Prophetic Words


Recently, I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw Jesus walking through what looked like a land that fire had ravaged. I watched as Jesus walked through this land, the ground looked burnt in some areas, there was dryness in other areas, there was barrenness in other areas.

As I looked around, the sense of ‘ruin’ surrounded me strongly. There was a strong sense of the intensity of hardship of the season/s that had been walked, and many were left feeling disorientated and carrying the weight of the hard season. The feeling of disorientation was really strong in this encounter.

As I watched Jesus walking through this land, I noticed in his hand, He had a pen and a clipboard. As He was walking through, He was looking at all the different areas of dryness, areas where the land had been burnt by fire and the disorientation. I thought to myself, “Oh, He’s assessing the damage that has been done,” but suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me.

“Lana, I have taken note of the damage and the hardship of the season and seasons many of My people have walked through. I have been with them, I have been close to them, and I have been carrying them; strengthening them and ministering to them in the midst of the intensity they have walked on many levels. My hand is upon their hearts, bringing healing to the places of grief, pain, trauma and disorientation. My breath is lifting off the heaviness and despair that has attempted to steal their breath and life from them. But Lana, what I am actually doing here, right now, is I am taking note: but I am taking note of the INCREASE that is being added to their life. I am calculating INCREASE to be poured into their lives. Where the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy, where the enemy has come and attempted to knock them down and take them out, I am here to now add MORE increase to their lives than they have ever known. I am here to rebuild the ruins in greater increase than ever before. The enemy thought he could attack and attempt to break down and wipe out; but his attack has positioned them for increase and a demonstration of Me turning what the enemy meant for their harm, for their good — in the greatest demonstration of power that they have ever seen.”

I was overwhelmed by the Lord’s heart for His people. The enemy may come to steal, kill and destroy, but the Lord turns all things for good: and this is the hour where He is positioning these ones for DOUBLE RECOMPENSE and a level of increase they have not yet known.

As the Lord continued to write on this clipboard I looked onto the paper He was writing on and I saw the word “INCREASE” in large letters, but then suddenly My vision was taken deeper into that piece of paper. I could still see the word INCREASE, but it was like this piece of paper became a well that I could see deep into. As I looked into the depths of it, I saw blueprints.

These blueprints looked like plans for building a house and this house was HUGE. There were detailed instructions of how to build this house. The Lord then spoke again:

“What many of My people have walked through, many long hard seasons — and especially this last and current season — it has left them feeling disorientated. Many have felt like they have lost their vision or their vision has blurred. Many have felt like they have lost their voice. Many have felt like the intensity of the season has shaken their confidence in what I have spoken, and especially come against the assignments I have called them to and the anointing/s upon their lives. I am now breaking this heavy disorientation and I am taking these ones deep into wells of encounter with Me. Such deep encounter, deeper than they have known; and not only am I going to reinstate their confidence in who they are in Me again, I am going to clarify their assignments again. But not only am I going to clarify their assignments again, I am EXPANDING THE VISION.”

“I am expanding the vision and the assignment to build with Me in greater ways. There is MIGHTY increase upon them. They are going to build with Me in such incredible ways and increase. These assignments and things I will have them build with Me in this hour will HOUSE MY GLORY!!!!!! It will make sense in VERY CLEAR ways to these ones in this hour, why the enemy came so hard against them. The weight of My Glory that will be housed in what I have them build, will make it very clear why the enemy came in such ferocity to take them out. Many of these precious ones are pioneers. They have been forging the way forward, the journey has been hard, the price has been high, but it is nothing compared to the manifestation of My Glory that will be in their midst. They have been forging the way for Me, the KING OF GLORY, to come in. Now here I come!”

“These precious ones will not be left in ‘wanting’, they will not be left in grief and loss. The enemy is screaming to many of these ones to give up and that they are dying, but these are lies. I am decreeing that this is their time to thrive in Me. I am restoring ALL.”

“This is their time to move into significant increase. Recompense, incredible heavenly provision, and increase of anointing. The intense pressing has brought forth a precious oil. Now that heavenly oil will flow forth. I am raising them up in this hour, stronger than before. My trailblazers: and oh the Glory of My presence that shall be in their midst and shall fill the earth. It is time to arise and shine, for your light has come and My Glory is rising upon you.”