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By Lana Vawser
Recently the Lord spoke to me about a “crossing over into SPHERICAL FAVOUR.” I had never heard the term “SPHERICAL FAVOUR” before, so I sat with the Lord about it. The Lord spoke to me that FAVOUR is about to come from EVERY DIRECTION, EVERY SPHERE of INFLUENCE will be affected by the FAVOUR of GOD as we are NOW crossing over. It’s not coming, we are NOW entering in!
I kept seeing where the enemy had come at the people of God FROM AND IN EVERY direction, that there was now a turning taking place where the FAVOUR OF GOD would CHASE THEM in EVERY DIRECTION.
There is a FINALITY taking place right now in this crossover where the enemy has come in every direction, those CYCLES are now being BROKEN.
As I pondered this “SPHERICAL FAVOUR”, I had a vision of the people of God tending vineyards and fields in the midst of the STORM. Those that have been stewarding and tending to their fields with purity, humility, surrender, integrity and care in this SEASON OF THE STORM, are now about to see the SUN RISE on their lives and these fields and the FAVOUR OF GOD come from EVERY DIRECTION!!!!!
“For the Lord God is our sun and shield. the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. O Lord of hosts, how blessed is the man who trusts in You.” ~ Psalm 84:11-12
As I pondered the “SPHERICAL FAVOUR” with the Lord, I kept hearing the words “coming right back to you” and the sense of a complete cycle and circle, and I felt the Lord’s heart being released in RESTORING GRACE and MANIFESTATION of SEEDS SOWED LONG AGO!!!!!!!!!!
Demonic cycles are being broken and being replaced with the greatest manifestation of DIVINE CYCLES that you have EVER seen.
I felt the Lord saying “The manifestation of FAVOUR that is going to be SEEN and RELEASED in the outpouring of this SPHERICAL FAVOUR will be on levels that many have NEVER SEEN.”
“I remain confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” ~ Psalm 27:13
I felt the smile, delight and honour of God on the faithful stewardship, purity and steadfastness of many of His people as they have “weathered some of the worst storms of their lives” in this season, they are now about to experience the greatest glorious STORM of FAVOUR they have ever seen. The STORM of favour was such a POSITIVE thing, as it will be a declaration of the power of God in the lives of God’s people, chasing the enemy OUT and causing him to flee in SEVEN WAYS!


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  • Geneva Doster

    I have been holding on to GOD for a long time. To look at me I know my children and grandchildren wonder when is GOD’S BLESSING coming to my NaNa. She’s been saying it for as long as I can remember. Right now I need a place for me & my grandson to live, we have nothing even to put in a place & no money to get a place. I am in need of a car and there’s health issues but all in all I’M still trusting GOD. When I read these PROPHETIC WORDS I always think it’s about to happen for me. I asked GOD for confirmation

    • April

      I know exactly where you are coming from. Same thing. Except believing for a music career. But I KNOW My God, & He is Faithful & His timing is perfect. I hear Him saying over you, “Blessed is he who believes and has NOT seen.” I stand in agreement for a double blessing portion to be yours. Those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed! (Just remember: the longer the wait, the higher-deeper-wider is the blessing!). Amen. Bless you my sister!

  • Jacquie Moore

    Thankyou Lana for sharing this right now. Bless you sooo much for your faithfulness. Thankyou Daddy. I receive this in Jesus name.

  • Bill Olson

    Lana, this word on Favour thanks, I feel it. I was just listening to youtube Misty Edwards song “waiting for the Rain” God given promises in a wait pattern. God gave me a very interesting word in my secret place one morning He said “My Favour is stronger than the worst storm you would ever want to be in”. So when you talk about Favour and storm things like waiting for promises spoken long ago. Knowing God does not forget us, and I remember what he says. He also said the other day, Now you will see these things with your own eyes. SMILE in the land of the living. Blessings to you and Kevin and family. Brother Bill, Oregon USA

  • Monica Singh

    I missed you Pastor Lana, Amen and Amen. Your word came just in time for our court case on Thursday, I have am doing my Victory dance for your word?God richly bless your family, ministry, health and finances.

