Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I had a vision this morning and I saw the Lion of Judah and He was fiercely roaring over financial burdens, fears and concerns of His people.
The atmosphere was so full of the truth that the Lord has this covered. The Lord is covering what is happening and He has seen the worry, concern, fear and burden many have been carrying because of financial issues.
As He was roaring over His people I saw the YOKE’S of those burdens breaking and I felt Matthew 11:29-30 so strongly:
“Come to me, all of you who are are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take up my yoke and learn from me, because I am lowly and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Christian Standard Bible)
Those of you who are weary and burdened from worry, fear and concern regarding financial issues, continue to go to Him, for He is going to give you rest. As He roars, there will be a shift and a breakthrough.
As He roared, I could feel His heart so powerfully to reassure His people that He has got this. He is moving! He is working! He is providing! He is protecting! He is shifting! He is breaking the burdens and bringing peace through the revelation knowledge that He has got this!
Where the enemy has brought great fear, stolen and hindered in areas of finances and used fear to bring oppression and torment, as the Lord roars, He is releasing great provision. Trust Him! For the provision that He is releasing is greater than you have imagined. As He roars, He is bringing peace to your heart, deep peace, as you trust Him, He has got this, and is going to reveal Himself in greater ways as Jehovah Jireh.
I heard Him say “As I roar, I am releasing a HOLY RESTORE!!!!” What the enemy has used to bring fear, I am breaking and will restore financial blessing. I am bringing about a great restoration, and the enemy cannot stand against My roar. My roar, changes and shifts anything, and I am releasing a tipping point of financial breakthrough. All the prayers of My people regarding finances, all the decrees and intercession have filled My ears, their cries have touched My heart, and My roar is releasing a tipping point breakthrough. There will be some sudden restorations and financial miracles that will testify to the shift and release of My roar and power of My hand.”
“Lay down your concern, trust Me, for the only decree you are to listen to and align yourself with is My decree, and that is the decree of “MY ROAR IS BRINGING ABOUT A HOLY RESTORE!!!”
“As I roar, get ready for an increase of heavenly wisdom and strategy regarding finances. I am releasing an increase of wisdom and strategy in the financial arena that is bringing greater insight to My people on the stewardship of finances and the extension of resources to extend My Kingdom.”
“Don’t be afraid My people. I am decreeing it is a NEW DAY over financial issues. I am roaring over what has been, I am roaring over what is now, and I am roaring over what is to come and My decree is “I’ve got this! My ROAR is bringing about a holy restore!”


  • Veronica Williams

    Thank You Abba Father! I receive this decree in faith. You are my God, and You are my Source and my Provision. I receive the Kingdom Wisdom and the financial miracle in Jesus Mighty Name.
    I decree that I walk with the Lion of Judah!!!
    Jesus is Lord!!

  • Paul Terry Robinson

    Such an encouraging word….Roar
    Jesus Roar! This is a tipping point word. Thank you Lord.

  • Rene Garcia

    I had a dream last week when I seen 2 animals 1 Lion n 1 animal that I didn’t recognize! The Lion came up to me and grabbed my arm with a firm grip not painful but secure n began to lead me forward ! Then I awoke! Amen ?? Rene Garcia

  • LaTina Kirk

    Thank you so much for a timely word. It is what I needed to here for my financial need is great and to hear him say he’s got this means much for me. I greatly enjoy reading your prophetic words for they keep me moving towards my King. Be sure as soon as I am able I will give into this mighty ministry. Tina Kirk from Duncan OK

  • Rhonda Kitabjian

    Lana…What an amazing and timely message. As I was sitting at my computer my husband and I just discussed how we are going to come up with the money needed to pay for my daughters college tuition. I started to look for a job again but my heart is always leaning into Jesus and He is my provider. Since I am stepping into this NEW season with a new book, new business and new vision- I know God is speaking directly to me…!!! Whenever, my husband gets worried or concerned I feel my faith increase! Thank you for this message of God’s Decree Bringing About a Holy Restore!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!! Thank you Abba Father…BLessings Lana to you and your blessed ministry!


    LANA and KEVIN ?⚡️? BLESS YOU ⚡️ BLESS YOU ⚡️ and BLESS YOU ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I Would like to share with you In My NOTEBOOK ON 3/11/18 ⚡️ JEHOVAH – JIRAH : JEHOVAH WILL SEE ( TO IT ) ⚡️⚡️⚡️HOW WONDERFUL IS OUR GOD ❤️⚡️? HA HA ??? MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD

  • Robearh

    Hallelujah !!!!!!!!! Hallelujah !!!!!! Hallelujah !!!!! Gory !!! Glory !!!! Glory !!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Awesome is this !!! I gladly Receive it in Jesus name !!! Hallelujah !!
    Shouts, of Joy, Joy, Joy, Peace, Peace, Peace, Love, love, love, unto thee Awesome Father, my God, this day !!!! Amen !!!

  • Meshack Baloyi

    The roar of the lion of Juda has done it for me. It released my financial blessing held in captive by the enemy. Thank you Lord in Jesus name.

