Prophetic Words


Last week the Lord spoke to me during the night about the level of warfare that many have been facing in the last few months. I could feel many were weary,and many had really felt the pressure of the warfare. There were many that were feeling like the assault was going to ‘take them out’. Many were feeling the intensity of the ‘pushback’ that the enemy had been bringing, but were also recognising the sounds of the imminent breaking through of the Spirit of God.

I then heard the Lord speaking:

“There is a whole new land of operation with Me before you. You are not dying and being taken out by these attacks, you are coming up higher and coming in deeper in Me.”

Then suddenly I had a vision and I saw the pressure of the attack, and for many, it was on ‘every side’. For others, the pressure of the attack felt suffocating; but even though I could feel and see the intensity of the attack in this vision, my spirit was almost leaping with excitement at the move of the Holy Spirit. It was so clear to me that the enemy was pushing back hard because of the threshold being crossed over.

I recognised at that moment that we as God’s people had met yet another shift in the new era. We had met yet another moment where there was a threshold being crossed over and a new realm being entered into, and the enemy was attempting to prevent that crossover for many.

Before my eyes where I could see that pressure coming hard against God’s people, I saw the hand of the Lord come down, and with one large swoop, He violently moved His hand over the attack of the enemy and the attack was suddenly TURNED.

I saw this instant turning and where the attack had come hard, it turned into a birth canal. I then began to see that where there had been such intense pressure, such intense attack, the move of God’s hand had not only turned the attack on its head, but what the enemy meant for evil, the Lord was turning for good.

Suddenly I watched as God’s people were moving through this birth canal and it reminded me of an encounter I had quite a while ago where the Lord spoke to me about the new era that we have now entered. He spoke that one of the things we would see in this new era was the BIRTHING and COMING FORTH of God’s people: so awakened and walking in deeper intimacy than ever with the Lord, and walking in their authority and identity like never before.

I remember Him speaking in that moment of encounter, “I am BIRTHING YOU,” and suddenly those words flooded back to me in this vision.

At that moment I knew that this is an incredible moment of birthing. In the intense attack many have been facing, the Lord is turning it and there is a birthing happening and that birthing is YOU coming forth in greater ways in who He has created you to be. There is a great birthing of YOU that is coming forth in this hour. As I was watching God’s people moving through the birth canal I saw the words, “I AM RESETTING ALL.”

There is a re-alignment and re-positioning happening right now at an accelerated pace, where the Lord is resetting what needs to be reset and He is re-aligning and He is RESTORING ALL. There was also a very heavy emphasis in this encounter that the Lord is restoring the souls of many.

As they moved through the birth canal there was such healing and major deliverance taking place.

The words surrounded me, “You are coming forth stronger than ever,” and Song of Songs 8:5:

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?”

There is a supernatural strength that has been formed in deep dependence upon Jesus that many are stepping into as they come forth from this birth canal. I could hear the encouragement of His heart, “You are coming out stronger than ever in Me”.

The understanding then came to me in what He was speaking. Not only was there a crossing-over taking place now for many into new realms — and He is turning the attack they have endured in the past few months — but there was also a ‘coming up from the wilderness’ shift that many were stepping into.

Many have been in a wilderness time for SO long, and the Lord was speaking that there is a shift in season and it’s time to come out: and you are coming out in a place of deeper intimacy and strength in the Lord than you have yet known.

The words then surrounded me again, “You are entering a whole new land of operation with Me.”

As I asked the Lord what He was meaning, I heard the words, “Divine Makeover.” The Lord then began to show me that there is a deep, sacred move of His Spirit right now, where He is leading His people into a whole new land of operation with Him. He is changing things. He is shifting things: and there is a birthing of moves of His Spirit through His people in what they carry and what He has them put their hands to — which will be totally different to how they have operated and built with Him before.

The weight of the moment of what the Lord is birthing came upon me. There was a holy hush. It was a stillness that carried the weight of the fear of the Lord. I was so still in that moment, recognising that in this whole new land of operation, there must be a place of HOLY HUSH before the Lord to HEAR and RECEIVE the wisdom He is releasing: to KNOW how to move with Him and operate with Him in this new land and new building.

There can be no room for presumption or assumption, but there must be a deep place of surrender in Him to HEAR HOW He is moving and building and what that looks like.

Instantly I knew this was the other thing the enemy is so afraid of. He is terrified of the birthing of God’s people, coming forth as a mighty army: but he is also terrified of the birthing God is bringing forth through His people in these new and beautiful moves of His Spirit. I then saw in this vision that Jesus was giving instruction, for what He was building, to His people — to those who were in the HOLY HUSH; listening to what He is speaking, and asking for His wisdom. I was watching the Lord giving dimensions, instructions and wisdom: and these ones were building and moving according to His instruction. Some were looking nervous because they had not built this way before. It was SO new.

But He held their hand and with a smile, He spoke, “Trust Me. Follow Me. Lean on Me.”

I then saw that what was being built looked like ARKS. It reminded me of Noah’s ARK, and the Lord spoke, ‘“ARKS OF MY GLORY” are being birthed and built all across the world.’ I knew these ARKS that He was building and birthing at this moment were going to carry His Glory on a level that we have NEVER SEEN. Shekinah Glory that is not even imaginable by the human mind.

It all made sense to me in that moment, more than ever, why the enemy has been pushing so hard against so many.

God’s Glory is coming in a way we have not yet seen. He is building and birthing right now and the enemy is attempting to bring forth a stillbirth, but the Lord is bringing forth the greatest birthing we have ever seen — in and from the STILLNESS of listening to Him and following His direction in this whole new land of divine operation with Him. It’s IMPERATIVE we don’t run ahead in this hour, but we go SLOW in the STILLNESS with Him to HEAR what He is saying and His wisdom on how He is building and birthing.

The King of Glory is coming. (Psalm 24.) We haven’t seen anything yet compared to what is coming: but He’s coming and the weight of His Glory that we will see and experience is UNPRECEDENTED.

It’s time to be ready!