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I had a dream last night where I heard the Lord say "The eagles are arising" and as I sat with the Lord and unpacked this dream I saw a wind of the Spirit picking up greater speed and blowing into the lives of His people AS they REMAINED positioned and did NOT give up. There was a heavy emphasis on positioning and STAYING in faith.

The wind of the Spirit is coming about to pick up speed and blow mightily through the lives of believers and those who are standing firm and not being blown around by every wind of doctrine and keeping their eyes on Him and His promises would not be shaken. This is a CRUCIAL time right now in the body of Christ and we must be continually asking the Lord for wisdom and for His fire to ignite our faith. We must not allow doubt to tempt us into setting up camp in its midst because of our circumstances around us. (James 1:6)

As the wind of the Spirit blew fiercely in the most glorious way through the body of Christ, those that remained "in faith" in their positioning were receiving huge impartations of HOPE. The Lord is blowing HOPE from His heart into the hearts and lives of believers that are feeling like they are losing hope rapidly. As the wind of His Spirit blew, not only were HUGE impartations of hope being released, a resolve and conviction that could only come from His heart was being released to NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!! The wind of the Spirit is blowing away distraction and 'issues of the heart' that are causing them to lose hope, as they remain 'stayed' on Him.

This wind of His Spirit was blowing so strongly and profoundly I saw it move towards those who were "in the wings of waiting". Those who have been waiting and waiting to "find their wings" to begin to soar into their heavenly destiny's and new open doors, were SUDDENLY picked up by the wind of the Spirit and taken higher and further than what they were believing for and dreaming of. The weariness that has come upon many of the people of God that are in the "wings of waiting" was being broken off and they were soaring with greater strength and height into the "winds of heavenly display".

The winds of the Spirit are blowing strongly through the body of Christ right now and they are only going to get stronger. Bringing great alignment, great deliverance, great freedom, refreshing and ushering in the provision and promotion of the Lord. Yet there was an highlight in the Spirit that I saw that we as the people of God must remain positioned. We must remain with clean hands and a pure heart (Psalm 24:3-4) as we ascend. For I saw the wind of the Spirit carrying the heart of God with a passionate love filled invitation to all His people to be in 'right position' to be picked up by these winds and taken to places beyond their wildest dreams. Yet many were distracted by the "winds around them" and moments of 'launch' could be missed. Take your eyes off the "winds around you" no matter how hard and loudly they blow, for they will stir doubt and fear in your hearts and keep your eyes off Him. Put your eyes back on Him, the lover of your soul, the giver of life, the FAITHFUL LOVING GLORIOUSLY GOOD ONE, Jesus, who is going to keep His promise to you and make all things new. Don't be distracted by the winds, focus on Him, and see the wind of His Spirit pick you up and carry you higher and further than you have ever been and you are going to SEE like you have NEVER seen before.


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  • Michele Barrell

    This speaks to exactly where I’ve been struggling the past few weeks. is the most difficult place for me. Would appreciate any prayer to Christ. Doubt & self protection have been swirling & weariness has been setting in & comfort looks so…comfortable. Jesus I want to stand, eyes fixed, “arms high & heart abandoned”. Spirit please fill me, grant me ears to hear & eyes to see & faith to believe. You are God, I am yours. Spirit break out & may I (we) be found in You.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Praise the Lord!! Two songs bubbled up this morning. The first one was a song in the Spirit while working in the barn. I was enjoying it so much at the furthest end of the barn; the Truth and faithfulness of the Word of God( Jesus is the Word). It was: “The just shall walk by faith; the just shall walk by f a i t h; the just shall walk by f a i t h, and not by sight.”
    I didn’t know that a equipment service man had walked into the milk house and then the barn at the farthest other end of the barn. We were looking at each other as I was still singing! He had come to do repair on a conveyer belt, and I went to get breakfast ready for our family.
    The next song was just before getting on the laptop and finding today’s devotional. It was the hymn: “But I know whom I have believed and persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed to Him against that day.” Yes, Lord we know, we know, we know WHOM we have believed and we are persuaded that You are able to keep that which we have committed to You against that Day!! A loud “Amen!” Shalom, shalom,

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Holy Spirit sings, “I just want to be with you, be with you, be with you. I just want to be with you!” Heard Him sing that in the night as I was sleeping. That is His desire; to be with us. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost. Before going to bed last night I heard in my heart: “Know ye not you are the temple of the Holy Ghost.” See we gotta know this. We gotta know: “I jut want to be with you, be with you, be with you. I just want to be with you!”

  • Deborah Lobo

    Thank you Lana, this is a mighty confirmation, thank you once again! God bless you! Glory to God!

  • Jeriann Jerome

    Thank you for this word! I am one of those in the wings of waiting, i am in the wilderness of torrment, Jesus told me He needs my faith and then He needs me to trust Him! it’s been so long and I have been so weary and wore out, I have not given up, but so desperately needed to hear that! I feel the heavy weight of waiting, He asked me to lean on him more, need a little encouragement about leaning on Him.

  • Rae Graber

    The eagles must land first before they can arise. God has been speaking to me about patience and learning to wait well. Love is patient. Patience is the first quality of love God cultivates in our hearts because it is the forerunner of the other qualities being developed. It is like good soul soil. When we learn patience (discipline, self-control), our souls are “still” and God’s Spirit can powerfully land on us which will result in character that can then soar!!! When the dove landed on Jesus, it was because of His absolute stillness. He completely refrained from fretting and doing His own will, which is a perfect stillness of soul. May we be so still!!!

  • Criss

    as I was reading Lana’s “the eagles are rising” , I kept feeling to be steadfast in my resolve to wait for this healing and words spoken over my life to come to pass…its been a very long long time…I want to dream again…even tho I am 60 years old….I want to believe God has a dream for me too…

  • Amy M Day

    You are amazing the Lord just showed me psalms 24 too last night , also Isaiah 64. Everything that you have been saying I’ve been seeing it as well, the Lord got me up at 4 am last night . I started to pray in the spirit for many and for me as well, I have been stretched extremely but he told me an outpouring of supernatural favor is coming to me and my son. My husband will be saved.
    Blessings Amy