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By Lana Vawser

There is major breakthrough upon the writers right now. Those of you who are writing manuscripts, the Lord is releasing winds of acceleration upon you and these manuscripts are going to be birthed faster than you could ever have imagined. I had a vision and I watched as the Lord released these winds of acceleration and His angelic hosts to minister to you, and cause these manuscripts to come forth faster than you could imagine. Anything that has been attempting to block this manuscript, any warfare, is falling to the wayside as the winds of acceleration fall upon you and the Lord continues to breathe upon His message in your manuscript. There is a greater ease that you will find as the anointing upon you to write is significantly increasing. There is a breakthrough anointing over you as you write to move past the hindrances and move into the final stages of birthing. 


Yesterday, I released a word on the Destiny Room of heaven. As I pondered this word for the writers the Lord showed me the destiny room in heaven again. He showed me the encounters that are going to open up for the writers as He opens up and reveals the destiny room and for some in new ways. In a vision I saw the Lord taking many into this destiny room through visions, visitations and prophetic dreams and as He led them in, I saw big screens all around the walls of the room. As the writers went in one by one, He pressed play on a remote and a “trailer” began to play. It was a trailer for their manuscript, but this trailer was not how THEY saw their book, it was how HE saw their book. It showed His excitement, His vision that was so beautifully crafted and displayed within these manuscripts. It also showed what HE was going to do THROUGH the manuscripts. 

I watched as the writers wept and wept, being shown a “glimpse” of His heart contained in their manuscript and the people that were going to be saved, healed, set free, delivered, encouraged and brought to life through their writings. I watched as the writers fell at His feet weeping and out of their mouth came the words “I praise you Jesus! I praise you! It’s SO MUCH BIGGER than I imagined! It’s SO MUCH BIGGER than I ever dreamed.” 

The Lord bent down and grabbed their hands and with tear filled eyes, full of joy, full of love, His face beaming with such delight and His eyes shouting how proud He was of them, He spoke: “THANK YOU for pressing through, THANK YOU for continuing to steward the message that I have given you and lean into Me to write all I asked you to. Through the fire, through the storm, through the darkness, you did not give up. You continued to remain faithful to the assignment I gave you in this writing. I am breathing My spirit upon this manuscript and many shall come to life, come to know Me, be set free, healed and delivered by My love and My Spirit. I am going to do MORE through this manuscript than you could ever imagine. Great joy shall fill your heart as you see what I am about to do. You will see the process has been all worth it.”

I then saw manuscripts laid out on tables in this room of destiny. They were perfectly placed in frames, and I noticed the words written all along the frames. The words were purity, humility, surrender, integrity. As I looked at them instantly the atmosphere was filled with the sense that these books were framed by the purity, humility, surrender and integrity of the writers. These manuscripts were written by writers who have kept the “main thing, the main thing”. They have stayed true to the message He gave them, and their eyes have been upon Him and such deep surrender and reliance on Him, worshiping Him all the way through the process. 

I watched as Jesus walked along these tables and He had a scepter in His hand. He placed the tip of the scepter upon each manuscript and it came ALIVE with favour. As I looked at each manuscript I saw a quick glimpse of networks, doors and connections of favour that the Lord had drawn up with His hand. 

He turned to each of the writers and He spoke “Be at rest, be at peace with this manuscript. I have already decreed the exact strategic places, networks, doors that need to be opened and hands these manuscripts need to fall into. I have taken care of it all. Rest, trust Me. I am going to get My messages out far and wide. Great unprecedented, radical favour is being decreed over these manuscripts. Don’t try and strive and make anything happen. What I am going to do with these manuscripts will leave you in awe of what I can do!”

“The process of these assignments I have given you with these manuscripts has increased your anointing to write. You will see an increase in revelation, clarity and insight upon you to hear Me and for further writing assignments. You have transitioned to a whole new level. Multiple births are upon many of you and the supernatural ease and anointing I am releasing will see you write even more books than you imagined. It may not make sense in the natural and for many of you look impossible, but through the empowerment of My Spirit, you will do what you thought you could not do. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit will be your testimony!”

