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Lana Vawser 
There is a swirling happening in the spirit today and I asked the Lord what was going on and immediately I had a vision. 
I saw angelic hosts and they had swords in their hands and they were moving with the Holy Spirit and it looked like they were “directing traffic”. 
I felt the Lord say that there is a chaotic spirit that is coming against many of God’s people. 
So I looked up the word chaotic in the dictionary: 
CHAOTIC: state of complete confusion and disorder.
synonyms: disorderly, disordered,
in disorder, in chaos, in disarray, disorganized, topsy-turvy, haywire, confused, in pandemonium, in turmoil, tumultuous, disrupted; (
I felt the Lord saying “STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!”. The sense surrounded me, don’t look to the left or to the right, don’t give into the chaos that surrounds, stand your ground in Him! The winds of CLARITY are blowing and about to blow upon you! 
There is an UNCOVERING that the Lord is doing and about to do. He is about to uncover the enemy’s plans in your life and how his taunts and torments are just smoke and mirrors. He is roaring at you without teeth, but in this month of AV (Hebrew Calendar) it is the month of “The Lion roaring!!”. 
This year the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about how He is showing Himself as the Lion of Judah and roaring over His people. He is roaring things into alignment! He is roaring vindication! He is roaring clarity and deliverance. 
Where I saw these angelic hosts moving with the Holy Spirit and the angels looked like they were directing traffic, when I asked the Lord about it, I saw these angelic hosts cutting off the heads of things coming against God’s people. 
I then felt Him say “THERE IS A NEW WAY BEING MADE”. Many have come up against this chaotic spirit because a door is about to open to you to lead you in a NEW DIRECTION that will give you great clarity for the future. 
I also felt the Lord wanting His people to have peace in Him. Where this chaotic spirit is raising its ugly head, throwing fiery darts of lies, causing noise and torment of mind upon many, the Lord is breathing upon you to bring you peace as you keep your eyes on Him. As you take shelter in Him the most high, there is divine peace and protection around you. (Psalm 91)
Many are being hit with accusations and ‘predictions’ and lies from the enemy about family members which is causing great fear. I felt the Lord saying these “this is what is going to happen” lies are coming strong because of major breakthroughs, healings and life transforming miracles coming into families. STAND YOUR GROUND!!!
I saw many feeling like they were being pushed into a corner. This heaviness, pressure and opposition was leaving many feeling like they were suffocating. 
I felt the Lord saying that the enemy is trying to push many into a corner to cause them to run and retreat, but as the Lion of Judah ROARS over you and THROUGH YOU you are being strengthened and boldness is blossoming in you. A great PUSH BACK is about take place against the enemy. Where he thought he could scare you off with his lies and false predictions and accusations, the breakthrough and promotion the Lord has for you is going to see HIM RUN SCARED as you move forward in the authority of Jesus. STAND YOUR GROUND! New territory is being opened up to you! 

“That’s right. If you diligently keep all this commandment that I command you to obey—love God, your God, do what he tells you, stick close to him—God on his part will drive out all these nations that stand in your way. Yes, he’ll drive out nations much bigger and stronger than you. Every square inch on which you place your foot will be yours. Your borders will stretch from the wilderness to the mountains of Lebanon, from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea. No one will be able to stand in your way. Everywhere you go, God-sent fear and trembling will precede you, just as he promised.” – Deuteronomy 11:24-25 (MSG Translation) 


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  • Michelle StrongSwift

    Amen!!! I recieve it in jesus name,HALLELUJAH???? I was attacked by this! Saturday! Omgosh I got through it, but will stand guard!?NO WEAPON?NO WEAPON?????????

  • Rina

    Lana, you are such a blessing – thank you for bringing this word. I felt this attack last night but remained calm, by Grace. This morning when I inquired of the Lord what is happening and why is there a slump in the momentum that started on 1 August in my life… I heard: ‘News coming through. Don’t despair. News coming through.’ and in the spirit I saw long rows of congested traffic, but there was a white traffic car on the move – blue and red lights flashing, siren blaring! It was making its way through with great speed and great skill! How awesome is our God! Bless u Lana. I needed this confirmation on my journey and next walk-prayer assignment. Thank you so much.

  • Becky Cline

    Praise God! Just as I was to step into a new dimension in the spirit& new territory as well move forward everything became chaotic! Victory is mine!! TYY & Lana for being obedient!

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    Yes we agree fully without any hesitation. May the Lord of grace keep your good work going on for the salvation and deliverance of His people.
    God bless you

  • NewHeavenOnEarth

    We see through the smoke and mirrors, a mere shadow with no substance! In Christ all is overcome already! Delight in this! Knowing the Truth sets us FREE! Thank you Abba! Father! “My Delight is in her!” Isaiah 62:4

  • janet murray

    This is such a witness. I am so grateful to hear the truth that sets me free so I am not tempted to believe lies of the enemy. I was going much of what you said..between my brother and Mom to take care of her long distance due to Alzheimer’s. Attacked, accused by my brother ..when I try to help extend my mom’s life. I took step of faith believing I will have success in communicating what I see Mom needs and that he will help me to help her as he lives in same town but I am 1300 miles away. Glory to God. No more fear of man. I will will speak as the spirit gives me utterance.

  • Traci

    Hi Lana,
    Thank you for this Now Word for my life! Your prophetic Words have brought clarity, comfort and encouagement. I’m so thankful!
    Since the last week of March the enemy has been coming against my mind, it was shocking because I had enjoyed so much peace in Fathers manifested presence. At the same time we were experiencing a testing time in our finances. I have been through this before in 2010 when I received an outright miracle increase in my finances. Since I left my work as an ER nurse in 2006, the Holy Spirit has done a major pruning work in my life and a great transformation work in me.
    I have been pregnant with a dream and calling for 19 years and I got out of the boat to pursue Father for it. thank you again! Much love…

  • Hilary Skulskyj

    This is the most encouraging and Spot on site of prophecies I have every encountered! Praise God for you Lana! I read this post every day! I have been praying for and believing for my double portion restoration , healing and salvation for my family for years and have seen The Lord healing me emotionally and lifting burdens from me which weighed me down since child hood! Praise God! He has won every battle! He is awesome! Thank you! Hilary Skulsky. ???

  • Rhoda

    It is exciting to see…God spoke to me yesterday from Numbers 34 BOARDERS and confirmed and lead me straight to II Kings 14:25. Worthy is the Lamb of God!!!
    This morning…Psalm 84: 6&7
    PASSING through the Valley of Weeping (Baca), they (WE) make it a place of springs; the early rain also fills [the pools] with blessing.
    They go from strength to strength…
    II Chronicles 20:26
    …the Valley of Beracah (blessing)…
    From Baca to Beracah! From weeping to blessing!!! Jesus!!! He is our victory! Isaiah 30:18
    He was lifted up that He could bless us! Thank You LORD!! We love You!
    Isaiah 54:2 Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the the curtains of your habitation be stretched out; SPARE NOT; lengthen your cords and strengthen your…

  • Charlene Bontrager

    I woke up the morning of the prophecy with the intense feeling of darkness coming in a chaotic cloud. I prayed and came to peace. I read this Word a few hours later, and it was very helpful for understanding!