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This morning I felt the Lord's heart for those who are walking through deep painful stretching processes right now. 
I felt the Lord saying that there are ENCOUNTERS WITH HIS POWER that are going to happen in the midst of your 'process' right now as you STAY POSITIONED. I saw encounters with the power of God for many across the body of Christ as they refused to 'cave' under the pressure, and these encounters with His power were like a defribulator. It was bringing hearts back to life, it was bringing revival in hearts, it was seeing deliverance happen in hearts and lives. It was seeing a shock of HOPE and EXCITEMENT for what the Lord is going to do, released. Not only will dreams come back to life in hearts, but with fresh vision and the Lord will add new 'elements' and 'layers' to these dreams in the heart of His people through these encounter with His power. In the encounters with His power, there is a great awakening that will happen in hearts to the heart of God like never before. Where hearts have been 'out of sync' with what the Lord is doing or saying, or fear has caused hearts to move away from the heart of God or His dreams for their lives, suddenly they will be shocked by His power and love into life and back into rhythm with His. 
Through these encounters with His power the people of God are going to move through the process FULL. One day you may feel like you are walking through barely scraping through, barely 'making it' to then having some of the greatest encounters of your life with Him and His power, to suddenly being FULL. There is going to be SUCH A SIGNIFICANT release of His power and impartation into hearts and lives that the people of God as they stay positioned are going to go from feeling empty to FULL. 
FIRE OF TESTIMONIES : In the process I saw the people of God as they 'leaned in' to Him and refused to give up, they were brought to a place of being FULL of strength, joy, peace and revelation, that suddenly the fire of God fell from heaven while they worshipped and they went from FULL to an EXPLOSIVE OVERFLOW. An explosive overflow releasing His revelation and testimony to all around. 
"My people's mouths will be full of TESTIMONIES". 
The people of God moved out into all areas of their lives with their mouths full of TESTIMONY. Testimonies to His faithfulness, deliverance, power and love IN the TESTING process. Tests are turning to testimonies. 
Those who have been hit in 'financial areas' in their process lately, the Lord is releasing significant financial provision that is going to release some of the greatest testimonies to His provision that you have EVER had.
The process may feel painful, the stretching unbearable and you may feel dry, but can I encourage you, do NOT give up in your process. REFUSE to give up even in the weariness for some of the greatest encounters with His power are being released right now as the people of God "lean in". You will go from 'barely surviving' to 'thriving'. From feeling empty to FULL and from FULL to EXPLOSIVE OVERFLOW releasing the testimony of a GOOD GOD to all around you that will release a breakthrough anointing for others as you share. Hold on tight! God is going to use your process POWERFULLY!
"Your testimonies are my delight, they are my counselors." – Psalm 119:24


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    • Karen Shaw

      Lisa, the position I stay in is to remember God has a plan, it’s a GOD plan…. Thank Him for the plan so He can work the plan. It keeps me looking at His Goodness, keeps me living out of my spirit, not out of my soul… Keeps me in that knowing place that GOD IS GOOD AND HE IS IN CONTROL. It keeps me in the mindset that I’m His daughter and He’s my loving Father, my Papa. I have to remember what the enemy wants most is to take me out of my position of being in Peace with my Papa God…. If I remain in His Peace and His Rest, all that He is and Has is available to me. Lisa, right now, I’m praying for you… I’m blessing you with an overwhelming sense of His love you you, His deep desire to bless you and reveal His Great Heart to you, and His deep Peace and keeping power … You are His child and He loves you.

    • Sharon Smith

      REFUSE to give up. Stay in faith regardless of what is happening around you. TRUST HIM no matter what and hold on to His promises to you. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your actions. Let HIM lead you. As Lana said in one of her last words HOLD ONTO THE LAST THING HE SAID TO YOU. HOLD TIGHT TO HIM!!!!!

    • Kelsey

      I’ve also asked this same question, but God showed me that I was overthinking it. ‘Staying positioned,’ and like phrases simply mean that you should remain intentional in seeking God and His promises. It means don’t give in to doubt and fully turn away, although doubts will come. He has given us the power to rebuke these and let them pass away.

    • Quaife

      Romans 5:3-5New International Version (NIV)
      3 Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

    • Terry

      Lisa, I have always loved and related to the story of Jehoshaphat in II Chron 20 when he cried out to God: We have no power over this circumstance, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are upon You! In verse 17 God tells them: Take your positions! Studying through the next few verses you will find 4 positions: those of worship,praise, belief and thanksgiving. Always great positioning for a child of God regardless what circumstance you may be facing!

