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By Lana Vawser 

There is a great positioning of women happening in this season. The Lord showed me that there is a significant increase of the governmental influence upon women in the body of Christ. This strategic positioning of women by the hand of the Lord is unlike anything that has ever been seen in seasons past. 


There is a sudden transition happening in the body of Christ right now, where the Holy Spirit is doing a swift work amongst women. He is raising up and positioning women in ways that we have not seen in such a corporate way before in the body of Christ.


The Lord showed me He is breaking the shackles off women. He is breaking the chains. He is healing their hearts. He is restoring their souls. There is a sweeping of the Holy Spirit happening in the hearts and souls of women as they are leaning into Him in this season, unlike what they have experienced before. This healing, and restoration the Lord is doing is happening at an accelerated pace because He is “making them ready” for what they are about to step into next. There are significant destiny doors and destiny steps before women in the body of Christ right now. The Lord has been working within their hearts and souls for a long time, rearranging and restoring, but we have entered a season now, where the Lord is uprooting and rebuilding in acceleration. Things that have been issues, curses, chains and strongholds for generations that women have been crying out to be free of now SUDDENLY falling to the ground right now, in this season. There is a corporate move of the Holy Spirit happening right now amongst women, where we are seeing a FREEDOM come to women on a scale we haven’t seen before. The Lord is awakening identity and revelation of who He is, and who they are (identity) and their destiny in significant ways right now.


Often when the Lord has spoken to me about what He is doing amongst women in the body of Christ, He has always highlighted Kathryn Kuhlman to me. Today as I sat with Him, and He shared His heart with me, again He highlighted Kathryn Kuhlman. The Lord highlights Kathryn’s life to me often because of her surrender and intimacy with Jesus. Her intimacy with the Holy Spirit, her sensitivity to His leading and the amazing signs and wonders that flowed from her life of surrender, sensitivity and dependence upon Him. 


Today, the Lord highlighted her to me again, but this time, He spoke the word “PURITY”. The purity that Kathryn carried, her purity of heart in seeking the Lord, in not taking glory for herself. The way she stewarded the anointing and the call the Lord had placed upon her life with such purity. The way she stewarded the favour the Lord gave to her, with such purity. The way she lived her life in such purity, such devotion to Jesus. Such delight in Him.

As the Lord was highlighting Kathryn to me and the PURITY of her heart and that she carried, I instantly saw Queen Esther and the sceptre of favour being extended to her. The Lord then spoke to me that there is a significant increase of governmental influence, favour and awakening of authority being released right now in the body of Christ, especially over women. 


The Lord was showing me that there is another threshold being crossed over right now in the spirit. He is transitioning and moving many women into realms of influence, favour and positions they have not been in before. There is a significant increase taking place right now and there is sudden catapulting taking place positioning women for greater manifestation of their destinies.

As I saw this taking place, this positioning, this increase of influence and favour, I saw “snares and lures” coming towards many women. The Lord then spoke to me that in this increase of positioning, influence and favour by His hand that there is a warning from His heart to stay deep in the secret place. As the opportunities come, as the doors open, as the favour increases, as the promotion manifests, do not allow complacency in seeking Him and being in the secret place to enter in. 


For the Lord showed me a specific ATTACK ON PURITY. The enemy is attempting and will try to set up “snares and lures” to bring compromise or mixture, attempting to attack and hinder the purity being carried. The purity of heart to be compromised. The purity of motive, integrity and humility. The lure to run ahead of the Lord, to entertain things not of the Lord, to move in areas or ways He is not leading. This warning was not to bring fear, but an invitation from the Lord for women as the favour, increase and influence extends, to continue to press deeper into the secret place. To be seeking Him for every opportunity, every door, every step, not out of fear, but sensitivity and surrender to where He is leading. For the enemy was setting up ‘situations’ to attempt to cause a hindrance, delay, and attempt to abort what the Lord was doing in and through them. Their safety and hiddenness was found in their intimacy with Jesus. Their secret place, living in His shadow, living deeper in the garden of intimacy with their Beloved, that was their safe place. (Psalm 91:10)


