Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I was in a store recently and I walked past a shelf that was full of “Happy Birthday” stickers and cards. As I walked past I was surprised by His voice. I heard Him say “Happy Birthday!!!!”. I felt the Lord tell me to buy some of these “Happy Birthday” stickers and cards as a prophetic act – so I did. After I bought those things, for 2 days, my little boy Judah, would come into my prayer room with a birthday cake made for me from His toys and sing “Happy Birthday, he had no idea what I had purchased, so I knew the Lord was speaking again!
As I have sat with the Lord on this, I felt the Lord say:
“The enemy has been attempting to keep many in a season of CAPTIVITY, but I am decreeing this is a season of CELEBRATION! I am decreeing a season of NEW BIRTHING, I am decreeing a NEW SEASON of new opportunities and completely NEW to what has been in the past. The enemy has been working hard to keep My people tethered to the past through lies, fear, mindsets, woundings, and despair, but I am releasing a DECREE OF “IT’S YOUR BREAKTHROUGH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!” It’s a day of breakthrough, celebration and new birthing. Do not believe the lie that the season has not changed, or it will not change, but stand up, believe and decree that the new season is already upon you. You are in it, it has arrived and My decree of “BREAKTHROUGH BIRTHDAY” will see the things off the past, SUDDENLY fall away. The things that have taunted you, will be no more. Taunted and tormented will no longer be a major part of your story or vocabulary because I am birthing you into a whole new season of VICTORY and OVERCOMING!!!!!!!!! The taunts may come from the enemy, but the strength, courage and fortification I am birthing within you of My Word, who I am and who you are in Me, is bringing a resolve that will see you UNSHAKEN by the taunts. It will no longer be a major part of your story. The battle HAS and IS being won, NOW!!!!!! I am decreeing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” a day of NEW birthing, NEW beginning and VICTORY!!!!”
“Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to the things of old. Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it?” – Isaiah 43:17-19 (Christian Standard Bible)
I felt the Lord say that many have been feeling “dark clouds” around or the enemy has been lying that “dark clouds” are upon you. The enemy has been lying and attempting to bring a foreboding upon you, his whispers that he is going to “steal and steal some more” but I saw the Lord decreeing and roaring and exposing this lie. This is not the decree of the Lord. SHAKE IT OFF! I saw the Lord ROARING and as He roared I saw GIFTS (blessings) and INCREASE falling from heaven.
Again He whispered: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!”
Instantly I knew what He was saying.
Where the enemy has been saying dark clouds and more “stealing” is upon you, the Lord is roaring, decreeing and releasing the REALITY OF HEAVEN upon your season right now which is GIFTS, SURPRISES and INCREASE upon you. Like when you have a birthday, you are given gifts and surprises and it’s a time of increase, the Lord is decreeing that over you.
“If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask Him.” – Matthew 7:11 (The Passion Translation)
There is a great release of GIFTS, SURPRISES and INCREASE from the Father upon you, not what the enemy is decreeing, and the overwhelming generosity, goodness and kindness of God displayed through these beautiful gifts and surprises are going to not only heal your hearts in many ways but bring you to life in greater ways, awakened and overtaken by the goodness and LOVE of the Father for you.
I then heard the Lord say “I have been preparing and am now holding some of the greatest SURPRISE PARTIES for My people!!!”
Instantly I heard 1 Corinthians 2:9 “This is why the Scriptures say: Things never discovered or heard before, things beyond our ability to imagine, these are the many things God has in store for all His lovers.” (The Passion Translation)
I had a vision and I saw Jesus leading His people into NEW ROOMS. His eyes were FULL of joy and excitement. He opened the doors on these NEW ROOMS and they were FULL of SURPRISE and CELEBRATION. I looked around the room and I saw HUGE GIFT BOXES, HUGE presents, and they had 2 Scriptures on every one. There were SO MANY:
“Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and He will provide for you what you desire the most.” – Psalm 37:4 (The Passion Translation)
I saw in the place of yieldedness to Him and living a life delighting in Him, He was now bringing the desires that He placed within the hearts of His people and the dreams into fruition, but in greater ways than they imagined. The hearts desires fulfilled were being given to them, but on a larger scale than they imagined.
The second Scripture was:
“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energises you.” – Ephesians 3:20 (The Passion Translation)
What He is doing IN you, THROUGH you and releasing TO YOU is bigger and greater than your most unbelievable dream and wildest imagination. The move of the Holy Spirit in your heart releasing the revelation of His love to new depths, the surprises He has for you releasing a greater revelation of His love for you, is bigger than you realise. He is overwhelming you with His love and goodness.
I heard Him again:
“Happy Birthday!!!”
Suddenly I saw Zephaniah 3:17, how the Lord rejoices over you with singing. The Lord is decreeing a season of deeper revelation of how He delights in you, how He celebrates you, how He adores you, how He loves you! Not for what you do, but who you are.
He is decreeing a deeper season of AWAKENING to your IDENTITY in Him and His PLEASURE of you and who He has created you to be. The things that have tried to hold you back from moving further into your identity and your destiny are being broken off, healed, delivered as you HEAR HIM singing over you! His delight, His LOVE is BREAKING false identities, fear, insecurity and awakening you to the reality of how He CELEBRATES YOU!!!!!! Many of you are about to know the greatest deliverance and freedom by the fire of His love and approval of you than you have ever experienced. The love of Jesus, that He died for you, bringing you to live.
He then spoke one more time:
There is a whole new realm of His destiny through you and for you opening up and I heard Him say “It will make your heart glad”
He is releasing clarity on destiny, and hearts will explode with gladness over the destiny He is opening up and releasing. There is a greater birthing of destiny taking place! A greater birthing by His Spirit of who you are and what He has created for you, and there’s about to be a greater CELEBRATION OF YOUR DESTINY!
JOY! JOY! JOY! in your destiny! The enemy has been attempting to bring “fear” on many regarding destiny, but the Lord is releasing JOY in a greater revelation of your destiny and His plans for you!!!!!
Listen to Him whisper…
It’s a new day! Greater things are upon you!


