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By Lana Vawser 
What looks like a “step back” in many different forms, do not be discouraged, keep close to Jesus and be listening to His voice and following His promoting in the “step back”, because you are actually going to see a great move of His Spirit in power to release you into a “step up”. 
Major increase, significant season shift and bubbling breakthrough is rising and about to burst forth. 
NO MATTER WHAT is coming against you, no matter what the Lord is asking you to do, even if it looks like a step back in the natural… TRUST HIM for He is moving and working things around in the various STEP BACKS and plunging you into the GREATEST divine SET UP’s of your life. 
The land you are entering is not one of continued MOURNING but one of EXPLOSIVE JOY! Your greatest, most pressing cry for breakthrough and hearts desire and impossibility you are lifting to the Lord is the first breakthrough of MANY that will erupt in this new morning and land of Promise you are entering into! 

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  • Sonny

    Thankyou so much lana im am greatly encouraged to just go ahead and continue to trust in our lord and thank him no matter what, to trust him through the set backs as i plunge into greatest devine set ups and explosive Joy. ???????✡??

  • Tola Bada

    I just feel the need to share my recent experience.
    I recently subscribed to your messages about 3-4 weeks ago and it came at the right time. I have been going through some hard times at work which has a feeling of a consipiracy against me.
    The messages that came has addressed my situation and today’s message is the icing on the cake for me bacause it speaks clearly to my current situation.
    In a time when the economy is very bad, I have been asked to resign (the reasons given were not cogent). The interesting thing is, not only am I at peace, but I am not worried or angry because I know that God truly is in charge and has greater plans for me.

  • Denise Eden

    Sis. Lana may our Heavenly Father continue to cover you in His divine protection. Since He has spoke to my heart in a more intimate way your words are confirming direction from the prophet. I thought I was losing my MIND. Thank you for PROPHETS OF PURITY and other prophetic FAITH instruction. Sister I know you feel me deep in my HEART OF HEARTS!! I trust I will be as obedient as you and those before you to get all of what our MIGHTY one GOD has!!! You be encouraged yours words are not falling on hard hearts but those STANDING!! Love you in CHRIST, Neci

  • Terri Richardson

    Yes, Lord! Your will be done. Even when I don’t see, I will trust You. Remind me again of your great love.

  • Di An

    This word is for me and my husband. I read it with a heavy heart. This gives me hope. We were the birds let out of the cage. How does one go back in the cage after being where we’ve been and done what we’ve done. We are obedient but ashamed to admit not without grumbling. Thank you for this word.

  • Rhoda

    Papa God gave me Isaiah 41 He said to me in verse 10, “I am hardening you to difficulties”
    The “onslaught” and barrage (an overwhelming quantity or explosion, as of words, blows, or criticisms) is toughening up the remnant to withstand much to accomplish great exploits.
    “Step back”, the more you believe without seeing, the more you will see.
    The more you withstand while maintaining the faith with praise the greater the recompense. One determines the measure of the other I believe.
    Faith itself is a creative power, you don’t have to see or feel anything, you create it by choosing (I place before you…God says, YOU choose) An entire book of divine and living options. Work out your salvation, obey, repent, stratigize, believe,…

  • Josette Kluender

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I really needed this message today. All of your post lately have been speaking to me. I have been a tough spot for a while with my job and your posts have brought me so much Peace, Encouragement and strength. I am truly blessed every day. God works all for His Glory.

  • Rhoda

    Isaiah 26:2
    Open the gate, that the righteous…which keeps her faith and her troth may enter in.
    Thank you LORD, thank you Lana. 🙂 xo

  • Vivian Flanagan

    Thank you for this word my 1 year old grandchild is scheduled for a second heart surgury her last one was only 2 months ago it shouldn’t of happened like this her next one was scheduled for when she turned 5 yrs old this is a step backword s Dr’s say arteries to lungs got smaller instead of growing? They put a ballon in one and stunt in other till they do surgury its scheduled for next 2 weeks we still have faith she will be well though, please agree with us for her healing, her name is Zoe.

  • Yisraelle

    A very timely Word which meant I needed to reorganise my home in what seems like ‘steps back’. He had actually spoken to me the day before post but I was unsure … and it was resisted by my son but once I read your post the next day I knew exactly what to do, so have been and still am rearranging home. His Wisdom is SO DIVINE! The blog also ‘prepared’ and reassured me for a step back that manifested in family situation… Amen. THANK YOU LANA FOR BEING AN UNOBSTRUCTED CHANNEL OF LOVE. MAY the precious Blood always speak better things over you and the family. Amen.