“Writers, this is your time!”


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  • Marissa

    I’m in the United States, writing since 2am. Then I come across your post and am filed with excitement about what Father will birth through my faithfulness to believe HIS promise through this process of writing to edify, heal, equip and encourage. Thank you for being faithful to write this. I’m presently feeling an ease as I write! He’s up to anything amazing in me and through me. May He be glorified! Amen!

  • Emma Jerry

    I receive this in the name of Jesus, I have been attacked in all kind of ways trying to finish this book, I was not able to type because I hurt my hand very weird accident, before that lady broke in apt stole laptop, printer, tried type write it started typing looks like Latin kinda scared me had to buy new type write then screws came loose I said satan not this time tightened screw, got new laptop top I was not able to hook to printer got help from office depot, had dreams one dogs chasing me only to bite hands off, than lion, next 3 animal 1with yellow&black spots guess a leper, lion and this jet black one they was roaring walking slow around me,but was not able to get close to me. I will be glad when I finish.I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR THIS

  • Beverley Estes

    I did this very thing as the LORD ask me to write a book and when I said to HIM, I do not know how to spell well, and I do not know how to make a complete sentence. HE said ” when you get through being Moses let ME know.” Point taken and I wrote what HE wanted to say from our life to gather. HE named the book “Living Life with LIFE” and told me how to sign it. Beverley Lower Estes. It is one the market from 2012.

  • Macharia

    am so encouraged by these words. I have never written a book in my life but two months ago i got this urge to write and i started; now in page 20 and have been wondering will i finish it? NOW AM SO CHARGE UP!

  • Jesh StG

    Thank you – your prophetic word comes at the right time!I have 2 manuscripts, and have been stalled , interrupted, and what have you. But He helped me get ahead with my painting, so I need to have faith for the writing.god bless Lana’s obedience?

  • IfeKristi Bankole

    This is absolutely on point. Very accurate! The exact thing God told me last night.
    God bless you Lana Vawser!

  • Jean Ricks

    Today I opened your post for the writers. About 10 years ago I was instructed by the Lord to write a book entitled “Supernatural Journey”. It has been about 8 years in the writing and is about my personal journey from receiving a vision of my future ministry to Haiti AT AGE NINE through how the Lord took me through 34 more years of LIFE, personal victories, heartaches and losses, to finally get me to that mission field. The last half of the book tells of the years in Haiti. Writing this book has been both traumatic and glorious, for I cannot write about the hard times or about the victories without crying my way through them! I am perhaps 3-4 chapters from finishing. THANK YOU for your encouragement and for being obedient to YOUR…

  • Alyssa Plock

    Lana, I am floored right now. A few hours ago, I released my manuscript for a screenplay called “My Deliverer” into the hands of filmmakers. This is the exact level of encouragement I needed. Thank you for always being willing to listen to the words God gives. – Alyssa

  • Bob

    27 years ago, the Lord indicated I was to write a book I really didn’t want to write. It has been a difficult project, and I would have been terrified if I knew in the beginning it would take this long. God has been faithful to guide me along the way, and recently, I have felt that the project is finally nearing its long awaited completion. This prophetic word encapsulates everything I have prayed over the past 27 years, encouraging me to see that the best things are yet to come.

  • Michael Williams

    BEAUTIFUL, I’m a Christian Poetry Writer, Author, Speaker. U are truly amazing!!!! My website is My vision is to see my books WORLD- WIDE!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! He has Blessed me with the ability to write His Word in Poetry Form. Please check out my website. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! AMEN

  • dorissavanover

    Just as I started writing a collection of blessings, the words, BIGGER THAN YOU KNOW, were ushered into my heart. When I saw the same words in your prophecy that the Lord gave to me as I walked the journey of documenting blessings as they came, I was so grateful for the confirmation. That was only one of the confirmations, too. I am, as always, amazed at how great and kind our God is!
    Have blessings today, and please continue sharing.