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This morning I heard the Lord say “I am shouting protect, protect, what is about to manifest”.. 
Instantly I saw a vision of a heavily pregnant woman with both of her hands over her stomach, protecting what she was carrying. 
It was the time of birth and the time to deliver! Delivery was beginning! As this is happening I could see voices all around this pregnant woman telling her which way to birth, what position to be in, which place to birth in, and in the midst of the birthing I saw this woman begin to rise in anxiety, confusion and fear, not knowing which way to go or who to listen to. 
I then heard again His loud voice shouting over these other voices “PROTECT, PROTECT WHAT IS ABOUT TO MANIFEST”.
I felt the Lord was shouting because this pregnant woman was in such anxiety, confusion and fear, fear of missing the “right way to do it” that the Lord out of His grace, His love and goodness was going to make His way known clearly and visibly. His shout was full of love, peace and comfort, and reassurance that He was above the other voices. His shout was such a beautiful comfort that He was there amidst the voices and His wisdom and guidance leading her through to delivery. 
This pregnant woman I believe represents the body of Christ that is birthing right now. She also represents the birthing place we are in as individuals. 
What the Lord is birthing through our lives and the body of Christ is so new, unlike anything we have ever seen before, so pure and in a new wineskin. 
I saw such tremendous breakthrough, such a powerful move of His Spirit, such a huge tidal wave of His love, such increase, explosive signs and wonders and promotion and placement for the people of God, it is at levels we have not seen before. 
I believe the Lord is calling us to really press close to His heart and be surrendered to the leading of His Spirit and in a place of teachability before Him, continually asking for His wisdom to know how to steward the birthing. 
There is so much favour and extension of tent pegs and increase being released in the birthing, it is going to require greater reliance on Him, greater sensitivity to His Spirit and leading to see what He is releasing, released and stewarded with purity and right heart alignments. 
In this birthing individually and corporately, the Lord is releasing specific instructions of how to protect what He is birthing and steward it well, in the secret place. 
The Lord wants to encourage many who have been facing the fear of “missing it” because where they are right now doesn’t make sense or look how they expected, God is setting things up for a birthing that’s bigger, more glorious and amazing than you can imagine. What He is birthing is completely new. 
Protect what He is birthing in you and through you. Follow His wisdom and seek Him for specific instruction. God has been saying “no” to things for many that have been surprising and not expected, but do not be discouraged for He is setting you up for a better yes. 
Seek Him for your alignments in this season and don’t walk in assumption that you will walk the same way in this season. Many of you will find you are walking down new and unexpected paths. 
What He is birthing carries such a significant breaker anointing. To break hard ground in your life and the lives of those around you, cities and nations. The “packaging” is so different, there will be loud shouts of testimony to His power and extravagant love!!! 
You are in your birthing moment! Protect what He is birthing not from fear or anxiety but wisdom and dependent trust on where He is leading for what you are birthing is the greatest manifestation of His  Spirit, placement, increase and breakthrough of your life up to this point but it is coming in ways you haven’t expected and requires the protection that is found in being led by His wisdom. 
Even though you may not understand, be encouraged, you are being set up for the greatest display of His power in and through your life that you have ever seen! Your greatest awakening is upon you in double portions! 


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  • Maria Johnson

    In reading this, I truly believe this is for me. Years ago someone spoke over me saying I carried a breaker anointing. I didn’t even know what that meant. I have recently been experiencing great favour in every thing I do. Outside the four walls. It blows me away. All I can tell people is I am partnering with the holy spirit. There’s no other way to describe what has been happening. Thank you for sharing this. I feel it confirms what I have been experiencing. Look forward to more.

  • Martin Boyd

    Oh! WOW! I woke this morning , I had a dream about a beautiful woman though outwardly pretty but SO overwhelmingly beautiful in spirit that when I woke up in the middle of the night and went back to bed I dreamed about her again! That never happens to me, never! And she had a Australian accent, wow Lana , this as to be you and your spirit, as to! Especially after reading this latest post Abba gave you! Amen! Amen! Amen! Thank Abba for your gift , Lana Vawser!

  • Nikki

    Those who have ears to hear, hear what Holy Spirit is saying! Thank you for sharing. It was a timely word!

  • sue mobley

    Oh, boy, did I need this today. I’ve set a date for retirement- My husband needs me to help him get back to health and because I want to have the time to be in His presence. My boss continues to speak death to what is the plan for my husband and it causes me to go back and forth- questioning if I’m hearing Papa or not. Thank you, Lana!

  • Kesh

    Lana, it is ridiculous how many times I have had an actual dream or a recurring thought in my head, read your blog the next morning, and then find it’s exactly what you have written too. May God bless you and use you mightily. A truly anointed Woman of God.