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The Lord has really been highlighting to me those that are on the frontline. Those that have answered the call from the Lord to be on the frontline and are moving forward.

As I have said in the past week in the words I have released there is a real intensity and battle going on in the spirit but the Lord is releasing strategies for breakthrough and how to move through and overcome. The battle is so intense because of the enormity of the shift that will begin in June and affect the rest of the year.


I had a vision of the frontliners and they had their shields of faith up and there were arrows coming from all directions. The frontrunners were MAINTAINING THEIR GROUND. I then heard this booming voice of love and authority, and the Lord spoke "YOU HAVE CONTINUE TO STAND, WELL DONE, WELL DONE, I AM NOW BRINGING A SHIFT TO YOU FROM MAINTAINING GROUND TO TAKING GROUND."

Instantly I saw a FIRE OF FERVENCY being released over the frontliners. Where there has been a FIRING on the frontliners to take them out, this FIRE OF FERVENCY from heaven is now being released that is IGNITING His people with PASSION and FIRE again. There will be SO MUCH ZEAL that He will release in these encounters that is going to release excessive fervour to accomplish all the Lord is calling them to.

The fervour is FIRE!!!!!! HIS FIRE!!!! The FIRE of His love!!!! The FIRE of the Holy Spirit!!!! This season has been marked for many frontliners with a fire of intensity of opposition and trial that has attempted to kill them and knock them out, but from June and into the rest of the year, there will be a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT to DEMONSTRATE the MARKING OF THE FIRE OF GOD! The FIRE of His LOVE, PASSION and ZEAL that is going to BREAKTHROUGH in significant ways and be displayed across the world.

Frontliners are going to be MARKED with the fire of God, His BURNING LOVE in SIGNIFICANT, more DEFINED ways. This fire is going to ignite passion for Jesus that the frontrunners haven't experienced before, and ignite strength and COURAGE to move into the appointments of God in this season.


As I saw the frontliners transitioning from being under FIRE to the FIRE of FERVENCY, I watched these encounters taking place with the heart of God and I saw Him releasing NEW SHOES of COURAGE for those who needed them. For the frontliners to go where no one has gone before, to have the courage to go into unfamiliar areas, new territories and greater areas of responsibility and influence. Not only were these new shoes, the shoes had springs under them and on the springs it said:

1 John 4:4 "He that is in you is greater than he who is in the world".

In the encounters with the heart of God that are going to be significantly increasing in this season especially in the last few days leading into June, the Lord is awakening His people in the release of fervency to His authority and their authority in Him.

The frontliners are moving to a new level of OVERCOMING!!!!!

Instantly I heard the words:



As I heard those words "From FRONTLINERS to FRONTRUNNERS" I saw the winds of favour and acceleration fall upon their lives and as the wind blew I could hear the words "FAVOUR IS BLOWING WITH FERVENCY" and the atmosphere around me was surrounded with the sense of favour blowing with such intensity, that I saw the winds of the Spirit releasing favour pick up the frontliners and they were transforming into "FRONTRUNNERS."

"As they have REMAINED and WAITED on ME, they will nowl RUN and NOT BE WEARY!!!"

"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

This release of fervency and winds of acceleration/favour released was instantly breaking off weariness and restoring strength. There was a new level of grace and momentum the Lord was leading them into that would see them move from living "JUST MAINTAINING GROUND" to RUNNING with the winds of His Spirit, running with the wind of the Spirit of acceleration and favour behind them with GREATER EASE than they have EVER KNOWN.

In this radical increase of acceleration there would be greater REST than they have ever known and MORE levels of overcoming, ground taken and fruit released than they have EVER experienced.

Frontliners, you have been under major fire, but that is shifting. The Lord is releasing fervency upon you and you are transitioning into being FRONTRUNNERS!!!! Get ready to feel the wind of the Spirit accelerate you with greater favour in the rest of 2016 that you have ever known before. Relax in Him, trust Him, for in the acceleration as you LEAN on Him, you will RUN and find REST IN the acceleration like you have not experienced before and an explosion breakthrough and blossoming of fruit.


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  • Diane Jones

    Thank you. .. your encouragement is so timely. God has blessed us with your ear to hear, your ability to communicate His heart, and your love for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. You are appreciated.

