Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord has been speaking to me a lot lately about many are now entering into a "SEASON OF REWARD".
Hebrews 11:6 has been burning in my spirit:
"Without faith living within us it would be impossible to please God. For we come to God in faith knowing that He is real and that He rewards the faith of those who truly seek Him." (The Passion Translation)
The Lord showed me MANY in the body of Christ who have walked some of the darkest, hardest, fiery seasons this past year. I saw many in deep, deep valleys. I saw many in the hardest battles of their lives, facedown, many despondent, many broken, many discouraged, but the WHOLE WAY THROUGH their process and journey, I saw a LOUD YES RESOUNDING from their hearts to heaven. No matter what they have walked, no matter the fire they faced, THEY DID NOT CHANGE THEIR YES TO JESUS!!!!
Even in the disappointment, in the discouragement, in the hardship and temptation to give up, the REMAINED in the place of FAITH even with a WHISPER of a YES!
Throughout it all, these ones have truly sought Him. They have chased hard after Him and His heart despite the hardship. They found the fourth man in the fire, but there is a whole new level of encounter with Jesus and the heart of God upon MANY. Get ready for MORE! Get ready to know Him and His heart in even deeper ways than you have ever dreamed.
I heard the Lord say that the season of fighting for your life is over and the SEASON OF REWARD HAS BEGUN!!!!
The Lord spoke to me that these ones that have walked through these incredibly difficult times this year and are entering into their season of reward, and have not given up are moving into Galatians 6:9:
"And don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you have planted is COMING!!!"
I heard the Lord say…
"Many in those difficult and weary times continued to plant good seeds, NOW the season of REAPING is upon them. It is time for the WONDERFUL HARVEST!"
I saw all the resounding YES’ that were going up to the Lord from the hearts and mouths of God’s people through what they walked through, and now the MANIFESTATION of the YES of God was falling upon them RAPIDLY in this season. (2 Corinthians 1:20)
Many are going to SEE with their physical eyes the REWARD of the seeds they have planted. Your eyes will FALL upon the harvest. It is upon you! It is upon you! It is upon you!
The Lord showed me how He has been watching the stewardship in this season of what He has given to His people in MANY areas. I have felt a weighty emphasis from the heart of God more than ever in this season to be stewarding what He has placed in our hands with integrity, purity and character. Not perfectionism, but excellence, in worship to Him.
He showed me that MANY are about to receive more than they have dreamed, because they have stewarded what He has given them with integrity, faith, purity, humility and character.
Even with the "little" that many feel they have been carrying, the Lord is well pleased and is now bringing greater increase.
"Commending his servant, the master replied, You have done well, and proven yourself to be my loyal and trustworthy servant. Because you have been a faithful steward to manage a small sum, now I will put you in charge of much, much more. You will experience the delight of your master, who will say to you, "Enter into the joy of your master." – Matthew 25:21 (The Passion Translation)
Many of you are now entering into a season of greater increase of what the Lord will entrust to you. The smile of God is upon you!!!
Increase, favour and multiplication is being given to you. The favour that the Lord is releasing upon you, the increase He is giving you will not only be in the areas you have stewarded well, but get ready for NEW AREAS.
A season of great reward has arrived!!!!
Ease, joy, peace and increase be upon you!


  • Rosie Dijeau

    Thank you Lana. That was such an encouraging Word for me, especially since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Thursday.
    bless you

  • Glenys Corbett

    I am clinging to Jesus and so thankful that a time of leaving the valleys is ending. I thought the valleys would never ever end.
    THANK YOU LORD GOD, thank you thank you

  • Nahomie Riche

    Thank you Lana. Father, let it be so this time. I know You mean well Father and Your work is good but let it be so this time. Praise Your Holy Name. Love You Lord and miss You?

    • Nahomie Riche

      I just wanted to say again Lana Thank you for delivering this Word of The Lord. It’s really speaking to me. GOD bless you. Your service to The Lord is very much needed. GOD bless you

      • Nahomie Riche

        I’m still waiting for this to be fulfilled. I feel The Lord had just brought it to my attention. Oh how I hope its not just an encouragement word anymore but an actual word that the time is here..Ive been through so much pain and I just want it to end

  • Kathy Beals

    Thank you, friend, for cultivating a walk with the Lord that enables you to hear so succinctly our Saviour’s voice. There is a price we each must pay to have the fullness, the very timbre of His Voice resonate within our being in such a way that the very reverb ation of HIM so moves the walls of our innermost being, that other’s can hear, receive and be more than blessed. God bless you for paying that price and so faithfully sharing what He urges you to shate. Happy Thanksgiving to all your family. Sincerely, a fellow minister Kathy Lynn, Pure Waterfall

  • L.M.

