Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
This morning I heard the Lord say “Watch the overcomer now rise within you.”
I saw a powerful move of the Holy Spirit upon hearts that was not only bringing an awakening but a fire within their hearts that saw them suddenly rise up out of the things that have tried to hold them down and take their ground, and they began to roar ‘YOU CANNOT HAVE MY GROUND’.
I saw the fire of the Holy Spirit falling powerfully upon those who have faced tremendous opposition in gaining movement and momentum in the territory and new season God has released them into.
I saw a VIOLENT, FORCEFUL rising up of God’s people against the enemy, and the Holy Spirit within them awakening the overcomer in greater ways to shake off all the enemy is using to attempt to hinder and to passionately chase after all God has said is theirs with a roar in their mouth that says “NO MORE”.
The slumber, weariness and attack was attempting to silence God’s people from decreeing and coming against the enemy and his attacks. But the fire of God is falling to bring a shaking and disempower the slumber/weariness.
There is a holy dissatisfaction that the Lord is birthing in the attacks, in the battle, and it is a HOLY DISSATISFACTION that is birthing two deep fires within God’s people.
1. I WILL TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD – I saw a fire increasing in the hearts of God’s people that says “I won’t stand for what the enemy is doing, I will take the Lord at His Word. I KNOW who I am and I KNOW what is MINE IN CHRIST.” This birthing is raising up an army who the enemy is terrified of. An army that takes the Lord at His Word with greater conviction and fire than ever and won’t settle or stop because of attacks or circumstances. An army that’s rising up so powerfully possessed by the conviction of the truth of the Word of God and the FAITHFULNESS of the Lord to His Word.
The enemy is terrified because an ARMY OF FIRE is on the RISE, deeply conviction, possessed and fuelled by the truth of the Word of God, the revelation of who Jesus is, and His faithfulness and goodness..
The army is rising up and I saw their hearts burning and branded across their hearts were two Scriptures:
“For we have the living Word of God, which is full of energy, and it pierces more sharply than a two-edged sword. It will even penetrate to the very core of our being where souls nd spirit, bone and marrow meet!” – Hebrews 4:12 (The Passion Translation)
“The Holy Spirit is the One who gives life, that which is of the natural realm is of no help. The words I speak to you are Spirit and life.” – John 6:63 (The Passion Translation)
As they moved forward as a united army they decreed Romans 8:11:
“Yet God raised Jesus to life! God’s Spirit now lives in you, and he will raise you to life by his Spirit.”
They moved forward convicted with hearts burning in the revelatory truth of the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives within them. They moved forward with a holy resolve that “NOTHING in impossible in Christ” (Matthew 19:26) and the spirit of the overcomer within them ROARING that the works of darkness were being dismantled by the power and authority of Jesus Christ.
“Yet even in the midst of all these things, we triumph over them all, for God has made us to be more than conquerors, and his demonstrated love is our glorious victory over everything.” – Romans 8:37 (The Passion Translation)
I saw the fire of God exploding such deep hunger within God’s people. Where the enemy has attempted to bring complacency, slumber and weariness, the Lord was breaking through and exploding HUNGER and a DEEP cry within them that shouted “THERE IS MORE. THERE HAS TO BE MORE”. It was a dissatisfaction of remaining where they are. There was a hunger and fire within them gaining intensity to walk in, to chase after all that is already theirs in Christ.
A resolve within them to not allow the enemy or circumstances to cause them to live “under” or to live as “victims” but rising up as overcomers.
The cry of “THERE IS MORE” was fuelling such a deeper hunger within these ones to chase after Him more than ever. To know Jesus and His Word like never before and to walk in their power and authority that was given to them in Christ. To not settle, but to know Him more than ever, to see His name glorified in greater ways and to see the works of darkness destroyed by the beautiful, powerful name of Jesus.
An army of fire is on the rise!
Watch the overcomer now rise within you! What once held you back, will be no more.
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  • Aundrea Hernandez

