Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I have been prophesying for a quite a while now that this is a "Garden season". The Lord is taking His people deeper into that place of the Garden, the Garden of deeper intimacy and walking with Him in the cool of the day. The place of rest, refreshing, the place of deeper communion, the place of fruitfulness.
The Lord spoke to me recently and He showed me that from the Garden place there was a room in the spirit that He was now leading many into and He said this room is called "DELIGHT".
Instantly He whispered to me Zephaniah 3:17:
For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty Saviour. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.” – Zephaniah 3:17 

The banner over this room of DELIGHT was Zephaniah 3:17. Many entering into this room in this season are moving into the place of greater revelation, awakening and healing that comes from the deeper revelation of the truth of how He delights in them.
He whispered again:
"This room is full of encounters with Me that will burn the truth into hearts in deeper ways that I rejoice over My people with singing. How delighted I am in My people. These encounters with My heart that will take place in the room of delight will change everything. The vines of fear and lies that have tried to strangle them for so long will suddenly be gone. They will know the place of breathing deep again in the rest that comes from knowing how much I delight in them. All the false identities the enemy attempts to put on them, they will all come off like a cloak. Many will no longer live with deep fear and foreboding as roots are removed. There will be a new breakthrough of life and living with a sense of excitement, expectation and joy of what I am doing and about to do. So much of what many have struggled with have been wrapped up in lies, and in the room of delight, there will be such breakthrough, healing and awakening to the truth of their righteousness in Me, that they will know this struggle no longer. I am coming! I am coming! They will know peace like they have not known before. They will know fruitfulness they have never seen. They will know encounter with Me and in the heavenly places unlike they have experienced. I am increasing revelation of identity in many."
I saw in this room of delight, these deep encounters that were taking place and going to increase, He was removing labels.
They were labels that had been placed upon God’s people by the enemy and through words spoken over them. They were labels that were LIES about their identity, calling, destiny, dreams, ability, and giftings. These labels all had two common denominators. They were all LIES, and they were all CONTAINING words. Their assignment in being placed there by the enemy was to CONTAIN and HINDER but the Lord had seen the containment, the torment and oppression many have been in, and He has decreed encounters in the room of delight that was going to RELABEL. It is the FIRE OF HIS LOVE that is going to RELABEL with truth.
As He was removing the labels, and the beautiful, tender, yet fierce fire of His love was falling upon His people, He was awakening and relabelling with His truth.
His people were coming alive in new and fresh ways and DREAMS were FINALLY being ignited.
As this was taking place, I saw Jesus take His people by the hand and He smiled and said "It is time to come to the heavenly viewfinder."
As these labels had been removed, the Lord took each one to this heavenly viewfinder and He spoke "LOOK".
As they leant forward to looked through the heavenly viewfinder, I then saw all these angelic hosts surrounding where Jesus was standing with His people and they spoke in one accord "IT IS TIME TO SEE THE INCREASE! IT IS TIME TO SEE HEAVEN’S PERSPECTIVE AND IT IS INCREASE!"
Jesus spoke again:
The enemy has been decreeing decrease, but My perspective and decree is INCREASE!!!!
The Lord began to point with His finger on areas of the lives of God’s people where the enemy had been lying, and He would say "Look there" and they would look through the heavenly viewfinder and they were left in AWE and WONDER as they saw the TRUE REALITY OF HEAVEN, the INCREASE God is bringing NOW but also the INCREASE that was TO COME in the future. The Lord was showing His people, giving them a greater prophetic glimpse of the frame and boundary lines of increase that He has been setting up for the future. Prophetic vision and increase was INCREASING of the INCREASE that is to come and the SMOKE and MIRRORS of the lies of the enemy were falling to the ground. I could hear the enemy shrieking in loss of more ground as God’s people were being taken into a higher place of being discipled in the heavenly perspective.
Out of this room of delight a NEW SONG is about to come forth from deep within many.
The Lord spoke to me that there is a SOUND deep within many believers, a NEW SOUND, an expression of His heart and creativity within many that the enemy has been fighting hard with fear to keep contained. He has silenced the SOUND of many for so long. Many have kept silent because the feel their SOUND is different. But ALL our sounds are different, but together our sounds form His beautiful song of love, redemption, grace, life, creativity, forgiveness and hope to the world.
The Lord showed me that in this "Room of delight" as God’s people hear HIM rejoicing over them with singing, the fears that have kept them silent and their sound muffled, these fears are going to melt away in the fire of His love and A NEW SOUND IS GOING TO BUBBLE FORTH! The SOUND they were CREATED TO CARRY is going to come forth and it will not be silenced by man, it will not be silenced by the enemy, but it will be fuelled and rooted in Jesus, the One who never changes and ALL of these SOUNDS will carry such BOLDNESS, no fear of man, such biblical truth and EVERYWHERE the sound is released, all the sounds will have one common denominator. Everywhere the sound is heard, HIS LOVE will be seen. The sounds will release the SHOCKWAVES of His LOVE everywhere it is released.
People of God, get ready! Position your hearts in expectation and prayer for some lifechanging encounters with the Lord in the "Room of Delight". So much is going to change as you truly see how much He delights in you!!!!


