Prophetic Words


This is a specific word for those that have had an encounter with the Lord and heard Him specifically speak to them that they are called to MOBILISE in this hour.
MOBILISE: prepare and organize (troops) for active service.
SYNONYMNS: rally, deploy, muster, rally, call to arms, call up, summon, assemble, make ready, prepare, ready (Google)
The Lord showed me that MANY who the Lord has called to MOBILISE in this hour are facing some intense opposition. The Lord showed me specifically that there is a demonic assignment against many of you right now to stop you from moving in the anointing that the Lord has placed upon you in this hour to MOBILISE others and the reason the opposition and attack is so strong is because many of you as you step into this place of increase in the MOBILISATION of others the Holy Spirit is birthing a MOVEMENT through you and your life.
Many of you right now are in the birthing position with the Holy Spirit and He is birthing a new MOVEMENT through you. There will be a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will take place through your life as you move in the anointing to MOBILISE that the Lord is calling you to move in, but it is bigger than you think.
The Lord is birthing a MOVEMENT through you that is going to GATHER people, rally people, call them to arms, assemble them, prepare them and make them ready in a way that you have NEVER seen before.
There is divine strategy and blueprints God is releasing that are very specific in the call to MOBILISE that He has spoken to you about and in the implementing of the divine strategies and blueprints He is releasing, a MOVEMENT will begin that is going to impact NATIONS and the earth. Nations will come to you (Isaiah 60)
The Lord has been training many of you for this hour. The warfare has been relentless because of the MOVEMENT that is being birthed through you. This demonic assignment is to silence you. It is to stop you. There is a spirit of witchcraft trying to shut you down. Take authority over this demonic assignment. It’s coming against your MOVEMENT in the spirit in the sense of ‘taking ground’ and it’s coming against the MOVEMENT the Lord is birthing through you in the earth that is KEY for the end time harvest.
Don’t stop, don’t retreat! Don’t give into the ‘feelings’ and the heaviness, confusion, dread, fear and anxiety that is coming at you, but get FEROCIOUS in your faith to obey the Lord and continue to build in the way He’s asking you to build. Continue to ask for wisdom (James 1:5). Don’t let others shut down your vision. Don’t change your vision because of naysayers. Don’t water down your passion or your message because of mockers. Stand tall in obedience to leading of the Holy Spirit. Favour will fall upon your obedience. Stand tall in confidence in what God has spoken, what He has shown you and begin to partner with Him in the mobilising. Major provision is coming for many of you in the mobilising assignment over your life.
It’s time to arise in greater ways in this anointing upon your life to mobilise. Don’t be afraid. A birthing is taking place, and it’s bigger than you have ever imagined. It’s the birthing of a MOVEMENT.

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  • Delaine Laney

    My God what confirmation! I was in a private meeting earlier today releasing the same core word! Blessings to you and your team. Chaplain Delaine

  • Wendy

    Wow! Thank you Lana! This very thing was on my mind this morning. It feels like the pregnancy has been long and the weight difficult to keep carrying. Holy Spirit reminded me of Isaiah 66:9 – But You do not bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery. Praising God for His kind confirmation. Blessings to you and your family!