As the sceptre was extended and the favour, influence and positioning was increasing, as women leaned in more and more to Him, as they pressed deeper into the secret place, I saw them living in a place of continual fire, it was the FIRE OF HIS LOVE. In that place they were protected. In that place of the fire of His love, the fire of His Holy Spirit, He was continually cleansing and purifying and the enemy could not find any entry point. Where the enemy was attempting to abort what God was doing and releasing them into, where the enemy was attempting to attack the purity their carried and the increase of favour, his attempts were falling to the ground and they were being strengthened and thriving in the increase of favour in these next steps of destiny the Lord was releasing, because they were CLOSE and living DEEP in the secret place.


The Lord spoke that in the increase of promotion, favour and influence, the attack upon purity was all to do about their HEARTS first and then the manifestation of their destiny. The Lord spoke to me that if the enemy can find a landing pad in hearts, to lure and start a compromise, a mixture, a luring in the heart that is not dealt with or is entertained, then he would be able to hinder or delay the next steps forward, that’s why the living deeply in the secret place in this increase was SO imperative.  Stay DEEP in the Word of God in this rapid increase and favour was IMPERATIVE.

Psalm 24:3-6 then rang loudly in my ears:

“Who, then, ascends into the presence of the Lord? Those who are clean – whose works and ways are pure, whose hearts are true and sealed by truth, those who never deceive, whose words are sure. They will receive the Lord’s blessing and righteousness given by the Savior-God. They will stand before God, for they seek the pleasure of God’s face, the God of Jacob.” (The Passion Translation)


I then saw the Lord commanding an increase of angels to minister and protect with these women who were transitioning into a greater level of increase, influence and favour. 

Psalm 91:11-13 surrounded me

“God sends angels with special orders to protect you wherever you go, defending you from all harm. If you walk into a trap, they’ll be there for you and keep you from stumbling. You will even walk unharmed amongst the fiercest powers of darkness, trampling every one of them beneath your feet.”

And I heard the Lord say..

“Do not be afraid! Greater are those who are with you, than those that are against you” (2 Kings 6:16) 

Angelic armies are surrounding women right now as the Lord is raising them up and positioning them. As He is extending the sceptre of favour, and they are moving into their next step of destiny as the Esther’s the Lord has called them to. But purity must be guarded in this increase and promotion. As the favour increases, as the influence extends, as the positioning happens by the hand of the Lord, there must be an INTENTIONALITY to press deeper into the secret place and guard the purity of heart and stewardship of what He has given them, by staying close to Him.


As Esther was positioned for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14), she was moving in the strategy of heaven. The Lord is raising up women right now that are carrying the STRATEGY OF HEAVEN and it may look completely different to what you expect or is expected but upon the STRATEGIES they are carrying is a BREAKER ANOINTING to release the TIPPING POINT of breakthrough upon people, cities, regions and nations. The Lord is going to increase the heavenly strategy more and more in this season especially through prophetic dreams. Women of God, be sure to steward these strategies with purity, obedience and integrity, even if it’s a strategy completely out of your box. Follow His leading and prompting in this season of increase and promotion upon you. Do not allow compromise to enter the ‘strategy’ He has given you, but move forward in obedience and KNOW that the breaker anointing that will be manifested TO YOU and THROUGH YOU will bring a greater SHIFT and CHANGE than you could ever imagine. 


The destiny breakthrough and Esther anointing upon women right now is being released on a scale that has not been seen before. The shifts, breakthroughs and impact that will be had by the Lord through the lives of these laid down lovers, these women of God who have stepped up and said YES to the Lord, these women who live their lives in purity and surrender before Him. These women who are living fully awake in Him as they cultivate deep intimacy with Him, living in such deep sensitivity to His Spirit and His heart, and standing as warriors in the awakening of their authority in Him, their roars RESTORED, are going to be CATALYTIC in the move of God across the earth.

