unlocked in the heavens!!!!”
I heard the Lord say “What has blocked your blessing is being removed.”
Instantly I had a vision and I saw HUGE boulders that were blocking a HUGE dam. Circumstances, enemy attacks, heart issues, delays were just some of the things that I saw as “boulders” blocking the blessings God is wanting to release, but I saw the Lord step into the situation and He stepped in as a mighty Warrior and again Psalm 24 reverberated all around me:
“So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the King of Glory, for He is about to come through you. You ask “Who is this Glory-King?” The Lord, armed and ready for battle, the Mighty One, invincible in every way! So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice! Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny! Here He comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in!” (Psalm 24:7-9 – The Passion Translation)
The Lord is stepping in as a MIGHTY WARRIOR. The Lord is stepping in with a mighty BREAKER ANOINTING and a MIGHTY SHIFT. He is taking care of everything. I saw the Lord arising also in righteous anger and a mighty roar came out of Him and suddenly I heard the sound of a MIGHTY RUSHING WIND. I knew in my spirit that these winds were coming from EVERY corner of the earth.
I heard Him speak:
“The mighty winds of change, increase, restoration and recompense! Here they come! Here they come! Blowing and entering stronger than ever at My decree. NOTHING will stand in the way of My decree. Nothing will move My decree.”
“Flowers and grass fade away, but what our God has said will NEVER CHANGE” – Isaiah 40:8 (The Message Translation)
I heard the Lord say:
“I am now releasing some mighty life changing decrees”
His decree carried a weightiness of the BREAKER ANOINTING unlike I had felt before. The weightiness of the decrees God is making is releasing a tipping point of unprecedented acceleration of breakthrough and momentum.
I heard the words:
“Things will not look the same – the land will be filled with My increase.”
Many have been wrestling with fear of “how things will turn out” but I felt the reassuring heart of God that what He is doing is going to change the landscape, it is going to release a major increase, His increase into the land. Where there has been gear on “how things will turn out”, I saw the Lord moving mightily in many lands bringing radical increase and favour. Where many are fearing failure, the Lord is releasing FAVOUR.
The praise that is beginning to bubble forth from the hearts and mouths of His people decreeing “WON’T HE DO IT!!!! FAITHFUL GOD, FAITHFUL JESUS, HE DID IT” is gaining intensity and momentum.
Where there has been terror, fear or trauma, God is decreeing TESTIMONY!!!!! You will have a MARVELLOUS testimony of how He stepped in and turned EVERYTHING AROUND and EVERYTHING was turned around for GREATER INCREASE!!!!!! God is vindicating, accelerating, restoring and increasing!!!
Your heart will soar with greater praise of His faithfulness “WON’T HE DO IT!!!!!!!!!”, “He said He would and He DID!!!”. God is going to demonstrate in unprecedented ways in your situations how faithful He is and how POWERFUL His Word is.
“Do not be afraid, for you will not be put to shame; don’t be humiliated, for you will not be disgraced. For you will forget the shame of your youth, and you will no longer remember the disgrace of your widowhood. Indeed, your husband is your Maker – His name is the Lord of Armies – and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; He is called the God of the whole earth.” – Isaiah 54:4-5 (Christian Standard Bible)
Many of you have been WEEPING IN THE WAITING, but I decree over you in the name of Jesus Christ, that you will now..
Not just for a moment, not just for a day….
What God is doing, how He is fighting for you, turning things around, accelerating and increasing, bringing things in your favour is plunging you DEEP into a SEASON of “WEEPING IN WONDER!!!!!”
“Everyone will say, “COME and see the INCREDIBLE things God has gone; IT WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!!!!!!!!! He MULTIPLIES MIRACLES for His people! He made a highway going right through the Red Sea as the Hebrews passed through on dry ground, exploding with joyous excitement over the miracles of God.” – Psalm 66:5-6 (The Passion Translation)
What a Saviour! What a God! Won’t He do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Veronica Williams

    Yes Lord bring the change in my circumstances. Yes Lord let me experience the wonder of Your Glory.
    Thank You Jesus I receive with open arms, open heart and mind. I want more if You Jesus!!