  • Lyllie Hidalgo

    Hallelujah! Glory onto You oh Lord my God, and my Heavenly Father, here I am Lord God, have Your way in me, for everything and anything You do, is always for mine good, Thank You, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

  • Faith

    I have been vibrating with joy the last number of days. I have passed through a very hard test…and do not have the words, nor feel released, to give a testimony yet.
    My husband has had a long, exhausting journey and is in dire need of refreshing. I hope to show him this post tomorrow (bless you for it!)

  • marianne

    All I can say is thank you Jesus for Lana Vawser. You uplift and encourage me every day of my life to not give up but lean in and trust Him. Thank you. May God bless you more.

  • CS

    This is SO true!!! I just went through this! I don’t like to comment on things but I can’t keep this to myself…Keep pressing in to Him and refuse to give up! He released a profound revelation of His love and faithfulness in the middle of my mess! My heart realigned with His! Financial provision was also released!There is NO ONE like our God!!Faithful and True!! Praise you Jesus!!!

  • Judy

    @Lisa I agree. What does it mean to stay positioned? Such prophecy is vague. Its like saying die your hair…What color?
    btw this word and others are the same since Jan 2015 where this was supposed to be the year of the open door. I can tell you this year is almost over and all ive seen in the church is closed doors.

  • Gigi

    Lisa – I believe one stays in position by continually staying focused on Him. By continually listening for his voice, being in His word and in worship. This helps to keeps one’s mind off of circumstances and in peace by fighting to stay in rest. When we fight to stay in rest and peace then we are in position to hear Him.

  • VM

    I am in need of some testimony from anyone to help me know, that these prophecies are truly taking place for someone. I’m in a stand for the resurrection of my marriage.

  • Rae Graber

    Deep within every believer is a Well, a Deep Well of Living Water, but over the well the enemy has placed many rocks of offense, pain, bitterness, doubt, fear, unbelief, etc. In truth, for many, many of God’s people the rocks have been piled so high that all they see are mounds and piles and they have become so discouraged by their circumstances and lack of progress into the image of Christ that they feel like giving in and giving up. The mountains of offense have caused them to stumble and completely obscured the Reality of the Great Deep Well within them.
    Saint, if this is you, DO NOT GIVE UP! Your deliverance and redemption are nearer than you know and the Lord of Glory has sent help from Zion!
    On the top, on the very peak of the heap of rubble, the Lord stands with the rod of God in His hand. With one mighty blow and a great Shout, the heap of rubble and the mountain of offense, pain, fears, lies, depression, unbelief, bitter sorrow, and deep disappointment are crashing down.
    For those of you who have been pressing into the Lord in the midst of trials and testing, the crash will come suddenly, like the way the walls of Jericho fell. For those who have wavered in unbelief and drawn back during the fiery trials, the crumbling will initially start as trembling earthquakes. As you cooperate with the Holy Spirit in believing, forgiving, and obeying what He shows you, the trembling quaking will begin to increase in intensity and frequency and suddenly you will see the Fountain of Life Spring up from the Deep Well within you!
    Oh the beauty and the glory of that Great River of Life God has placed within you. As you begin to flow, your presence will displace the darkness. You will literally change the atmosphere from gloom to glory as demons scatter before you. Love, joy and peace will be a beautiful canopy over you as you walk forward, clothed in the Lord’s garments of Light.

  • heartpeace

    Thank you Lord and Lana for this important word and all the saints here that have posted encouraging words ! Where the rubber meets the road…in the midst of battle…we are trying to hold tight and press on. My battle is daily, against monotony, fatique, stressful work. Let’s keep one another in prayer, as we are all in some kind of battle. God Bless.

  • Criss

    I hear two words as I am reading this page for encouragement..”IN” and “OUT”….I am in this firing process of being in the fire and then after a reprieve i’m back in again. I didn’t think I’d be back “IN” again because I’ve been walking with God for a while…but here I am in this place of constantly fighting depression and rejection and low self-esteem in silence and in agony…I thought this was over for me but it is not over an onion more layers of deep down pain is apparently still apart of me. Sometimes it can be very discouraging but I am pressing in to the Lord with praying and worship. I used to have a dream but..well not anymore. I don’t see anyway around it but I’ve read some words about God bringing impossible things…wow right now theirs words going around in my head and heart..”to dream the impossible dream”, like that old song, that melody is here too. That was very unexpected..dreaming an impossible dream I can do because the dream I have will have to be a miracle.. Honestly I am quite astonished to what just transpired here so i’m going to end here with the words I want you to believe with me “to dream the impossible dream” for your life with God. Blessing to all of you and I will pray for you as soon as I hit the post button. May we all open the wells deep inside.