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This is a season where there are many surprise twists and turns in the road. This is the season of the unexpected. This is the season of divine surprises and this is the season where the Lord is breaking us out of boxes we have put ourselves in and boxes we have placed Him in.

This is the season of Isaiah 22:22:

"I will give him the key to the house of David–the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them."

This is a time to really trust where He is leading and trust the doors that He is closing and opening in this season, for He is leading His people into something completely NEW. (Isaiah 43:19)

I saw many of God's people grieving, heavy hearted and perplexed over some closed doors. Not understanding why the door suddenly closed that was once open, or doors that they felt the Lord leading them to not open.

He is developing in His people deeper dependence in Him and His good plans that He has for them. He is not closing doors to bring disappointment or to bring heartache, but to lead His people to something BIGGER and BETTER.

I heard the Lord say "Those doors that you have closed, those doors that have not opened, these are the SECOND BEST doors. They are the doors that are not the BEST for you. I am about to open a DOOR to you that is My best for you that is going to exceed your wildest dreams, expectations and hopes. In these doors opening you will see more doors open, greater favour, greater provision and increase that would have been released to you in the door you were hoping would open, or door that closed. Do not be disheartened My people, these doors are turning to springboards to lead you into MORE than you could ever imagine."


Instantly I saw doors that were dripping in anointing! They were dripping in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and there was a HUGE mantle over the doors. When I looked at the mantle closer I saw it said "MANTLE OF JOSEPH".

I felt the Lord then saying "I am releasing My people right now in this season through unexpected doors and surprise doors that are going to see them carrying a mantle like the mantle of Joseph. Between the door that closed and these doors opening has been a PIT for many. In that place I have prepared them, shaped them, built their character and taught them greater integrity. Now I open doors before them that will see them positioned in greater favour. In the lessons they have learnt in perseverence and stewardship, and sensitivity to My Spirit and leading they will now see all they put their hands to where My Spirit is leading turn to gold. They will brought before people of great influence, and kings and queens to see radical breakthrough and My Glory released in ways they could never have imagined. I am about to do MORE through them in these new doors than has EVER been done through them in the doors they have walked through in their lives UP UNTIL this point."

Doors are about to open in the lives of God's people that have embraced the fire and stewarded their process in purity, propelling them into a level of favour, promotion, increase, responsibility and influence carrying a mantle like the mantle of Joseph.

These doors are going to reveal to God's people just how big His plans are for you and His heart to see people, cities, nations and the world changed by His love, His power and His Glory.

Many of you are about to move into and further into the governmental and business arenas to see radical fire of His love released and encounters with Jesus happening all through these areas. You are being positioned right now in a place you could never get yourself. You are about to stand before kings and queens of this world, people of influence, and they will be drawn to your light and brightness (Isaiah 60:3), the light of Jesus and you shall deliver the prophetic word in season for their life that will bring radical transformation.


The Josephs and the Esthers are moving forward and joining together in positioning to see a SIGNIFICANT move of the Spirit before people of influence and greater favour to bring city and nation wide shifts.

Where 'changes' have bewildered many of you, the Lord is going to USE YOU to bring UNEXPECTED SURPRISING GLORIOUS CHANGE BY HIS POWER AND GLORY into places of great influence and the most unexpected places.

You have been prepared, for such a time as this!


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  • Jimmy Little

    Wow what a Word! I recieve all of it in Jesus name! Amem Amen Amen! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lana for what your called to do. Your such a blessing.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Amen!! Your Glory Father! ??
    Thank you Lana, God bless you Princess.

  • Mary

    Wow! today my King Jesus has bombarded me with this kind of super loving message! thank you dearest Lana! you are the perfect instrument for our lord Jesus!

  • Dean Dierksen


  • LMG

    This is a confirmation of a word that I received the other day about being in places of influence, and it is already happening! Very powerful! All praise and glory to our mighty Lord!

  • Ivan Boutet

    Thank you for that word. I am one of those who has stood at a closed door waiting for a miracle and been frustrated. To read this was a blessing and gave me hope.

  • Franca Mercati

    Amen ! I totally receive this word, it’s the answer to my prayers. For years I couldn’t get away from a “closed” door…I felt constantly pulled back to it…but I kept praying for help to get away from it and now help has arrived. I have also been praying for a new door to open to help me with what God has sent me to do here in Africa. I felt I was stalling and wasting time and yet I felt there was so much to be done, but I had all the doors closed around me. Thank you so much, once again I need to hear this word . Tank you Lana and God bless you.

  • Beverley Estes

    I am so grateful to God our Father for raising you up for such a time as this. I so need Gods words of wisdom and guidance. Thank you for obeying HIM. Be3

  • Lizzie Gould

    Jesus I received this message for my life. Help me Lord to walk into the greater that you have for me.

    • Kevin

      Hi Judy!
      We all walk through different seasons, yet the Lord can speak to many in the same time, in sometimes different way though the same text. What Lana posts is what she hears the Lord is declaring over this season, however some will be more positioned to receive for many reasons.
      If you feel a word resonate with you deeply, and echo a cry in your heart, receive it and let it position you for breakthrough and momentum.
      I hope this helps.

  • Mark Sankey

    The last two messages were again very timely for me. I had considering myself the truth that “Greater is He who is in us.” Along with it, I have seen a greater need to lean so completely into Him. I have seen my breakdowns but more and more, they are short-lived, and Jesus picks me back up. For me, certain doors which held potential have not opened and He has set another direction more clearly. This new emphasis has been in the workings of my heart for a time and now He has clarified and is showing me to knock that it might open. Along with acceleration, and increased passion, I have been learning a significant, and deep flexibility to His turnings and leadings. Also, a great refining is taking place. While personal needs become desperate, He is increasing our focus upon Jesus Himself and the end goal, a bride refined for Him.