Women of God, you are arising! It’s your time! The Glory of the Lord is rising upon you, you are taking your place! As He extends favour, increases influence and position so His Kingdom is extended and Glory seen, stay deep in the secret place. There you will be protected and thrive in your destiny season of favour, increase and change.


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  • Susan M

    Thank You, King Jesus, MORE of you, less of me, MORE trust in You, MORE of Your beautiful presence surrounding…we wait on You. Praise the Lord!! Alleluia!
    Shalom and blessings rich & abounding be yours continually, precious listening warrior, Lana…may you be enriches as you have enriched so many in His Kingdom.

  • David Wallace

    Thank you for your discussion of women and their purity in your 4/18 message. I appreciated you comments regarding Kathryn Kuhlman and her influence.
    Another American woman of purity in her love of Jesus is Ellen White and her book, The Desire of Ages on the life of Jesus. She was a 19th Century woman that lived until 1915.
    Many blessings on your ministry and sharing with so many of us.

  • Michelle Winder

    I RECEIVE THIS and your LAST PROPHESY, ‘Prophets of His Heart…’
    Lana, you are such an awesome encourager and bringer of truth. THANK YOU! Your obedience in sharing is prompting us to change the world!!

  • mark james

    In Scripture woman are the vessel that the Spirit dwells in as the Lord is that Spirit where woman represent the soul as the man represents the Spirit and yet we know that in the Fullness of His Perfection we are ONE New Creature without what we now see in this world as divisions being male and female Jew and gentile and on and on. However if while we are in this world but “NOT” of it you would like to “See” what the Enlightened Glorified Soul looks like then Open the Bible to a very very Spiritual book of Judith as she takes you on our Spiritual Journey in Christ to Maturity of the soul to Her Perfection in the Lord who is the Spirit. Also One other woman born in the 16 hundreds named Jane Leade she was a very Holy Woman “Spiritual”…

  • susan cheli

    just this morning, in our quiet place, i was consecrating myself again to Him. there is only yes and amen…be it unto me according to Your Word, Father, Jesus. i feel the protection of the angels, the encouragement of the great cloud of witnesses, that i live in the shelter of the Most High…..He surrounds me like a Shield. i move and breathe in the quiet place….alone with Him. surely goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life and i shall live in the house of the Lord forever. every day, i am one day closer to convergence. it is such an honor to be alive at this juncture in history. my cup runneth over. it’s like living in the eye of a hurricane….everywhere i go, i’m in the quiet place…i am the quiet place.

  • Alta Freeman

    Blessings W.O.G.
    Sometimes I read your words of encouragement and they just blow me away with conformation and joy so much so that I save them in a special place in my computer.
    I want to say thank you so much;

  • Catherine marchildon

    Lana i was so blessed wrote my comnents on friends of Katt Kerr. Is there anyway i can share this. Its mindblowing and so confirning. Its incredible i receive receive receive. The warning part i fekk into every trap snare you name it to my shame. Been long nine years. Jesus never let me go. Thank God for second chances. An angel came yrs ago gave me scroll to eat bitter sweet. Then i wanted to start grabbing chairs wake up wake up wake up. A shaking is coming. Guess what i was the 1st to go. Its been quite. A process to lose all to gain all. Isaiah 60 and 61 i hang unto and confess. It was already decidedlong ago what each person would be . so there is no use arguing with God about your destiny. Everyday im awakening more and more. CanIPos

  • Karen Spence

    Praise God. Thank you Lana for you’re incredible message to us as women. Often we are the “glue” that holds our families together. Standing in the gap for our husbands and children, our friends and neighbours, our co-workers and even nations. God is so faithful. Catherine Marchildon I too can relate as I have been in the wilderness for years as well. But God!! He is faithful and will never let us go. Ever. He is so gracious and loving. I thank Him everyday for His unfathomable grace and mercy. I love Jesus so much. I long for His presence, to go deep into the secret place and just rest there. Lately it seems the harder I press in to Him the more resistance I seem to encounter. So, Thank you Lana for your encouraging and powerful…

  • Crissy

    The name Katherine means pure. I am musing over your posts about Kathryn and Joseph at the moment. Thanks for sharing.