  • Samantha Muller

    Wow, this is indeed a word in season and just in time for me.. i so needed this. so many injustices and overlooking of good work and faithfulness, but God saw it all. this confirms what i know in my heart to be true, but just this week, i told God, Father, how will the kids and i make it and how can i do this year with the threats of job loss, benefits being cut and basically just the bare minimum with two young adulst. When i first heard the news i responded with i know who my God is for me, i’ve seen Him carry me through what seemed impossible for man, for me, i’ve seen my Jehovah provide for my kids and i in miraculous ways that poeple still don’t understand and i willingly and gladly testify… then the news last week, i thought of the verse to remain joyful in affliction, to count it all joy and i did for a few days i even shared with my small group that i was excited to see what God is going to do in this, since He has my back and i was and i am. but then the tiredness and the burden, the worry and the fear threatened .. my circumstances are so crazy but at the same time exactly the right kind of circumstances for a miracle working God, our Elohim, to show Himself strong… Roar Lord Roar!!
    Thank you Lana, for listening and bringing this word, i will cling to it and allow God to take my burden.
    Praise Jesus!

  • Christine

    I’m thankful for these words from Holy Spirit through you ! I find them very timely and encouraging . Im grateful for this ministry .
    I bless you and your household with every spiritual blessing . I bless you with increase in your storehouse and all that you put your hands to.

  • Licinda Stevens

    “MY ROAR IS BRINGING ABOUT A HOLY RESTORE!!!” Yes, yes, yes, yes! Thank You, Father!!We receive Your Word in Jesus’ Name. I find rest in You, Father. Come and be the strength of my heart!!

  • Ford

    Yes and Amen. I receive this timely word deep into my spirit. I lay down my burdens before you, O Lord. I surrender all to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

  • SanLil

    Thank you Jesus and Sisl Lana for these encouraging words. Some mins earlier the Lord gave me that same verse. I am worn out financially after the enemy has stolen my wealth in 2015. The few that was left in my home country I have invested all in God’s Kingdom, using it all for his work. I have no regret about it..simply its true that after not seeing any progress on the financial side one can gets anxious. I have tried my best to keep my eyes fix on his promises to me That the wealth of the wicked will be yours.
    How much its true cause after 3 years of a lengthy legal battle, the court in Tanzania has found my former business partner guilty and she will now have to repay back all. Even it has been a terrible time where I have lost my life but God has raised me from the dead in 2015, I sees it as a blessing for me cause otherwise, I would have not met with that awesome God. I never prayed before, never thought that God really exist. Even though, he has come to my rescue and I give all praises and Glory to him alone.
    Since 2015, I have dedicated my life to Jesus, I have dropped my fancy professional life and give up my lucrative pay cheque to follow Jesus. Since 2015, my prayer partner and I been living with God’s providence. End 2017, God has given me another gift, my cousin who lives abroad has handed the key of her brand new house to me without asking a rent or whatsover to me. That verse where it states that God will give us house that we have not built..has manifested in my life.
    I can not hold that testimony from you…even my restoration is not yet completed, I keep having Faith and Trust in God that he is at work. I have set my eyes unto JESUS and on the things that we cannot see right now. Lets continue to Believe and have Hope in things that are not yet there. He knows what is best for us and he knows the appropriate timeframe to restore us & he is never late.
    All this(financial constrains, heavy spiritual attacks etc) are necessary for us to become Overcomers and have Merits to enter in his Kingdom.
    We love you Jesus, come..come..says the Bride of Christ.

  • Carol Green

    To God be The Glory. I receive this message over my life. Seeking God More and Learning wisdom through His Word. I praise God for The Lion of Judah. Thank you Jesus for your message and your messenger. God bless your faithful humble servant and her ministries.

  • wanda

    Praise God, I really needed this “word” today because I too am worn out financially and I too pray there is a turnaround and suddenly.

  • Dorinda K Agosto

    Thank you Abba!!! I will NOT tremble or fear for YOU are my God. I know You have everything in the palm of your hands and I completely trust you. If it is your will for me to have this promostopn which will bring financial relief, then PRAISE Your Holy Name!! If it’s not then, I will wait on You to direct my path. I LOVE YOU LORD!!!

  • Claudia gamero de valle

    Thank you for this word, I remember my financial miracle because a wave of poverty has come to our family. almost 1 year without work from my husband. My son-in-law 4 months without selling his Nordic equipment on the verge of firing him thanks Salvadoran spy and I translate the word of Spanish English. and it hurts that I can not translate the videos but it is a woman of blessing. God bless me, prophet and thanks, thank you and love all the words that God gives you

  • Donna Foy

    Lana your words mean so much to so many!! Amen amen and amen!!!! Thank you Jesus for our holy restoration of all the enemy has stolen!!! After 8 years of the enemies attacks RESTORATION IS HERE!! No more delays …. you are a good good father, that’s who you are and we’re loved by you….just love you so much God