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During worship today I had a vision where I saw a wave of His fire, it was so huge, it was like a tidal wave and i watched as it had been building for a long, long, time. It was a huge, tall, wide wave of His fire. I stood at the bottom of this wave looking up and the top of this wave was so enormous, I was like ant size in comparison.

Suddenly this wave began to flow with great acceleration and force through the body of Christ. It was almost as if this wave was looking for something. I then noticed that this wave was flowing in great accelerated force into the areas where the people of God were in worship and intercession.

As the wave of His fire was flowing I could hear Him speaking "Make room for Me, make room for Me, make room for Me."

In response to His call, I watched as believers individually and corporately began to make room for Him. There was a letting go of the reigns for many. A total abandonment, and new level of surrender, even if it 'upset the apple cart' of ways things have been done or are usually done. The Lord is breaking out of the boxes that we have put Him in and leading us into new encounters with His heart and the fire of HIs love that are truly beyond our comprehension and like nothing we have ever seen before.

As the wave of His fire flowed through lives of believers and through the body of Christ, Luke 24:32 erupted all around:

"Stunned, the men looked at each other and said "Why didn't we recognise it was Him? Didn't our hearts burn with the flames of holy passion while we walked beside him? He unveiled for us such profound revelation from the Scriptures!" (Luke 24:32) – The Passion Translation

The greatest awakening and move of the Spirit of God we have ever seen is upon us, and we as the people of God are going to burn like we have never burned before.

The fire of His love is bringing the people of God back to life! Grave clothes are being burnt away, resurrection power is falling upon the people of God and upon their dreams and destiny's. Get ready for DEEPER encounters with the fire of His love AS you make room for Him. He is coming in and He is consuming. He is burning away things that have entangled you. He is burning away snares of the enemy. He is setting your heart on fire with passion for Him, for beautiful Jesus, like you have never known before that is going to change everything. Chains that have held you down for so long, the Lord is melting them away in the encounter with the fire of His love. This is a year of LIBERTY!!!!!!!

As this wave of His fire flooded through the body of Christ, there were literal overnight transformations of many of God's people taking place. The burning fire of passion for Jesus that exploded within them to new levels, ignited courage, fearlessness and the adventure spirit within many.

The fire continued to sweep through the body of Christ and I heard the words "My people the dreamers, AWAKE! My people the dreamers AWAKE! My people the dreamers, AWAKE!" and I saw the body of Christ waking up suddenly to the new levels of realisation of what IS POSSIBLE with Jesus. A deeper level of invitation was being opened up to the sons and daughters of God in the revelation of Him and their identity that was exploding a new level of dreaming for their lives, for their cities and nations. Dreaming with Him for what is POSSIBLE with Jesus!

I heard Him speak again…


In the place of dreaming with Him for their lives and cities and nations, the Lord was releasing specific divine downloads of what He is doing and wanting to do in their lives and in cities and nations.

The wave of fire then suddenly turned to defribulators that had Jeremiah 29:11 on the back of each paddle and suddenly these defribulators were placed upon the hearts of God's people individually and then corporately as a body. He was looking for areas where there had been 'flat line' and areas were there had been 'faltering' and areas where there has been slumber, where there has been hunger.. areas to BRING LIFE AND INCREASE INTO!!!!!!!

(For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11)

He then pressed the buttons on the paddles and suddenly a release of the fire of His love was imparted into their hearts and the body of Christ as a whole. He was imparting revelation of His GOOD PLANS for their lives and for the entire body of Christ. SHOCKED by the GOODNESS and LOVE OF GOD.

I then saw each one that was being shocked, bend down and pick up defribulator paddles with Jeremiah 29:11 written on the back of them and going out into the streets with Jesus and I saw His hand on the paddles with theirs, and placing these paddles on the chests of those who do not yet know Him and those who do know Him and have fallen away or have become complacent and BOOM, shocks of His love and goodness, encounters with the fire of God bringing salvations, healing, sudden transformations and encounters flowing from the REVELATION of His love, the burning fire of His love for people. People were being awakened to beautiful Jesus and HIS GOOD PLANS for them and the world.

The people of God were then running awakened, burning, into their cities and nations and finding the heart of the cities and nations and placing these paddles on the heart, hand in hand with Jesus, and declaring what He was speaking over the city and nation and BOOM, life, hope, release of the fire of His love, shocked back into the heart of these cities and nations.



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  • Lisa

    Lana, It is sooooooooooooooo refreshing to hear and read what the Lord has imparted to you to share with his people.. Its VERY, VERY, VERY ENCOURAGING for such a time as this.. like many I have felt and struggled with disappointment and discouragement and every thing in between.. THIS SOOOOOOOOOO lifts me up and is a fresh breath of strength in my spirit. Thank you for being so obedient to the Lord and for completely surrendering to him to allow you to speak a word in due season… I cant wait to hear you speak again (in person).. I’m from San Angelo, Texas where you were a guest speaker of the Unblemished Bride Conference and spoke about “Popcorn” and we actually smelled and came across ‘Popcorn” the day before.. AWESOME… May God continue to Bless you and Prosper you in Spirit ..Soul and Body… Amen and Amen..