  • Jana Dinapoli

    Wow, what an amazing word the Lord our God has given to you. I was thinking about my sister when you were sharing that inspiring word.
    Thank you.

  • Robearh

    Wow, I’m so amazed, so amazed at the Father’s Words, Spoken, this day for me, it keeps getting better, and better, it has brought me tears of joy, joy, joy, I’m Speechless.
    This is so Good, Good, Good. An amazing start of the week, and it shall increase, more and more, for our God, delights in us, he is a God, of Surprises, and it is here now.
    I am weeping in Wonder Now, Glory to God, for he has saved the Best for Last, and the Last Shall be First. Glory to God. It is a New Day. A New Beginning. An outpouring
    of his Abundant Love poured out upon his Faithful One’s indeed in this Hour. Hallelujah !! Oh how I love thee Awesome Wonderful Savior, my God. Higher Praises, unto thee.
    Thank you Lana, and Blessings upon thee, for sharing the Father’s Heart and Love for his faithful one’s. Hallelujah, as I’m Rejoicing Greatly in him Now and forever More.

  • Mary Fairhart

    Just three nights 3/16) ago I was trying to go to sleep and I felt the Holy Spirit come like a rushing wind through the bedroom door and a wind blew from His mouth upon me and I felt the anointing and knew that I was changed…and the Lord told me that there is going to be more authority by His Spirit and what is decreed shall be done when it is in accordance with His word. He said when you decree a thing, it shall be done! (Won’t He do it!)

  • Natasha K

    May the Lord bless you Lana! May His love ever remain with you and yours, may His peace surround you always and keep you, in Jesus’ holy name, amen!

  • Kimberly Lowe

    Oh wow! I feel such hope and vindication for us all in the body of Christ! My spirit is pouncing on this so furiously! So excited for us all! What a powerful word! Thank you sister Lana, blessings and favor to you!?

  • Nawa Cooper

    Absolutely awesome word Lana.. yes yes and amen. You hear and see well. Thank you and bless ya heaps

  • Lea

    I am in awe. Rainbows of His glorious restorative love. Worth the wait. WON’T HE DO IT!!! Look forward to Injuries, circumstances and relationships lined up and healed suddenly and swiftly!!!

  • Victoria Cunningham

    I was praying about and I heard the word 3 times breakthrough breakthrough breakthrough . I was not sure what that meant. Now I do.

  • Terri Richardson

    How exciting to see this!!!!!
    Before rising out of bed this morning, my thoughts were how the Lord’s Words will not go unfulfilled! Praise Him forevermore!

  • Roge

    How timely was this message I read early this morning. “Hearts screaming out “I KNEW He would come through! He is faithful! Won’t He do it!!!!”” Just yesterday was the last of hearings. And God once again came through in His time. After nine years of senseless, painful and devastating parental alienation, God once again was faithful as He has been during this long and painful journey.

  • Steph

    Hi Lana, My son e-mailed me a song last night called We are Warriors by Koryn Hawthorne. I didn’t know who Koryn was so i looked up the name. And then i saw this. A song called Won’t He do it, by Koryn Hawthorne and Roshon Fegan. I couldn’t believe it. How amazing is He.

  • Jillian gardner

    Thankyou jesus how wonderful it is that we can sit back and let Him do it as He gets the glory. How much he loves us . Remember it’s His battle. Thank the lord for that. It’s not mine blessings lana to u and your family.

  • Connie

    What an amazing word that I’m receiving this evening ??????Of course He will do it????????????????

  • Wantowonder!

