Prophetic Words


Hi friends
We’ve just uploaded Lana’s latest video word. Click the link below to have a look:
The link will be active for the next week or so, after then the video will still be available on the media page of Lana’s website.
We pray you have a blessed week.

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  • wanda

    Praise GOD for his words of confirmation over my life and many others who have been waiting for deliverance and freedom that only our can bring.

  • Steph

    Dear Lana, Thank you for the video. I listened to it around lunch time today. I love fruit and I’ve had some of the most sweetest juiciest fruit this afternoon. And then this afternoon i saw a double rainbow from my back verandah. Showers of blessings from God.

  • Licinda Stevens

    Beautiful Father! One of the teacher’s at my daughter’s school asked me to minister to the children this morning, but I had just come out of an unusual heaviness the past two weeks and I wondered from what place I was going to minister, BUT when I stood in front of them it just flowed and flowed. One of the teachers spoke to me afterward and she REMINDED me that eventhough I felt uncertain last night, it was because it was the Holy Spirit ministering through me this morning and NOT me. Wow, that was an unusual and eternal blessing!!!Thank you, Father! Thank you for last night encouraging me in preparation for the blessings, Lana!!!

  • LuAnn Morton-Earl

    Lana… I know you are a Prophetic voice of God… you prophecied this word and released it… I declared & decreed the word of God and his revealings to me today and…. this night they came to repossess my vehicle which I need cause we live 22 miles in the mountains from any town…. Now I have no way to go anywhere…. for jobs.. for anything… what am I to believe.. what am i to do?? I have no way to do anything right now… What of this?? How does this apply to Me?? What do I do now??

  • psychrnforjesus

    On 3/18/18 you spoke the words there will be small but SIGNIFICANT BLESSINGS on that day. I believed and prayed into this word. As a testimony to the Lord, on the morning of Sunday 3/18/18 there were 2 VERY significant signs given to me, signs I’ve asked Him to provide for the last 4 months and suddenly they were sent to me as your word stated. I PRAISE GOD, His Word will not return void but shall accomplish what He has spoken! Love and thanks to Lana Vawser Ministries. HOPE does not disappoint♥️

  • Angel

    I went on FB to hear this word because on this very date I heard the spiritual rain. I would have thought I imagined it but my husband was with me and also heard it. I came to your website today because I had another encounter that again my husband was witness to. This time it was an earthquake in the spirit a few days ago. I was hoping to hear confirmation on that. I did not see anything and just thought I would see if there was anything from the day we heard the rain. Amazing. Thank you for sharing God’s messages.