  • Robearh

    Glory to God, Awesome Father, I receive your words, so Awesome, beautiful to hear, as I take in delight and Wonder of you
    what you have for me, encounters with you in the heavenly places, to see the heavens perspective in full view. I thank you
    for the increase which is Now, ant the increase to come. Hallelujah!!!! Thank you Lana, for sharing the Father’s heart this
    day, as I wait upon him, his promises, all which is yet to come into fruition and manifestations. Amen !!! Glory to God !

  • Glenys Corbett

    This is amazing – I am homeless and I would love God to place me in this room of delight. He is a great God and worthy of all praise.

  • psychrnforjesus

    Been getting psalm 118 lately.
    ♥️PSALM 118:23
    New International Version
    the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.
    New Living Translation
    This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.
    English Standard Version
    This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Another true, beautiful Word of The Lord. Can’t wait till the hell is over and I see The Lord. I know its going to be wonderful and I know that this pain I’m going through, Wilderness Season,is very much needed. I had another time, out of many times, yelling at The Lord,” When is this going to be over?”. I was in alot of pain. The pain is from all the demonic attacks of the enemy and it gets to be too much alot of times- I feel. I look and feel terrible most of the time but I know The Lord has purpose for this suffering, that’s why He led me to the fire and I know when it’s all over I will be thanking The Lord.So much is going to come out of it. Thank you again Lana for the encouragement.It is food to people like me in The wilderness. I know my time is almost over so is satans in my life. (Matt4:1-11) Praise The Lord

    • Nahomie Riche

      Oh and Lana I wanted to comment on the prophectic words The Lord has given you about identity attacks.It is very true. The Lord has allowed me to experience many many many identity attacks of satan. Some I was a ccustom to before entering The Wilderness because satan is always attacking mankind’s identity.That’s how he keeps himself hidden in man’s life and able to control man.But there was many other painful,very painful, identity attacks that The Lord allowed me to experience, only in The Wilderness. I believe it is to expose the tactics of the enemy for the near future. The Lord is planning a Major Deliverance, Awakening, and Reformation for man, those who belong to Him and for those to come (Harvest). I just wanted to tell you that because those prophectic words about attacks on identity is very much true and important as is the rest. God bless you.

  • Katie

    could not have received this message at a more opportune time. thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for confirmation, assurance and hope. Encountering YOU changes EVERYTHING!

  • Martin

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you! Lord Abba! Yes, Lord , Yes! Make it manifest for all who read it and spread it through out your world! Thank you, Aba for my sister Lana, what a blessing she is to your Kingdom.

  • Leslie White

    WOW! This is an on time word, as the Lord has been speaking to my family about the “garden” lately! That is our place of relationship and intimacy with our Father. It’s in this place that we know His voice and He knows ours. Where He sees us as the display of His splendor and glory. A Father delighting in His sons and daughters.

  • April McCullough

    I receive the room of delight today! All my fears have been drowned and I am hearing the song of the Lord over me! No more fear, but boldness in the sound that flows from me! All the sounds of the Lord will be on one accord—I declare it is so!

  • L.M.

    Amen Lord. Thank you so much! I receive your healing in my physical body ,in my finances and my restoration in All Areas of My Life. You are Good, and I Love You Lord Jesus. I Love You Abba, Papa.

  • Wendy Rambish

    Beautiful, beautiful word! May it be so!! Thanks so much for sharing Lana, Blessings to you and your family!