  • Evangelist Cotia

    I thank God for Sister Lana and the whole Body of Christ. Our breakthrough is coming now is our time the Lord has sent her into the lives of His people to confirm His word
    This message regarding Frontliners when I read it the dream that I had confirms what Sister Lana has shared.
    Frontliners, you have been under major fire, but that is shifting. The Lord is releasing fervency upon you and you are transitioning into being FRONTRUNNERS!!!! Get ready to feel the wind of the Spirit accelerate you with greater favour in the rest of 2016 that you have ever known before. Relax in Him, trust Him, for in the acceleration as you LEAN on Him, you will RUN and find REST IN the acceleration like you have not experienced before and an explosion breakthrough and blossoming of fruit.
    April 19, 2016
    My dream today
    Evangelist Cotia
    I had a dream today I saw in my dream a tall big thick sturdy strong high oak tree that from the ground the large thick branch of this big oak tree came into our house through our patio sliding door went through our dinning room and into our living room all the way to the front wall by our windows on the right side of our house. It stayed high straight across our ceiling and some spread on another smaller area of our ceiling in that area on the right side of our living room.
    This thick branch was full of beautiful green leaves so perfect so full that you could not see any part or portion of the branch whatsoever!
    I was amazed at seeing this big branch high across our living room ceiling. I told Ford to cut the branch down.. Ford started walking to get the saw then suddenly. I could see large beautiful granny apples loaded throughout this branch I said to Ford to my surprise” Oh look at those beautiful apples so big full round so many apples perfect in size they all were big just on this branch alone. The apples blended in so beautifully among the beautiful green leaves that it took the Lord to reveal to me that apples were loaded on this branch. I awoke from this dream and I could not return to sleep..
    I thought about this dream and why would it come through our house the way it did.
    I began to ponder to myself and speak out loud.. that an oak tree does not bear any fruit
    Especially apples. I thought about real apple trees that they are not strong and thick like an oak tree and the apple tree leaves are not full of leaves to fully cover the apples and the leaves are not perfect in greenery or in size like I saw in my dream. Another thing that I pondered over was that these apples were not held on by tree limbs.
    The one thing that came to my mind is that the area where this branch came through and went straight across all the way to the front wall in our living room to the ceiling.
    This is the area where I have prayed for many years on that side for souls, family, the body of Christ, travailing for the lost hurting and for those who asked for prayer or those who have lost hope. Our dining room area is where we have our office where many years before (Ford) and with Ford that I/ we would minister to souls online or by phone as long as the Lord used me/us. Before Ford many times I would still be ministering to souls at 6 A.M. that was when my granddaughter would be getting up preparing to get ready for school. She knew how much I loved the Lord and love the souls that it did not matter how long it took for me to minister to the people or what time it was I could always get some sleep later.
    Then also I thought about that this is the area of our house where the old man and his family has harassed us and cursed me calling me names and other vile things he has done to us, also his son and the son’s girlfriend. The fruit is the blessings of God through ministry for souls and also our deliverance from the Jezebel Spirits that has attacked us for over 5 years. To God be the glory , honor and praises forever.
    Evangelist Cotia

    • Rhonda (Sara) Tharp

      This is similar to what God spoke to my heart. Brownsville Assembly of God was my home church for 9 years. One year after the revival started, God told me that he had to move me because I was overshadowed by much larger trees and He needed to get growth out of me. I saw him pick me up (I was a little sapling in a big tropical jungle) and transplant me into the dry wilderness, with parched ground and no other trees in sight.
      The next scene I saw I was a huge “oak” tree on a luscious plane. My branches were filled with sweet, juicy fruit. There were all kind of animals enjoying my fruit in the branches of the trees and around the tree, as well as people who were refreshing themselves in the cool shade and delicious fruit. I thought, oak trees don’t bear fruit? But I knew this was an “oak” tree, which stood for strength and stability. God had also told me He was moving me to make me “fruitful and productive.” And I also had someone else that didn’t even know me confirm that God was moving me through the wilderness into the promise land, and replanting me beside the River of Life to bear 12 fruit in its season. So yes… an oak tree does bear fruit! 🙂

      • Evangelist Cotia

        Praise God Rhonda what a beautiful testimony of the dream that you have shared it just confirms the same kind of dream that I had about the oak tree and bearing fruit etc. Our God is an awesome God and our dreams confirms to us who we are in Christ and our spiritual strength, growth, and progress as we grow in the Lord ministering to souls bearing much fruit. I am so thankful to God for you sharing this blessed testimony.
        God bless you
        Evangelist Cotia

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus! God bless you Lana n thank you Princess. I want to share this word from the Lord given to me yesterday, “Keep your sword high and go forth in My Name!”
    Hallelujah! Lana I’m superexcited. God bless you.

  • Rhonda Tharp

    Thanks for the timely word Lana! That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. God’s love pierced my heart like a dagger at church with love for the people of America. I wept and wept and wept. It is an all consuming fire that cannot be stopped or quenched. America IS worth saving. America IS worth laying my life down for. People need the Lord and we have lost our way. Jesus left the 99 and went after the 1. His will is that all be saved and none be lost. He loves people, that why He came to die for them and lay down His life. The greatest love is to lay down your life for your friends. Are we willing to lay down our lives to save other’s lives? Are we willing to take up our cross and follow Him? I am, count me in! Where He leads me I will follow. I have a dream…God has a dream for America. I want to be part of His plan. I will shine the Light and set it up on a hill for all to see their way back to God. God bless America and God bless all the men and women who have gone before us to fight for the freedom we enjoy today. I will not let their sacrifice be in vain!! Happy Memorial Day!! Let Freedom Ring!! ? Blessings on you Lana for being God’s mouthpiece for this hour!!

  • Karen Powers

    This morning as I read and heard the Word of the Lord from his faithful prophet, Lana, I went into my prayer closet and as I was listening and hearing the prophetic sound from Tasha Cobbs “Fill Me Up/Overflow”…she sings FILL ME UP TILL I OVERFLOW, I WANT TO RUN OVER…I WANT TO RUN OVER…

  • Dean Dierksen


  • Kathy Robinson

    My dream this morning on June 3rd was regarding this prediction that I had not read earlier this week. I am on God’s time table. Thank you Lana for posting this prediction. Much appreciated and warm blessings.


    Terrific post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Thank you!