    Thank you Daddy, My Heart So Needed To Hear This. I have been weary, but I have been standing on your Promises. You are A Faithful God. I just get caught up in the details. Forgive me Lord. Strengthen My Faith and Keep my Joy up so I am not weak, Let Me See With My Physical Eyes Your Flood of Favor and Many Blessings . I need them Lord to care for my Family. All your Promises are Yes and Amen. Thank you that you are Turning around my loss into Increase, my burden into Blessing, And My Disappointments into JOY. Thank you Lord there is No More Season Of Loss, but Lavish Increase. My Physical Eyes Await The Bounty. My Hands and Buckets :), Vessels and Vases, like the Widow are Ready to Receive Your Harvest, except I have Unlimited Buckets waiting for you Lord to Fill Them Up because You are A Big God with Unlimited Supply. I receive All of Heaven’s Supply, both Spiritual and Physical Supply in Jesus Name, right now. AMEN

  • Linda Coon

    I receive this Word and thank you Lana for sharing it. I will continue to thank Him for the answers to prayers and the harvest coming.

  • Rev. Connie Sue Woods

    Thank You, My King Yeshua, for my spirit woman had given up, not on you but myself, for through the valley, I was weak but you carried me, you took me to a dark place for I would be able to understand all who are destitute, but now I am in a motel writing for you, concerning the last year of my darkest walk in life.
    Again, I thank you, for a true woman of GOD, who spoke your words through the months to me. I pray that all will sow on this good ground.
    For being a Farmer,,,,,,”You can not have a harvest….unless you sow a seed.”
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone……

  • Kathy Geraty

    Lana, thank you so much.? for delivering the Word of the Lord. My husband and I are looking forward to all the blessings God has for us.

  • Regina

    What a wonderful word of hope, promise and increased abundance of blessings on this Thanksgiving Day! May you be lavishingly blessed for sharing your words of blessings from our Abba! I receive this word this day and give thanks for there has been much darkness in the valley of the shadow of death these past 7 years. Amen Amen.

  • Robearh

    Oh how I give thee thanks and Highest of Praises with Honor, on this Thanksgiving Day, Hallelujah, for it is indeed a sure reward
    to me, the blessings, of thee Prophetic words spoken this day to me, is forthcoming as you have declared and spoken it to be so.
    I thank you my Awesome Father, my Daddy, who loves me, cares for me, always there, always near to me, for no good thing will
    he withhold from them who walk uprightly. Father, you are Great, so Great, is thy faithfulness, so Great, are thee my King, my
    Lord, my all in all. I love, love, love thee. Thank you for keeping and protecting me, guiding me every step of the way. I need thee
    every hour of my days. I rejoice in you always, in the good, and in the bad times, for this is the will of the Father, in Jesus name
    I once again say unto thee thank you Abba Daddy.

  • Mary Jean “Mama Bunny” Warlen

    Precious Lana Vawser
    Thank you for releasing such an amazing encouraging spirit led word that has been sent to me from Marilyn in England to me visiting from Kentucky USA to Louisiana USA for Thanksgiving 2017. A sure true word right on a flaming arrow into the Center of My Heart.
    Back to you dearest sister…
    Mama Bunny Warlen

  • Billie Rodgers

    I receive and I praise the Lord with a Thankful heart. I take your words as a treasure to my heart Papa. Thank You!!

  • Jean A. Ricks

    Lana, Thank you for pouring out to us the Father’s heart time after time. I know your calling must drain you (and your husband) physically, mentally, emotionally at times. I cannot tell you how many times you have bee RIGHT-ON for my daughter Robin and myself. At 73, the Lord is sending me back to my first love, the foreign mission field. I have never been fuller of joy and gratitude. Thank you!! Keep keeping on. Jean Ricks

  • Catherine Lee

    May Father God Bless You and Yours with Supernatural FAVOR, Divine INCREASE, and ENDLESS Heavenly -financial, physical, and spiritual BLESSINGS in the overflow, that it will not be containable. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL children of GOD.

  • CeCe

    Lord, I want to be in that number…! As I read this, tears flowed as I reflected on many periods of emotional pain, tears and hardship of various sorts. I am so ready for change, according to His Will!

  • Mary

    November 22 2017, 4:15 till 4:22 in the morning
    Come And Rest
    I call you out to join My Army
    I call you out to join your destiny
    I call you out to join My shelter of refugee
    I call you out to join My fragrance to be free !
    You who taste of My tears
    You who drink deeply from My cup
    That before your very eyes brightly appears,
    a silver wave of golden years lighting up !

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Thank You Father God! I Receive The Word of The LORD! Blessings and L<3ve to You and Family, Ms Lana

  • His Child

    Amazing Word Handmaiden of the Lord! You have been ‘reading’ my spiritual mail! Many days I just wanted to give up but you have lifted up my head! Father, Bless this faithful servant for being a blessing and encouragement to your children! Amen! I will send an offering at the end of the month for support of your gift to the body of Christ.

  • sonflower

    This is wonderfully encouraging to read as I am still in the dark valley and it’s been so hard, yes, especially this year. I am still feeling despondent and very sad / face down lots of times lately, and the battle is fierce and cruel, but I cannot disappoint my dear Lord, He’s been so good to me,so I would like to hope again, “against hope” in my situation, but He’s the God of the impossible. I really want to trust that He will fulfill what He promised. Thank you so much, dear Lana, for your faithfulness, beautiful sister in the Lord.

  • Rev. Connie Sue

    I’m leaving motel not knowing where GOD will take me, no money but My GOD is my provider.
    “This is the day the LORD has made,
    “Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
    We break poverty off of all on this day in Jesus Name.