Prophetic Words


Over the last few weeks I have been hearing the Lord speaking about ‘redefinition’.
REDEFINITION: the action or process of defining something again or differently.
SYNONYMNS: reconsider., reformulate, reevaluate, reinvent,
rename, rethink, revisit, specify (Google)
There is a redefinition that is taking place by the hand of the Lord right now. He is redefining some things, He is defining some new things and He is moving His people into things that look different to what has been and what was.
I heard the Lord say “Do not miss the redefinition”. It is really important right now to be listening to what the Spirit of God is saying and the definition and redefinition that is taking place by His Spirit.
I heard the Lord say: “I am DEFINING and REDEFINING the season”
The Lord has been speaking for years about Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” We are in this place now where God is doing a new thing, we are in a new era.
In the defining and redefining by the Spirit of God taking place right now, it requires a yielding, the yielding of the flesh, the yielding of mindsets, opinions, agendas, but I saw in this defining and redefining taking place there is such a weightiness of His presence, there is such life that will be found in allowing HIM to shape the season.
I have been hearing the Lord speaking over the body of Christ “KNOW YOUR SEASON”. It is so important that like the sons of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32) we know the times and the seasons and carry the knowledge from the Lord of what to do in the season.
Don’t fight against the season by attempting to cling to what was, or what is comfortable because of fear or insecurity. Take the hand of the Lord and trust Him, for those that yield, embrace and obey, there is a glorious new day rising. The fruitfulness and anointing on this time of defining and redefining when embraced by His yielded people, will truly be like no other we have experienced.
Things are changing and things are changing rapidly and the Lord is calling His people near, close, into that place of humility and surrender to hear the what the Spirit is saying in the DEFINING and REDEFINING.
He is shifting things and changing things in a way that is so significant, so deep, and so unexpected in some ways, but those who hear, those who obey, those who embrace the defining and redefining are going to see a move of God that is unprecedented.
The clarity and confirmation God is and will continue to release is and will be astounding. The new wineskins are upon us and the new wine is glorious. It requires the embracing of the unexpected, walking in deep union and obedience to His specifications and watch His glory manifest.