  • Rita Ford

    Praise the Lord! I so enjoy your posts Lana! The Happy Birthday one is especially exciting because I’ve needed a breakthrough for a looong time. 🙂 And I believe mine is soon to come! Hallelujah!!!

  • Syd Stewart

    Amen. March 26 is actually my birthday!!
    I sensed in my spirit back in January that a major move of God would happen this month. I was just in prayer asking God for an answer and your Rhema word came as an email. I believe and receive! In Jesus name. I certainly love the Lord for his faithfulness and his grace. Bless you sister and mighty woman of God.

  • Richard Davidson

    Oh, Yes, Yes, Yes, Hallelujah, Amen, Thank you Jesus, Kevin and Lana!!!!! I believe and receive in Jesus name, Amen!!!!!

  • Fiona

    wow I love this word because it’s actually my birthday on the 27th of this month….so I’m taking that word as applying to me for sure! Thank you for releasing it! Bless you…

  • Nahomie Riche

    This Word so speaks to me I actually just finished watching a birthing scene in a show. The woman gave birth to a son..Confirmation from The Lord. I am excited but I’m trying to contain it because until The Lord makes it final that my season in wilderness is over I know it won’t be. The Lord could be encouraging me again so that I would make it to the next step. I hope its more than that though I hope this is it. Such a good Word. Thank you

  • Mary Jo ONeal

    Today really is my Birthday!! Thank you so much Lana for making it so so special!! And thank you so much Jesus for speaking to Lana today to wish me the Happiest Birthday!! I love you Jesus!! and I love you too Lana!!



  • Derrick L

    We receive it!!! Funny I’m a artist, just finished a birthday picture on a shirt 3 days ago. JESUS Thankyou!!!

  • Debbie

    Woohoo it’s my birthday! Thank you Jesus for that amazing declaration, I take that and hold onto His word. Today is a great day – a celebration day.

  • Aneika

    This is such an exciting word!!! I feel the hope and excitement bubbling up. I look forward to a lovely party made just for me with all the fixings:) Blessings to you Lana!!