    Dear Lana,
    This speaks to me in so many ways.
    I have endured for years & got to the point where I was saying to God ” yes I know you CAN do it but WILL you do it?”
    So when this word say ” WONT HE DO IT?!” It is a direct answer from God to me & a gentle loving rebuke from him at the same time.
    In my discouragement & dispair I have even said to God ” what is my whitness?… give your life to Jesus & he’ll make your life a misery? I’m not saying anything more until I can give a testimony of your goodness!”
    “I’ve seen plenty of the robbing, killing & destroying but where’s all this life more abundant you promise? Coz I’m not experiencing it.
    But I now feel the shift. It is still not easy but I’m moving to a new land. I do it with trepidation but expectation & baby steps.
    Your words have been an enormous encouragement to me over the last couple of years as they have been a whitness to me of what God has spoken to my heart but I was too scared to believe for better. I have hung on. Your ministry of encouragement is very needed & timely God bless you.

  • Licinda Stevens

    “Do not be afraid, for you will not be put to shame; don’t be humiliated, for you will not be disgraced…”Yes, Lord, it is finished! Thank You, Jesus!!

  • Sandra

    Was watching ‘Price is Right’ Today and it was Kids Edition. Couldn’t help but Notice all the Parents were crying with joy when their kids Won or Spun the wheel for amazing prizes. I couldn’t help but Wonder “Is that How Gods feels?” Is that how he feels when we win or get blessed? For the last 10 years his kids have been sitting on the sidelines, in the ‘audience’ while everyone else goes to the wheel.

  • Ruth Embery

    At the beginning of the year, I felt God gave me the word “anticipation”. Even as I shared this with others, I felt it bubbling up with joy and excitement. And then everything seems to have gone quiet. Asking God about this a couple of weeks back, I had a sense that it was like when a tsunami is about to come – everything goes very quiet and the water all recedes before it comes rushing back in. The other picture was like when you breath in deeply to blow out candles – both of these resonate with what you said about the wind of His Spirit blowing mightily, the roar from His mouth. That is what I sense is coming – we are in the calm before the storm. (But it is a good storm!) I am one of those who has been waiting for a number of things to shift for what seems like a long time, been praying into and praying into, waiting, holding on, questioning, etc..this year, Anna and Simeon keep coming to mind (God had promised them they would see Messiah – they were there when Jesus was circumcised) – it’s like God is reminding me that He will bring His promises to pass. This last week or so, anticipation has been rising again for the shifts we have been waiting to come to pass, even though there are no outward signs, my confidence has been growing. What you have written here is such a confirmation! Thank you! 🙂

  • Nahomie Riche

    Won’t He do it! ? Another painful weak but I’m feeling the break through coming, and the ending of this Season. I’m only in The Wilderness by The Good will of The Lord. Was very grateful for all the posts that came out this week. Every time I see the name Lana Vawser in my emails it’s a treat for me in the wilderness. I have been recieving alot of encouragement from The Lord this week which I really needed. It helped me get through some more pain. I do feel close to breakthrough. Really close. I hope this is it. Thank you sister Lana for all your posts. I love to recieve them. God Bless You

  • Luane Watkins

    Wow, what a mighty God we serve. My miracles are on the way, I can feel it.
    He will do as He says He will do!
    Always faithful, we need to be faithful too.

  • Neville Sealy

    Amen & Amen… What He has Started He WILL DO in Christ Jesus Name! Bless you for being such an Encourager. Truly needed to hear this at this time.

  • Renee Gardner

    I am just reading this post in 2019, but it was sent to me right on time. This was a timely word and it gave me the strength to fire back at the enemy and every fear plaguing me that my circumstances would not change. I was almost shocked at the accuracy of this word written A YEAR AGO, literally the day after my Birthdate. God is good. I prayed fie Him to deliver me out of all my fears and He led me to this page. God is so on time!! I am trusting God that I will testify of His faithfulness and boast of His goodness. And I will! God bless you Sister Lana for sharing! May God Richly bless you for your service to Him and your help to His children!