Prophetic Words


"Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you." – Zechariah 9:12
I saw a battle happening over "hope" for many believers. I saw discontentment sucking hope and life out of believers. They had become despondent.
The despondency had found in a "hopeless" heart. "When hope’s dream seems to drag on and on the delay can be depressing, but when at last your dream comes true, life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul" – Proverbs 13:12
I saw many with hopes and dreams deferred, the delay has been wearing and the battle to remain in hope was being lost. The Lord is leading His people to dream again as His nature is further revealed as a good Father. There was such a heart cry and longing for restoration of hopes, dreams, visions, promises and areas in lives where the enemy just continues to plunder.
It was then that I saw the Lord releasing keys all over the body of Christ. As He handed out these keys all across the body of Christ I heard the words "THANKFUL.. TANK FULL.. RESTORED."
A key of thankfulness was being given to the people of God, that no matter where they find themselves, despite what was going on around them, to cultivate a heart of thankfulness. As this heart was cultivated I saw what looked like "tanks" in the lives of the people of God, and they were labelled HOPE, some were broken. Some were empty, some only had a tiny bit left in the bottom.
As the people of God pressed through the despondency by cultivating a heart of thankfulness for who He is and what He has given them, I saw these tanks beginning to fill with hope. The more they moved in thankfulness, even thanking Him for the promises of His Word BEFORE they manifest, the more they were stepping into the realm of hope in Him. Thankfulness was rising and rising and rising and HE WAS BEING SEEN. It was like the more they thanked Him, the more they SAW of Him. More of Him was being revealed. Thankfulness is opening new realms!
There was a great RETURNING happening to His heart. Coming back to the heart of worship of Him and not being crushed by circumstances and victim mentalities. A freedom and breakthrough, a running back to Him as their FORTRESS! Being hidden in Him. The One that cannot be plundered.
As this great RETURNING was happening, I saw these ones being moved into a realm where they were prisoners of HOPE. Held RANSOM by HOPE! Completely possessed by HOPE in Him and PROMISE, HIS PROMISES. Life renewed. New levels and realms of hope in Him that would see impossibilities BOW to the name of Jesus!
These hope tanks were not only FULL now they were OVERFLOWING. These ones were now releasing HOPE into the lives of others and every where their foot trod they released HIS HOPE and atmospheres SUDDENLY shifted.
I heard the words:
"I am HERE to announce to you that I will restore TWICE as much to you"
As these ones were lost in love with their Beloved, completely overwhelmed with this new sense of hope and bubbling expectation and joy, I saw them look around themselves at their lives, at dreams, relationships, promises, health, finances…what had been stolen, taken and broken had been restored back to them TWICE!!!!!!! MORE THAN BEFORE!!!!
I then saw the people of God dancing with Jesus with such reckless abandonment and such joy!!!! A new level of joy being entered! A new level of expectation entered! A new level of hope entered!
A key is being released to unlock new realms of hope, restoration and joy!
Let’s join together and cultivate a heart of THANKFULNESS!
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  • Cindy Cavender

    Such an AMAZING gift you are from God – you have blessed my life again and again! I just shared with Amanda over in Australia about what God showed me today. He was giving back memories from my childhood. They were lost – happy memories. I am SO GRATEFUL. For so long there had been mourning and heaviness and it felt like my heart wanted to quit – to die but God had given me the promise about living and not dying and declaring the works of the Lord. The Lord gave me two words of affirmation today – MUCH NEEDED. My heart settled into His and the heaviness broke – Last night after the word regarding Aaron and Hur and interceding, I know the Lord has had me reach toward some intercessors during this time and ask for prayer – I know we are working as a team to further God’s kingdom – anyway, last night pushed through into a place of worship and then today, the Lord invited me deeper into more worship, every step led by the Holy Spirit. Anyway there is such a JOY and lightness where there had been so much pressure, oppression, depression and heaviness. Listening to worship as I am typing to you. God’s richest blessings on you and yours 🙂

  • Donna Muller

    Dear Lana,
    I friend of mine, forwarded one of your postings to me. It so blessed me that I subscribed to your daily postings.
    Words cannot express how deeply touched, blessed and moved I have been and continue to be through your daily encounters with the King of kings and Lord of lords.
    It is drawing me back into that intimate relationship I once had with Him. Through much hopelessness I found myself pulling away, but your words from Our Beloved is drawing me back and giving me a renewed hope for the dreams and visions He had given me.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’s heart with us! You are such a blessing.
    I know that you and your family are truly blessed and will continue to be so, pressed down, shaken together and running over!
    Blessings, Donna Muller

  • Chantal Stewart

    Greets thru our Lord Jesus Good morning…
    I wanted to just send a quick response to you email I received today and say amen and thank you… As my hope has been fading bite by bite and even thou Ive tried it felt no change but reading your word I know not matter God is by myside and on myside. God bless
    Have a supernatural week with Jesus…
    God bless Chantal Stewart 081 037 8201

  • Kim Singletary

    I am so blessed by your words and by your gift. Reading your post is the thing I look most forward to every evening! There’s such hope for restoration in God’s message to us. Thank you for your faithfulness!

  • Lorna A.

    I have a friend, Stacey, who is called to the front lines – as am I. We are both prophetic. Lately I have grazed over the thought that it’s almost like you’re literally responding to our conversations…. yesterday she says “Lately, it’s like Lana reads our mail” HAHAHAHA

  • Jenifer Armand-Delille

    For the past 36 hours, the phrase ‘prisoner of hope’ has been resonating in my spirit. I undertook to FEEL what it’s like to be a prisoner when all four walls that hem you in are HOPE, and all despair, anger, sadness, disappointment is outside, far from me. My life has been changed by this. THEN, your word! Confirmation, sweet sister. much love and thanks for all you do for the body of Christ, through Him.