  • Rose

    I have walked through such a jaw-dropping door in the last season (which He has thankfully brought me through), that I feel “perplexed” and “stumped”. My life is so…little. Yet, life in Him is anything BUT little!
    My need for the Lord is very large right now.

  • Evangelist Cotia

    Praise God once again God is using Lana to speak these anointed words confirming my dreams that I had been having but not fully understanding. This message today Lana speaks of the Joseph mantle, pit, gold, doors and more. Please readers in the name of Jesus allow me to share this with you for the glory and honor of God and also this is confirmation what this woman of God Lana has spoken. February, 2015
    For the past 3 years and even this year I keep having these dreams of picking up pure gold. Dreams of me walking down the street or road and pure gold appears. I pick them up and fill my pockets to overflowing. Another time I was walking down a street and pure gold appeared the highest form of gold I began picking up the gold and putting in my pockets. Another time I was somewhere and gold appeared before me I started picking it up and filled my pockets with pure gold shiny rings, necklaces, and bracelet’s. Another time I was walking somewhere on black dirt suddenly there appeared from the dirt a very large piece of pure Gold very heavy and thick it seemed to have a face on it similar to the Oscar statues. I picked it up and other pieces of gold appeared I picked up and put in my pocket.
    I had another dream that I was walking somewhere and every turn I made gold would appear from the ground I would bend down to pick it up and fill my pockets.
    I dreamed that one day my husband Ford and I went grocery shopping we saw some yellow corn we wanted to buy but when we got closer the corn became so huge, so big the weight of each corn was about 40,50 or 60 pounds. Each kernel on the corn were perfect in every kernel, we were astonished at the size of these ears of corn. We could not take the corn because we had no room in our car or trunk because we had already been grocery shopping we needed all the space and room in our car in order to carry the large corn. So we asked the manager to please hold the corn and we would go home to unload our groceries and then we would come back to get the corn. The manager agreed and we left after unloading our car we went back to the store but the manager did not hold the corn for us. We were sad that he was not honest and we left. We then happen to come across another store. And there on our right side was ears of corn and when we walked over to the corn they too appeared huge the same size and perfect kernels as we saw at the other store. We were so happy and said to each other “Oh thank God the Lord has blessed us to get the same corn that we wanted at the other store and we loaded up the corn in our trunk. I had a few more dreams that I was walking and every time that I took a walk quarters, dimes and nickels would appear before me I would bend down and pick them up and fill my pockets. Another dream that I had I was at a telephone booth I held the receiver in my hand and then suddenly money (coins) quarters, nickels and dimes poured out from the coin slot. I filled my pockets to overflowing. Pennies never appeared in any of my dreams at all
    This year 2 weeks ago I dreamed that I was up very, very high inside a place that looked similar to a tower it was formed with all stones no doors, no windows no wood and no light. Where I was it appeared to have a small pathway from where I was. I could walk down and make a right turn “ONLY” and another right turn a u-shape in the middle of this place there was a big wide deep, deep crater full of darkness seemed to be bottomless pit a frightening wide opening in this high tower was a big opening and if someone were to fall in this middle they would have an endless fall into a dark abyss. Suddenly out of the sky but there was no sky light or opening in this dark place but I could see everything clearly  .. Suddenly to my right I saw gold coins coming down from the sky
    These coins began to fall over this wide deep crater but when I looked down where I was standing the gold coins appeared before me they did not fall down in this crater. I started to pick them up while running each time when I picked up the coin it became bigger than a coin about the size of a large plate the gold was pure the highest grade of gold it seemed to rise like baking powder or yeast. I laid the gold across my left arm and kept moving picking up more gold as I continued to move fast around this u-shape area each time the weight of the gold got heavier and heavier then I saw 3 men running towards me in the direction that I was going but I kept moving forward I did not turn or run in the opposite direction I was still picking up the gold. I then began counting the gold as I moved forward even though I was frightened that these men would harm me and take the gold I kept moving in their direction that I was compelled to run without turning back, suddenly these 3 men disappeared I was able to pass that same direction to make it to the right side and in the right corner was a tall guard in full Armour I past this guard who appeared motionless I turned the corner a few feet down I knew in my spirit there was a place of refuge for me there appeared a door I quickly opened this door that appeared. I went in hurried and locked the door but there on the right side was an opening like a window but was not a window it looked like some pieces of bamboo wood that had been broken as if someone was trying to break in I could see a little on the outside..
    I was afraid that those 3 men were going to get in through this hole but they never came. I then began counting the gold that I had picked up and the total amount was 21 pieces of large pure gold the highest form of gold big as plates but much thicker.
    I don’t know why I am having these many dreams of gold and the other dreams that appears to be overabundant in size. We are down to earth ministers of Christ we are not fancy neither do we desire silver or gold. Our desires are to reach out worldwide to as many souls that God leads in our lives to work for Jesus while we are alive.
    I still do not have a complete answer from God as to why these recurrent dreams would you pray with me if God’s will to reveal I would like to know. I do not share these dreams with anyone because I don’t want anyone to think negative. Like when Joseph he had dreams that he shared with his brothers and father but it was not received well and it was taken negative. All the while a young man only shared what he saw in his dreams.
    I shared this dream with another saint to pray with me for revelation..God answered though our Sister Lana. Thank you Jesus
    Evangelist Cotia

  • Greg

    Prov 19:7 – All a poor man’s brothers hate him; how much more do his friends go far from him! He pursues them with words, but does not have them.
    Prov 14:20 – The poor is hated even by his neighbor, but the rich has many friends.
    So if Poverty makes you hated without many friends, then wouldn’t wealth be a good attractor to Favour?