    AWESOME FATHER GOD!! Once Again, we Receive this Ms Lana! Tonight as I worked my shift, I Decreed and Declared aloud That I Align with Father God’s Word ONLY. What HE has spoken and confirmed, I Receive. I spoke aloud that I Trust Him and I Believe His Word Alone – I walk by Faith and take Him at His Word. I Believe The Report of The LORD, and accept Nothing else. I had a dream a couple nights ago … I was Roaring aloud, “Do You Not Know that When God Speaks it Twice, Three times, IT IS ESTABLISHED BY HIM.” Also seeing 888 and 8888. Friday, I saw it twice – 8 is New Beginnings. Hours later, after returning home from work, a Prophetic Word came in to my email from Elijah List … An On Time Word by Pastor Chuck Pierce – He spoke of the battle being over our Destiny, and confirmed New Beginnings! Thank You LORD for Your Faithful Servants who bring Your Living Word, Encouragement and Confirmation to The Body of Christ. Father, You Are FOREVER FAITHFUL AND TRUE TO YOUR WORD. WE PRAISE YOU! The LORD Bless you Abundantly Ms Lana, and keep you and your family Safe. Much Much L<3ve

  • Ane'

    Lana, Thank you. Have been waiting for this word for 2 days…EXACTLY how I feel…what a blessing His truth is…it gives perspective. X

  • Cathleen

    Lana even when I don’t comment I give thanks to the Lord of hosts for the work He does through you . This Word is a confirmation, no weapon formed against my family shall prosper. That which was meant for our harm shall be as foot stool under our feet for the glory of Adonai. We stand firm on His Word, and His goodness, mercy and provision surrounds us. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. It is so.

  • Susan M

    Yes!!! Lana, this is SO much an echo of His heart, bless you! I am jumping up and down in the Spirit as this word resounds. There’s a sound, a distant rumble…of the Wird of the Lord stirring things to LIFE, and of the Lord’s great believing armies arising, an awesome rumble unlike anything seen before, and this word affirms on a much deeper level the ROAR of the Lord, a roar that is full and ripe with His promises, and that overflows with victory—and overflowing with His assurance—-His seeing to it that there will be NO MORE robbery of His inheritance and dreams in the lives of His hope-filled faithful and loving people. God is on the MOVE!! Glory!!!

  • Esther Brian

    YEEEESSS!!!! YES! YES! YES! This is me right now! I see myself 100% in this prophetic word. So ON POINT! I am so excited for what God is doing! Wow LORD! What a privilege that we get to be a part of what you are doing in our generation! YES LORD!
    God bless you Lana, you are a pure undiluted prophetic voice in our generation and I bless God for the day He led me to you!

  • Charlene from TN

    There is no fashion to satisfactorily explain the timeliness and expert precision of this Word except that it comes by the very heart and Spirit of the Living God. THIS is by the testimony of Christ within me, where we are. The battle even last night going to bed and the asking of victory dreams, of keys, of ANYthing from Abba resulted in waking this morning with the roar and with the decrees coming from within the roar, and this is what they said “NO MOOOOORE”! I went to bed feeling under the circumstances but not surrendering to them and I awoke with the deep fire of His decrees.

  • Janine Kavana.

    YES AND AMEN! I have to send you a testimony of what the word’s youve been speaking about in the last month have been over my life.. ON POINT! LIKE SCARY ON POINT HAHAHA!!!

  • Andrew

    Starved for breakthrough’s flavour, burning need for more.
    Holy fire of heaven’s yearning, rising deep within our core.
    Hungry for the beauty of the Saviour, for the goodness of our God.
    For collapse of moral distance in the Lamb’s Eternal Roar.
    For the Light to break through Shining.
    The Truth of Life and Love,
    NO Limit to His Goodness
    NO Limit to His Love.
    We’ve tasted it in Glory and we’ve seen it at the Cross.
    Sweetest, fresh first fruits of victory,
    The darkness cannot know,
    Sweet release in heaven’s slipstream,
    Released in Holy Spirit’s flow.