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By Lana Vawser 

Things are not what they seem. God is giving insight to see beyond “the surface” and “the haze” to truly what is going on. This revelation and insight is positioning you to overcome in ways you never have before. Trust what He is revealing; He is taking you higher! 


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  • Kris Miller

    This is extrememly hard to see. However willing to see the extreme wickedness that happened yesterday in our local court system. God was not there. People are being denied their rights, to do process. The court was a moneyfactory. The blood of innocense is being scourged all over the room. The wickedness in high places is extremely prevalent. The Judge is not there. A officer judges you guilty denying your Proof of innocense.
    The “Bull” Room, the bully falsely accuses with presenting a false witness. You are told in the room that you were stupid to plead innocent, because we punish innocent people. We would have waived punishment if you lied and said you were guilty. This has literally broke our hearts. Satan will not get away with…

  • Kris Miller

    Satan will not get away with this. Families are being smired and stained. Families who are innocent are being punished. My husbands employer punished him when the court rescheduled his hearing by mail. This broke my heart. I understand stand there is an uncovering going on in this present life and just want to get the breakthrough to the next level with God. This was an extremely heartbreaking time or season to endure.
    Thanking Jesus for life. However our experience was “Hell” in the courtroom because one day a driver on the road illegally changed lanes and cut my Husband off and thus preventing a safe stopping distance for my Husband with no where to go or turn away from this persons poor judgement.

  • Deb

    WOW!!! I just prayed for this last night. Then read this this morning. What confirmation!! Thank you Jesus for confirming my prayer and bless you Lana for your obedience to Him! Your words you have shared have spoke to me and have encouraged me many times over. Blessings on all you do!

  • TT

    These past couple of days have been so incredibly different and supernatural in my walk with Father. I have presented myself everyday as “open” to whatever He would pour into me or show me that I would readily lay down, put aside, obey. I have received instruction confirmation and affirmation…. almost immediate. when I begin to ‘struggle’ and speak to Him, something is right there once again in the path to let me know I am walking or in the right way with Him… all is well that I have His peace and His utmost guidance.
    Worship is Awesome! I am being led, sought after for unusual things…Sensing something; unbelievers sharing stirring ♡
    He so close to us!!

  • TT

    This is the time we have been waiting for for so very long. Let us be sure not to miss this!!! ♡♡

  • Rochelle

    I just began to truly do a two-way conversation/journaling with God and the things that came out of my journal had astonished me. I know it wasn’t from me for sure, because in real time God actually told me what was about to happen, and not a second after I finished writing what He told me to (which at that time confused me what He meant), the incident happened! God is teaching me His sense of time and what He means when He tells me dates and words that mean time. And I am so overjoyed because God really speaks in the way we understand. And He has been revealing more to me what is on the other side of my mountain that I never knew what was happening.