  • Marion

    This is awesome!
    This morning we were celebrating Father’s Day here at school, in Italy and while I was setting up for the morning, I came across a bag of confetti. I pulled the bag out and there, in the bag, were a whole bunch of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ confetti. After appreciating our dads, I sat down at my computer to read this message…God is so good!
    While reading this, I realised that my nephew has also been singing this song for the past month! Hahaha, it is so wonderful!
    Thank you for JOY Lord, thank you for breakthrough, thank you for NEW x

  • jesh stg

    becauseGod told me to go to war with praise, some time ago, I am making songs regularly. last week the first line is asong was ,
    I will – celebrate – Your joy, Your joy?
    Thanking Jesus for confirming the celebration of HIs children’s birthday?

  • Licinda Stevens

    Thank You, Father!!! I bask in the brightness of Your glory!!!! I am standing up and enjoying the feast, Father!!!!Thank You Lana and family!!!!!

  • Robearh

    I Receive it Lord !! Thank you for the suddenly Surprises, The Happy Birthday Celebrations !! for indeed it is a Birthing, taking place into my life
    of All the gifts, the talents, you have reserved for me in this hour of Celebration. I give thee Highest of Adoration with Praises, as I am Birthing
    into something New and Glorious. Hallelujah !! This is indeed so Awesome to hear this day for me. Hallelujah !! Amen !!

  • Suzanne Gray

    You have no idea how everyday I get up and your post is just for me! There is a lion that accompanies me wherever I go and the Holy Spirit told me his name is “ROARY”! My 76th birthday is May 4th and I am “marinating” in today’s word! You are one of those big packages in my life! Happy Birthday to you❣️❣️

  • Brenda Thiessen

    Happy birthday to those who is celebrating. I woke up this morning and I read that Germany has rejected Islam. Now what a gift is that??? Hallelujah. I am absolutely grateful. I am so proud of God and I am jumping with joy. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend

  • Ford

    What an incredible birthday gift! My birthday was yesterday, March 15th! I turned 55 – double grace. God is good. Praise the Lord. Bless you and your family, Lana. Amen and Amen.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you. This word speaks so deeply to my heart. It was my actual birthday on 15th of march. What an amazing encouragement from the Lord for me. This season has been so challenging. How precious of the Lord to continue to speak overcoming and new beginnings. I turned 53 yesterday and asked the Lord to speak to me his heart His celebration of my birthday. In so many beautiful little ways He spoke yesterday. And this word written by you was quite an exclamation mark! Thank you again for sharing. May God richly bless you and your family and ministry.

  • Jill

    This word was so timely for me and just what I needed to hear. Thank you!
    The Lord has said “GO” to my husband and I. We are packed and ready but have seen nothing open up. We know we can not stay but have to step into our new beginning but the battle has been ferocious. Personally I feel I am standing at the Red Sea and God has to miraculously part the waters. This word brought such timely encouragement and I am decreeing these words and scripture. Thank you again. God bless you Lana!

  • David Henners

    This is a cool very word Lana!!! Several weeks ago, the Lord took me into an open vision in which I saw a shiny party balloon against the bedroom wall with a word written on it. Every few seconds or so, the party balloon would rotate clockwise at high speed then change into a different balloon with a new word written on it. This happened maybe 6 or 7 times before the vision ended. I believe the words had something to do with what the Lord has speaking over my wife and I.

  • Carolina

    THANK YOU LANA, for your obedience to HIM.
    My Birthday is a couple of days away and I was feeling too old (because I am well into my sixties) and too forgotten to celebrate it. But now I am assured because of just what Holy Spirit had you share, that my LORD has not forgotten me, my actual birthday or anyone else that’s feeling the way I did.
    Amos 3:7

  • Lisa Flanigan

    Today is my birthday and I have struggled on this day since my mom died of cancer 6 years ago. The last few days I have struggled with feeling hopeless about my husband, my daughter and other family members that I have been praying for. My husband hasn’t spoken to me since last Tuesday and most days doesn’t even come home, today is no different, I have no idea where he is. The Lord has given me promises about him and I see little steps taken toward the lord then what looks like to me 10 steps back. Most days I can stay focused on His promises and His word and not on what I see in the natural. So many of your prophetic words have been something I have heard from the Lord so they were confirmation or something I need today. Since today is my birthday I believe there is much in this message today for me and I will take the time to unfold it with the Lord. I feel like you know me through the many messages that are personal to me but I know that you know The One who knows me. Thank you Lana, I have needed hope and words of encouragement and prayer a lot these last few days.

