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By Lana Vawser

I felt the Lord saying “The weather forecast has changed – it is rain, rain, rain!!” 

I kept thinking of the story in 1 Kings 18:45, where Elijah says to his servant, “Can you hear the sound of rain?” 

Elijah’s servant checks 7 times for rain at Elijah’s instruction. On the seventh time, he sees the cloud the size of a man’s hand rising out of the sea. 

The Lord has been declaring breakthrough is coming, He has been declaring “can you hear the sound of rain?”, and He is now declaring the weather forecast has changed – it is rain, rain, rain! 

Many have been wondering when the darkness will shift, when the pressure will ease, when the shift will begin. 

The shift has begun! The decree has been made and here comes the rain! 

All the seeds you have sowed, all the prayers, declarations, steps of obedience, sacrifice, and the positioning of your seeds has not been for nothing. The rain of His Spirit is falling upon the seeds you have planted and bursting forth are the first fruits of breakthrough! 

The rain of the Holy Spirit is not only bringing breakthrough, but rejuvenation, refreshing, awakening, healing, strengthening and increasing. 

Don’t listen to the ‘weather forecast’ of the enemy, that dark skies remain and you’re not moving. It’s a lie! God is moving and breakthrough is breaking out! The sun is shining and it is starting to RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! 

As His rain falls upon you, EVERYTHING will change. As His rain falls upon you, JOY will be restored. As His rain falls upon you, mud and scales that have been on eyes will fall off. As His rain falls upon you, broken hearts will be healed. As His rain falls upon you, fear and dread will melt away and the soothing, life giving, refreshing touch of His love will bring you back to life. 

The enemy is screaming his weather forecast but it is a lie! The sun is breaking through the clouds and it’s starting to rain!! His rain is going to increase and continue to increase! It’s not a few drops, it is a DOWNPOUR! 

The rain of His Spirit, the DOWNPOUR that’s coming will shift and catapult you into a COMPLETELY NEW PLACE in Him, where breakthrough will abound ALL AROUND! Life, life, life! 

You haven’t been sowing and contending for nothing! Your seeds are in position and the rain of His Spirit is bringing those seeds to life!!!!! 

Here it is, the cloud the size of a man’s hand rising out of the sea, ushering in the greatest downpour of His rain you have EVER seen! 

This DOWNPOUR will not only affect you, but your family, your friends, your cities and your nation. What God is doing is BIGGER than you could imagine! The rain is falling accompanied with the WINDS OF CHANGE! 

No need for umbrellas, get your Holy Ghost gumboots on, because you are going to be dancing in the rain of His Spirit with pure joy and peace like a child. You are going to dance in the rain with a loud song of victory!!! 


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  • Elmarie Richards

    Yes!!! I can hear the rain, smell it, feel it and am getting sopping wet! Amos 9:13-15 I degree and declare it, in Jesus Name!

  • Robin Aveni

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this word. This word is an answer to my prayer today for encouragement from the Lord. I am SO weary in the battle and this timely word strengthens my heart. God bless you for your faithfulness to share what God gives you.

  • Robear

    Hallelujah !!! Thank you Father for the downpouring of Rain, Rain, Rain,
    Coming upon me. I welcome it in an abundance of excitment with
    anticipation of all you have indeed spoken to me in the latter end.
    Breakthrough, is here for me. I decree it in Jesus name , Hallelujah !
    I am dancing in the Rain, songs of Victory, deliverance is here for me.
    Thnk you awesome Father for the Downpour of Rain, this is so good.
    I hear the sound of Rain, Yes Lord, I hear the sounds of abundance.

  • Cheryl

    Oh Lord, bring the RAIN, the breakthrough……I can’t wait!!! To God be the Glory! I am so READY!!!! Prepare us to receive! AMEN!!!

  • Earle Moreland

    lana, you said….”This DOWNPOUR will not only affect you, but your family, your friends, your cities and your nation. What God is doing is BIGGER than you could imagine!”. Taking your words at face value, it sounds like your prophesy is for everyone in the whole United States in the form of a nationwide revival. Is that what you are prophesying? Are there any conditions on who this applies to? Is this something that’s imminent, or will it happen someday 5,10 or 100 years from now? If there are no conditions or time period, then it’s likely that any prophesy will eventually come true for someone, sometime.

  • Rhoda

    Beautiful sis! I love you ! When God keeps His loving promises I’m gonna bless your gumboots off! ☺?

  • Natascha Wagner

    Oh hallelujah, thank You Lord! How I need this! I receive it, and proclaim this over my life in Jesus’ Name!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Read, “a cloud the size of a man’s hand” and was surprised what I saw: a ‘sound cloud’ is the size of a man’s hand too!? In my heart I know that sound clouds exist, and somehow in God’s hand oh oh oh……Rain, rain, rain, torrents of rain!!!

  • mark james

    As I was listening here to the Still quiet voice of our Lord I could Hear Him say that those False Prophets had to be exposed first as brought into the Light for being spokesman for the Flesh and NOT the Spirit of the Living God as they offer polluted external works to the Lord but it is that Baal god they are still in Worship of and “NOT” the Lord who is the Spirit Amen. It’s ALL about the Works of their hands as opposed to the Finished Work of Ones own Cross to bear and Carry Over to the True Worshipers of our God. Elijah’s offering was established on the Altar where that Jezebel spirit was at work as it types OUT the souls Altar as each soul “MUST” be given upward to our Lord to acquire Her deliverance as the Story here types it…

  • Blessing Boston

    Thank you sis Lana, for the “communikay” from ABBA! Bless you abundantly in ALL things!
    FATHER, YOU have made me glad, YOU have made me glad and at the news of YOUR IMMINENT, upon me Help, I burst into singing and dancing, when I had not yet read the entirety of YOUR GOOD NEWS! YOU are my Faithful ABBA, ever within, never leaving or forsaking me! I Love YOU, because YOU first LOVED me ?!
    ABBA’s Daughter,
    Blessing Boston

  • Donna zang

    I love what the Holy Spirit does through you. You are right on with theses words thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and using the gifting he has given you.

  • ana

    May the rains fall on me. May the winds of change take me away to my new land, to my destiny. May it rain. Lord please let it rain on your children who sowed in tears and great expectations.

  • Susan M

    The long-awaited sun (Son) showers of the Spirit!! Alleluia!! Thank You, Jesus!! Thank you, dear Lana and the blessings of the Lord that maketh rich in every way…overflow you… Shalom…

  • Lakendra

    Prior to this post, I had been literally hearing the sound of rain. Each time my husband assured me that it was not raining outside…and of course it wasn’t. Puzzled, I just let it go…yet the sound did not stop. A few days later, I was led to a song entitled “Send the Rain” and the song addressed the rain being a necessity for the Harvest. Right after the song, I was drawn to Lana’s blog and this was the post. While reading the post, it wasn’t until the Lord asks, “Can you hear the sound of rain?” that it really dawned on me that I had in fact been hearing the sound of the heavenly rain. I do not know in detail what the Lord is doing but I KNOW that I too heard the sound of rain!! Thank you Lana for sharing this.