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By Lana Vawser 


There is a spirit of accusation raging right now. Keep standing in truth! Keep declaring what He is declaring! There is a shift taking place! God is exposing lies and false accusations and revealing truth. Whispers of accusations are falling to the ground as He makes His TRUTH LOUD! There is a vindication of the Lord breaking through the clouds. Stand still and stand strong, the Lord is fighting for you! The voice of accusation is rising up right before promotion and breakthrough!


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  • Charlene from Tennessee

    FRESH, PURE TRUTH right on the moment, thank you!!! And right on the heels of “significant increase of favour, positioning, and influence upon women of God by the hand of God….THANK YOU!!

  • heartpeace

    Thank You my Lord,thank You ??? I am targeted and watched, as a prey by my accusers. You have placed me here & he is roaring, with merciless threats…I lift my hands to You in utter praise & thanksgiving, my God, my Deliverer. I hold fast to the faith I profess, for He who promised is…faithful….Requesting prayer for S… the Lord give her His peace about me &that she will not fret & be persuaded away into lies. PTL, worthy of praise ????

  • Mary

    This is so true, that is what I have been seeing and what is happening right now.we need to have greater discernment.

  • mark james

    Absolutely and no question that much of it is All coming from the Religious Right Wing as if they have a corner on the Revelation of Christ and what God is doing in His Chosen Earthen Vessels Today that just mat offend them. We apologize to no one as we Proclaim Gods Message to All nations and peoples everywhere that it’s time to throw in your towel “REPENT” to See if God Pours out the Spirit of Jesus into their souls so they can See the Present Glory being Revealed Amen!