  • Gee Alexander


  • Sarah

    “The enemy has been attempting to keep many in a season of CAPTIVITY” ——————— YEAH FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS!
    What point at which false prophets are going to come to grips that this season is about ‘Exposing Injustices in People and Places” and Sifting out those who are Unloyal. There is nothing beyond that.

  • Holly

    Lana, GOD BLESS YOU!!! I was in a very dark and discouraged place when I read this word today. My heart became expectant of His goodness again after reading this. Thank you!!

  • Sarah12

    Trump has had less leaders and nominations confirmed than the last 10 Presidents. 79 Total. SO if you think your out of the obstruction season think again.
    Hebrews 2:4 “God confirmed the message by giving signs and wonders and various … the them to various will with wonders”

  • Elizabeth Frazier

    OMG in heaven!!!! The Lord has directed me in the last few months to finally be able to relocate from Florida to the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area. The date I chose to arrive was my birthday weekend which is the 25th. My latest grandchild is turning one then she was my birthday gift last year.! So when I saw this word I just laughed out loud right away and was so ecstatic to read it. It’s a confirmation on a confirmation and I am almost speechless. I’ve been waiting for my provision for the vision for 22 years. All your words Lana have completely confirm that that provision is being released now! As well as so many other prophets. Father I bless you for your prophetic voice in Lana and others. We are truly diving off the precipice into our Destinies that we’ve sold waited for. We bless you and we thank you for what is unfolding in front of us! I look forward to opening your surprises! Blessings to all of you! Bless you Lana and Kevin!

  • Kim Ivey

    This prophetic message and the one from a few days ago about financial breakthrough ( were so RIGHT ON TIME!! I’ve suffered through several years, almost 5, to be exact, of the enemy attacking my life financially through loss, things stolen, things broken or breaking down, unnecessary expenses, loss of wages – just not being able to get on top of things. But today, our Father showed up and showed out. I applied for my son to attend a lovely, all boys Christian school with a steep tuition. I applied in faith that the Lord would bless us – pour His favor upon Jonathan. Some of my financial issues were due to poor choices on my part (leaving a lucrative job to spend more time with Jonathan when he was a toddler (he is now 7) and hoping to go to grad school to get a PhD in business, which fell through, and then having to dig into my 401K to pay expenses and finally, pursuing an ill-fated plan to move abroad to get an MBA only for that to not work out, as well). I needed the Father to grant me great mercy in this pursuit and He did. Today Jonathan was accepted and given a HEFTY scholarship – almost 75% of the tuition. I specified what I could pay and that is all that I’m paying! Praise His Holy Name. To God be the Glory! His Love TRULY DOES ENDURE FOREVER! I believe this is just the first step in major turnarounds in our lives on every level. Thank you, Jesus! Keep bringing that NOW word, Lana! Many blessings to you and your family and congratulations on the new soon to be addition to your family!

  • :)

    As a homemaker, every detail of my life becomes a living prayer (sometimes I “weird myself out” by how it seems to connect with things I hear in my part of the world!) This happened when I placed faux books entitled “Simple Wisdom” and “Home” with The Bible and a book called “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. I placed these in a particular order…then placed a singular candle over it…and my heart mirrored this prayer.
    Today, having returned from caring for my 92 year old mother (feeling very much like the the sticky pb&j twixt the bread of generations), I began the task of Spring Cleaning!
    Last night I hugged my prickly girl and fought with my wrestling son…and established a new “prayer design.” The book “Wide Awake” rested beneath “Simple Wisdom”…and “The Jesus I Never Knew” rested above the faux book entitled, “HOME”… A rosebud-crowned cherub sat upon each…
    Today I heard a guest on a secular radio show say, “A new kind of day is coming in at lightening speed…”
    Mystery and Wonder: each day is a gift…unpacked with intentional, relational intimacy…
    Yesterday, another person on the radio said the words, “A new page seems to turn (almost) every day now…”
    Lana, you are at the opposite end of the world to me… and yet, in Him, we seem to share…Breath. Yes.
    No surprise…just Wonder…and Mystery.

