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By Lana Vawser
I had a dream recently where the Lord showed me three things. I saw the name “Jeremiah” which I knew was representing the prophet Jeremiah. I then saw an almond branch and it was and followed soon after was a HUGE juicy, sweet, ripe peach. As I was waking the Lord began to speak to me.
“The word of the Lord came to me:
“What do you see, Jeremiah?” I see the branch of an almond tree,” I replied. The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my Word is fulfilled.” (Jeremiah 1:11-12 MSG Translation)
The Lord began speaking to me that this is the season of harvest and fruitfulness, that He is the Lord of the harvest and the breakthrough and fruitfulness is beginning to burst forth in the body of Christ.
Those dry, dead places are supernaturally beginning to blossom, the people of God are beginning to taste their breakthrough, the fruitfulness of the Word that the Lord released into their lives, and He has been watching over it to perform it.
The Lord spoke to me pay attention to the question the Lord asked Jeremiah in chapter 1:11-12.
The Lord said to Jeremiah: “What do you see, Jeremiah?”
The Lord was highlighting to Jeremiah to ‘see with the eyes of the spirit’, to see the heavenly perspective. To SEE as HE sees!
Instantly, the Lord takes me back to the dream of the PEACH and I see many were beginning to eat of their peaches. Fruitfulness, blessing, joy, peace, thankfulness, harvest and as they began to eat they were then surprised by the “hard stone” in the middle. I saw many looking at this “hard thing” in the middle of their harvest, their breakthrough, their blessing, and they became discouraged by what was in the middle of their ‘peach’ and ‘breakthrough’.
I saw many looking at this “hard stone” in the middle of the peach and they were asking “what in the world do I do with this? This hard thing in the middle of my breakthrough and blessing is “taking up room” in my breakthrough… if it wasn’t there, then I could eat this with ease and not have to learn to eat AROUND this hard thing.”
The Lord says to me “It’s about perception! It’s all about perception” the sense surrounds me then that they don’t perceive this “hard stone” to be what it REALLY is.
They don’t perceive it as a SEED! They are perceiving it to be something “in the way of part of their harvest and fruitfulness and breakthrough”.
He then spoke again “The very hardship that has arisen in the middle of this harvest season, in the middle of the breakthrough, is the SEED for the next level of breakthrough, increase and fruitfulness.
My people are beginning to eat the blessings the fruitfulness of My Word that I have been watching over to perform and IN this blessing and harvest is their seed for ANOTHER level of blessing, increase and fruitfulness.”
God is calling His people up higher to have EYES TO SEE! He is shifting perspective. Many of you are standing in the middle of your harvest, many of you are standing in the middle of the Word of the Lord beginning to blossom, the almond branches blossoming and the peaches beginning to be seen, yet as you are eating, biting into the peaches, you are finding yet “another hard thing”, “another challenge”, something else that you perceive is in the way of your breakthrough and being able to eat ALL He is giving you.
The truth is, the hardship, the challenge, the hard stone you are wrestling with in the middle of your breakthrough, is the very SEED that the Lord wants you to know is the seed for the next level of breakthrough, increase, blessing and fruitfulness.
The challenge you are facing in the middle of the blessings and harvest, isn’t taking away from your breakthrough. It isn’t taking away from your blessing. It isn’t taking away from your fruitfulness, it is actually the SEED for your next level of breakthrough, increase, blessing, fruitfulness and abundance.
He isn’t just setting you up for a “one time” breakthrough, He is setting you up to soar, to fly, and to live in a realm of momentum of breakthrough, fruitfulness and harvest.
What you are walking through is positioning you with greater seed for greater increase, harvest, fruitfulness and blessing.
Keep sowing your faith by agreeing with what He is saying!!
The KEY IS “What do YOU SEE?”
He is taking you deeper in intimacy, to SEE AS HE SEES!
How are you perceiving the challenge you are facing?
With eyes that SEES the natural? or with eyes of the Spirit that SEES THE SEEDS?
Peaches, Peaches, Peaches are exploding EVERYWHERE!
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  • Ian Douglas

    I just received 41. [New post] blogs emails one after the other from LANA VAWSER website, I started reading them, and I thought immediately this was no accident that all of these posts suddenly poured into our email Accounts. I sensed God was saying something in this. As I looked at these NEW POSTS , I sensed God say that He is bringing all these words to pass. He is bringing all these to pass. HE wants you to know that all these POSTS are coming to pass. NOW is the TIME . God is just so amazing, These posts have been brought into Rememberence before the Lord, He opened Lana’s Book, and said Behold ALL THINGS ARE NEW . I will do it, Watch and See……. PRAISE GOD. , PRAISE JESUS THANK YOU PAPA IN HEAVEN

  • Thomas Nodoubt

    Beautiful picture on your site of His bride. And He has been speaking so much lately about His bride and it’s almost like He is beginning to get excited about His wedding!?! I can almost hear His voice speaking through you and Lydia and Pam and so many others as He talks about our upcoming wedding. Z3’ers are waking up and waking up others through His spirit He has so freely given to us. I look forward to reading what MY Groom has to say to us through you daily.