  • janneke van eeghen-houwen

    I read part of your word to my husband and his reaction was: “This makes me só happy!” You know, he also has been silenced by the enemy for so long. But yesterday he listened to a tape he used to take with him to his work-years ago- and the music and songs were comforting him in that difficult time.. It was as if listening again to this tape after so many years was healing him on the inside. Thank you Lord!!
    I´m longing for encounters with the Lord in the chamber of delight… I find it difficult to be silent and to wait on Him. I often jump out of my chair to do something.

  • Matthew Michael Edwards

    THIS one is MINE. This word is for me specifically. I know it’s for many but I am one of the many. I receive this word fully and without reservation. Thank you for obeying Dad and releasing this word. It is powerful and it is true.

  • Debbie

    Wow thanks for this powerful word. I take hold of this word and position myself for all that God has for me, and say NO! to the enemy. Bless you for sharing this awesome word.

  • Charlene from TN

    Woke this morning knowing and sensing the old foreboding and fear…and I prayed before continuing the morning…and then came here, and WOW, it is like my Brother Yeshua knew before I woke what I would need in Word and gave it to Lana Vawser!

  • Hephzibah

    Praise God!!! Oh Lord help us to experience your delight in us. We receive new identities from you in this new season. Amen and Hallelujah!!

  • Mark A James

    As I was Hearing these words I was taken to that prophetic word of WAITING EAGERLY for the Lord “LOOKING” for Him as our Souls must in Heaven from Within as is the Holy of holies as the two are NOW becoming One New Heaven within and the soul as is His New earth is at last CUT OFF from the Lies and snares of this lower orb of the god of this world as he falls FLAT on his face as dagon. Keep your Eyes FIXED Within where Christ is and is INCREASING to you as He Purifies the vessel of our souls as we EAGERLY are Looking out from WITHIN foe Him Amen!

  • Patricia Canini

    I have considered for quite awhile that Lana is my own personal prophet. As I am a prophet myself I see that she hears in the same vein from the Lord that I do but her talents are much greater and more well spoken than what I have ever been able to give.
    The Lord has me in a place of receiving a promise that he gave me over 20 years ago and once again just seven years ago the same promise was repeated.
    This promise came to me in a vision when Jesus came to me and took me into the heavenlies and showed me around heaven. The last place he took me was to the rose garden and to show me many roses. All the roses in heaven grow there because of the things we do for the Lord here on earth.
    Once we came to the end of the garden tour Jesus turned to me and handed me a huge bouquet of roses then said to me, “I brought you here to let you know that you and your husband will write a book together and it’s titled ‘Come In to the garden’. ”
    Just seven years ago I stopped believing in this promise for several reasons. BUT JESUS wanted me to trust Him in what He said so He came to me again in another vision n took me back into heaven than showed me more of heaven then back to the rose garden once again. Once at the end of His garden tour He turned to me n said, “I’ve brought you back here to let you know that you n your husband are still going to write this book together.”
    So when Jesus says something twice you know it is important and it will stick if you believe. (John3:3-5. Truly truly)
    Today my husband is in the process of dying from a stroke he had almost four months ago. His kidneys are now shutting down and in the natural no one would ever believe that we could ever write this book together accept ME!
    In Lana’s next word following this word, she tells of an increase from God. I’m telling you this just as Jesus called Lazarus back so will the Lord have me do this with my husband. He needs to have his garden relationship experience too.
    So where I stand now is waiting on hearing the Lord tell me when to call him back from the dead and to earth as well.
    Thank you Lana for posting God’s words of encouragement!

    • Cindy Wortman

      Enjoyed both Lana’s and your post reply. I share similar sentiments about Lana’s prophecies…. They have encouraged me greatly when I needed it. I myself am standing in the gap for my husband too…. I feel led to pray for you and would appreciate prayer for my husband who’s a warrior with a strong power gift and we have been buffeted by Satan for years….. I am claiming that my husband will stand up and resist these attacks and walk in is calling. In light of these recent days and powerful moves of the spirit I am believing God for our children. I myself had a dream two nights ago. Recently I read another prophecy on Elijah List on November 30th regarding and unleashing and unveiling to his faithful people. I also heard a similar word released released by Marcus Lamb of called the Empowering of the spirit. I am resisting the heaviness of the enemy and breaking through to the LIGHT and the faithfulness of God to us in this time period. I give you praise Lord for your faithfulness band and believe that you are going to be showing out and showing your GLORY to your people!!!

  • Mayvis Welch

    My,dear friend and sister in christ i just want to say thank’s a million times over for the words of truth continue to release beauty in the world with your words of grace??‍?‍?‍??????