  • Susan M

    Alleluia!! Lana, I thank God for your surrendered listening heart and for God’s amazing synchronization and timing of the Spirit of words you share—-⭐️?☄️⚡️?which are like heavenly lightning, fireballs or shooting stars breaking through intense warfare in the atmosphere and blasting the enemy camp to pieces!!! Glory shouts!!! I am joyfully decreeing and also soaking in the BREAKTHROUGH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS ????? Thank You, Jesus!!!

  • CeCe

    My actual physical Birthday was March 1 but I like to celebrate the whole month in the Spirit! Anyone with the faith to believe can have their rebirthing in the Spirit during this forthcoming ‘Spring’ season! Let’s all look forward to blessed surprises that will ‘spring up’ in varying ways! Thanks for a powerful, encouraging Word! I receive unit in Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  • Joan

    My birthday is March 19th. I could not believe it when I opened this post. I have never seen such a type of post. But I must say that I have wondered just in the last couple of months how God thinks about birthdays. Two things that he wishes us happy birthday it’s just mind-boggling.

  • AMR

    Thank you Lana for this timely word! I received it very early in the morning on March 16, the day prior I kept hearing the Lord Say “Happy Birthday!” I truly felt like Thursday March 15 was a special day where the Lord was and others were wishing me a happy birthday. It was very odd because my birthday is on March 19. Even my husband on the 15th was saying it’s your birthday and he even took me out to buy a present and took me for dinner! What is most crazy is the contrast of events on that day, We had just found out that our rental property which was also in a rent to own agreement was being siezed by the Police due to serious violent crimes including being committed (all this in an upscale neighbourhood). Plus my steering died while driving away from the home going down a hill. Fortunately I was able to stop the car w/o harm (PTL)! It has been so difficult to sell this home in the economy of our region we have tried to sell it for 9 years and this rent to own was the best option we were presented with during that whole time. We believe that God is taking our city by storm and providing a massive out pouring of His Spirit hence the intense battle. That He is making good out of this difficulty! Bringing His kingdom plans to rule and reign.
    This word is exceptionally timely and it gives me the teeth to dig into how the Lord is TRULY at work. I can’t tell you how exact and specific the details of this word is/was for me and especially on the day I received it. This spurs me on To lift my eyes up to the maker of heaven and earth. It’s helping me to dig in my heels and declare that the Lord is who he says he is and to truly believe HE Is bringing the break through and freedom we so desperately need.
    I thank the Lord for you every time I think of you! Many Many Blessings on you Lana!!

  • Susan M

    This message just took on a WHOLE NEW meaning this past weekend as I learned through Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel that ‘Nisan 1’ in this year 2018 (which was Sat. March 17, 2018) (based on Exodus 12) is the true Biblical ‘new year’ according to God’s divine timetable. Although the new year for the Jewish people is celebrated in the harvest and Feast of Tabernacles season, Amir explains how it was intended by God to be celebrated in the season of Passover…so bless you, Lana with A GLORIOUS and Happy Birthday/New Year in the Lord’. Praises! Shalom

  • Kayla

    Father, thank you for speaking to me through this word. Lana, I have been through 2 years of emotional and mental abuse and it it finally over. My new season has begun and healing is hard but fruitful. Your words from the Lord inspire me deeply and coincide with what is happening in my life that very moment I open my email or Facebook. For the unexpected blessings, my daughter just got a $4k scholarship granted for a Christian school and she is only 10 years old- it’s exactly what she needs! Today I received $70 in gift cards and even more provisions- too many to count.
    When you rely on God as your source, nothing is impossible and nothing you can do can bring these things about- only the lavish doting of a Father with a HUGE heart for His children. Many blessings upon you Lana for your faithfulness. Glory to God over and over!!!