Prophetic Words


Recently as I sat with the Lord, I heard the Lord say, “I have treasures in stillness awaiting you.”

There was such a strong sense from the heart of God that this is a time to really position ourselves to wait upon God, to linger in His presence and to really spend time soaking in the secret place. I could feel a warning from the heart of God that was thundering loudly, “Do not be eager to rush”.

There was such an invitation from His heart to be immersed in His presence and to embrace and cultivate stillness before Him: for there are treasures that are awaiting His people that are so precious, so sacred and so much deeper than they have ever received or experienced before.

As I continued to sit with Him I saw that these treasures in the stillness were flowing from His heart. There was precious revelation that the Lord was releasing right now: these deep revelations and secrets of His heart were bringing forth transformation, life, breakthrough, insight, wisdom and depths of intimacy with Him that had not been walked in before.

I then had a vision of many and they were living in this place of embracing and cultivating stillness before Him, and Glory was filling the places where they waited upon Him. His Glory, Majesty and Awe of who He is was exploding as they waited, as they lingered.

At that moment I was suddenly taken back to a Scripture the Lord spoke to many years ago that He said would be very important and key in the new era that would come forth, that we have now entered.

“And so the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend. When Moses returned to the camp, his attendant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, would not depart from the tent.” Exodus 33:11 (AMP)

I heard the Lord speak again, “Do not lose the stillness. Cultivate the stillness, for treasures in stillness await you.”

It struck me deeply again. Stillness and His people lingering before Him, waiting upon Him, without agenda, without presumption or assumption, just being with Him, and lingering in His presence and NOT running ahead, NOT rushing, just “being” is VERY heavily upon His heart right now.

A dream I had many years ago then flooded back to me at that moment where I heard the Lord say, “Where are those who will linger? Where are those who will linger? For those who will linger, I will entrust with the secrets of My heart.”

This is not a time to rush ahead. This is a time to prioritise the stillness before Him, however that looks for you. This is a time to prioritise the place of lingering in His presence and waiting upon Him.

I was so aware that the stillness He was inviting us into was not only spaces in our lives carved out to just be still before Him, but it was also a heart posture. It was a deeper awareness of His presence, of His nearness, of His voice. It was a stillness of heart that was turned towards Him to hear His voice, to sense His leading, it was a surrendered place of stillness before Him that embraces Him, His way and leading.

That sense surrounded me strongly again, “Do not rush ahead, do not run ahead.” It is imperative in this hour to be surrendered in stillness to His way, to His agenda, to His pace, to His timing and to His direction.

There is a weighty beautiful sacredness of what is being poured out right now that is to be stewarded with such an open hand, such a stillness of heart to allow Him to have His way — whatever that looks like. Waiting on Him for as long as it takes for Him to speak, Him to reveal, Him to lead and direct. His Glory is increasing and will continue to increase as we wait upon Him in the stillness.

I then heard Proverbs 25:2 SO loud:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” (AMP)

“God conceals the revelation of His Word in the hiding place of His glory, but the honor of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all God says.” (TPT)

The invitation God is releasing right now in the stillness to receive a deeper revelation of what He is speaking is so weighty.

There’s a stillness in the weight of His Glory and the invitation to hear, see and understand what the Spirit of God is speaking and to truly position ourselves to seek and search it out in the place of stillness before Him. In waiting upon Him in this hour, the greatest revelation of His Word, His voice and encounter with His heart will burst forth in your life.

He is re-introducing Himself in deeper, more glorious ways to His people and the unveiling of His Glory, Majesty and Awe of who He is, is going to change everything.

Lastly, I heard the Lord say, “There have been many living in a place of stillness that has felt like they are stuck. A place of stillness feeling like there is no momentum in their life. A place of stillness that has felt like a deep level of dryness that they have felt like they are withering and not thriving. Say to these ones, there has been a strategic attack of the enemy upon many lives right now to silence them, to steal their vision and hearing and to cause them to want to give up, but I am roaring over these ones. My ROAR is reawakening their senses. Where witchcraft and the attacks of the enemy have come so strongly to steal from them, as I ROAR, My ROAR is bringing the divine RESTORE. I am restoring ALL and MORE. I will increase their vision. I will INCREASE their hearing of what My Spirit is saying. These ones have remained deeply faithful to Me. They have continued to seek My heart and continued to draw close to Me and are so tender-hearted towards Me. The enemy came SWIFTLY to steal from them, but I say NO MORE. My roar is reawakening and restoring and breaking this attack of the enemy that has felt like it has almost taken them out, but I have been close to them and persevered and strengthened them. NOW they shall arise stronger than ever. Now they shall arise in a divine comeback that will cause the enemy to cower. These ones will now arise and move into a season of DIVINE STILLNESS in My presence where they are encountering Me and My Glory on a level that is unprecedented: and they will receive revelation of My Word, insight and divine strategy for this hour in what I am doing and speaking, and see the deep secrets of My heart that I pour out upon those who are embracing and cultivating stillness and lingering. It’s time to be saturated in My Glory.”