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As I sat with the Lord over the past few days He showed me a particular issue that He is raising in many hearts in this season, and it was the issue of offense. He was showing me many struggling in heart over the “questions” that haven’t been answered. The questions of this season that have been birthed out of a ‘long wait’ and ‘not understanding’. Out of disappointment and unmet expectations. The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully revealing offense that has crept into many hearts towards Him and towards others. I felt the heart of a good Father moving in love, exposing hearts, to bring healing and to teach His people how to live unoffendable. How to live in greater depths of revelation of His love and greater trust in Him and His timing.
I felt the Lord saying that in this season we as His people are to echo the prayer of David in Psalm 139:23-24
“God, I invite Your searching gaze into my heart, examine me, find out everything that may be hidden within me. Put me to the test, and sift through all my anxious cares. See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on, and lead me back to Your glorious, everlasting ways – The Path that brings me back to You” (The Passion Translation)
I believe the Lord is asking for our “permission” for His searching gaze to examine our hearts, to test us and sift through our hearts and anxious cares and deliver us from any paths we are walking on. The Lord is not asking us to be “navel gazers” or to become “introspective’ but I believe the Lord is looking for the permission for Him to go deeper into our hearts in this season to bring out anything that’s in there that is not leading us in His everlasting ways. He is purging and sifting to bring the best, unique, beautiful, healed, whole you FORWARD to step into your next DIVINE OPPORTUNITY.
The Lord showed me that offense is hindering many. It’s hindering many from the DIVINE OPPORTUNITY that’s waiting for them on the other side of the offense. There is a miracle waiting on the other side of the offense.
The Lord is not revealing the issue of offense to bring condemnation or shame, this is not of the Lord. The Lord is revealing it because He wants to LEAD YOU in healing. He wants to teach you to live unoffendable. “To be easily offended is immature love”. (Danny Silk) The Lord is taking His people DEEPER into the revelation of His love.
He wants to show you at a deeper level what a GOOD FATHER He is even when things are going on that you don’t understand. He is not angry at you for struggling with offense, He wants to wrap His arms around you, and walk with you and bring you to the place of letting go.
Bill Johnson says: “Offense is sometimes the invitation from God for the very breakthrough you have been crying out for… Want to know how to keep an offence? Just rehearse what went wrong. Want to know why an offense hurt so much? Because you replayed it over and over in your head.”
The Lord is positioning His people as they give Him their YES IN the offense and not let the offense they are feeling to stop them from pressing deeper into Him. The Lord is going to encounter His people and BREAK the spirit of offense that has kept many bound and many will see SUDDEN openings of new DIVINE OPPORTUNITIES.
God will sometimes offend our minds to reveal our hearts (Bill Johnson) and to bring transformation, healing and a change of thinking.
John Wimber said “When God offends our minds he knows that the righteous will patiently seek him for understanding regarding the circumstances that created the offense. “
Don’t let offense stop you. Allow Him to embrace you, soothe you, as you move forward in repentance, great freedom awaits you. Offense is hindering clarity, it’s affecting decision making, it’s producing fruit in your life that is not God’s heart for you. The enemy is looking for areas of offense in the hearts of God’s people to bring a ‘disconnect’, to bring you to a place of withdrawal, a place of “sitting on the fence” when the Lord has declared a divine breakthrough, shift and ‘taking new territory’ over you in this season and offense has become the block, the hurdle you must jump over to get to it.
He will set you free and bring healing to you, give Him your YES to help you deal with it and bring restoration to you. There is a great move of His Spirit happening right now in the body of Christ, where the Lord is restoring purity. Be encouraged, if issues of the heart are coming up, it’s for you to be healed, and move into your next divine opportunity.
Don’t allow the enemy to condemn you in offense, offer the Lord your YES to examine, test and try your heart and watch and see what He is going to do. Watch the healing, restoration, breakthrough and freedom blossom. Watch how He is going to position you into your next DIVINE OPPORTUNITY and you will look back and see that offense was attempting to keep you from this very next divine opportunity before you.


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  • Judy

    Naomi was so offended and bitter that she went and tried to change her name to ‘Mara’
    Yet God could still work in her life and got her to where she need to be.
    So I wouldn’t worry to much about being condemned if you have a small offense. In fact most Christians need more boundaries, (see Dr. townsend) so they can stop being doormats!
    If Fact Prov 14:17 says “the one who devises evil schemes is hated.” So there are gonna be people that you are gonna hate.
    God cant work around that.

  • Lidia

    Yes Lord and Father God; I say yes to You now, Lord please examine me deep within, Lord God I do want to extend forgiveness, and forget what they did to me, Lord I want to be set free from this memories that causes me go backwards every so often; Lord I need Your help to forgive and forget, and move on, in Your plan, will and purpose for my life, test me Lord and show me my weakness, try my heart, and help me to be an overcomer, I know things are not as desired, and I would like to see a dramatic and radical change for the good; Lord God I want to do what is good and pleases You, Lord please help me, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!!! Thank You Lord God for this word…

  • Marilee

    It is never My desire for you to get to the place of fainting. When there is nothing left to do but stand, you must stand (Ephesians 6:13-14). To be able to do this is the result of peace birthed from a thankful heart. When you refuse to be thankful or even if you simply ignore opportunities to do so, depression and hopelessness can come in. How can you pray in faith from a position of hopelessness? It is impossible. You see, depending on other things or people outside of Me are like having an idol. Idols are incapable of mercy and loving-kindness. They are deceptive and exalt your own ways of being and doing.
    Once again, you must remember, to give a sacrifice of praise in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds is the greatest gift of faith you can give. Giving thanks in the impossible situations of life make way for My delivering hand to work. There is only room for one hand to work. Sometimes I step aside and I let you try but it will be to no avail. Save time and heartache. Do it My way.
    journals of the

  • Rae Graber

    On Sunday I was reading John and this verse stood out to me: “From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more.” What caused it to really stand out to me was its address: John 6:66. 666, the anti-spirit is definitely a spirit of offense. Just prior to this Jesus had spoken to His disciples about eating His flesh and drinking His blood and they could not wrap their peanut brains around it so they got really offended, so much so that many could not go any further with Him. But when Jesus asked the twelve disciples if they too were offended, Peter said, “We’ve got no where else to go. You have the words of life.” In other words, even if they did not understand what He was saying, they were going to keep following Him anyway. There are great rewards if we will jump over the hurdle of offense and persevere in following even when we do not understand what God is doing or where He is leading us.

  • Steven from Dallas, TX

    Offense and Rejection have left me hurt, angry, and bitter. The Lord has been strongly revealing the past pains that have held me back from walking in my divine purpose. I was sharing this with my wife this afternoon and then saw this post! Confirmation. I have noticed, as I have intentionally walked in forgiveness towards my perceived past offenders, and prayed for them to be blessed, and be quick to forgive those that may criticize or otherwise offend me now, that I am seeing such unity in my relationships, prayers answered, and more divine opportunity. Thank you for your anointed ministry and thank You Lord for being my comforter and counselor.