  • Elizabeth

    What a faithful God we serve.Many are the afflictions of the righteous but, the Lord delivers us from them all. Thank you Lord we enter into your season of favour , blessings, deliverance and protection. The enemy has battered us but our hope and trust is in you. Praise the Lord for He is good.

  • Cheri

    THANK YOU JESEUS!!! BEAUTIFUL REDEEMER!!! Lana, I pray that either here, or there, He will allow me to share with you the impact His Words spoken through you have had in encouraging me to not give up. May he bless you, and yours, in every beautiful way. 🙂

  • Robear

    Glory to God this day, Thank you Jesus for FAVOR, FAVOR, FAVOR

  • Rose

    The attack around my head was lessened last night, but I asked my husband for prayer. As I was trying to sleep, I was calling to Jesus and, in the resistance I was feeling, spiritually “saw” the name “Lucifer” flash before me.
    I’m not clear how soon it happened, but the Holy Spirit manifested in my heart and I began to be surrounded by what I later told my husband was the most awesome “3 in 1” hug. What floored me was how love-enfoldingly LONG and STRONG that hug was. That hug left me with an imprint of a large, soft angel wing over me…
    His Spirit remained with me as I sang an old song, “Let me be a living fire, for Your Glory, King of Kings. Fill my soul with pure desire, ever while I live…”

  • Rose

    I heard the words, “…gather them, from where they have been scattered…”
    His Spirit infused me as I began to rise up in my spirit, singing the the Jesus Culture song…
    “There is power in the Name of Jesus…to break every chain, Break Every Chain, BREAK EVERY CHAIN!”

  • Robear

    Yes, I have witness some of the worst storms of my life in 2015
    and all of 2016, the very place hell has tried to take me out of
    I’m still standing. I am now occupying,been through the firey furnance, persecuted I suffered, yet today was a Victory Shout of Praises as
    my enemy has lost the battle, no weapon formed against me shall
    prosper, and every tongue rises up agains me in judgement I shall
    condemn. Glory to God, Now comes Promotion headed my way.
    Amen and Amen !!!!

  • Laurel Saint James

    Thank you Precious Sister Lana for your faithfulness to press into our Lord and listen for His Beautiful Voice of love and encouragement, I so needed this “Word” today and I receive all of this Blessing {Spherical Favour} now in my life…..may God Bless you with a double portion!

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    AMEN, I had to come back and read this! For some encouragement!…I could use your favour oh god /jesus! Im holding on, even though things and people around me have gotten weary! Or simply dont believe! Im trying my best to press. Hear me oh lord jesus come to me now, I need you!❤I recieve this word in my heart for my life and my children’s lives, and my grandchildren’s lives in the name of jesus Amen Amen

  • Gen

    I didn’t know who Lana Vawser until about a month or two ago. I was in my bed thinking that I wasn’t going to make it, and a friend had posted a word from Lana via Facebook messenger to me. I clicked on the link and started reading. On the page, Lana said something about there are those of you out there that are saying to yourself, “I am not going to make it.” These were exact words. I have been a follower every since. The words are very encouraging, and I agree that the words may not all be for me, but I take what agrees with my spirit. Thanks, Lana and your ministry.

  • Susan M

    Dear Lana. Thank you so much again for this precious beautiful word in season…the Lord used it to remind me of a prophetic word that He gave through a ministry 3 years ago, which was about coming ‘full circle’ in His divine plans and timing… As I meditated further on the spherical favour He spoke abo to you, i knew the Lord was affirming a ‘timing’ in the Spirit NOW…and a need to say “Yes!” to His timing, to step out in faith withe His prophetic blessing …as ‘wind in our sails’. I needed this so much,since my career has faced some very rough challenges in the past year. The enemy has tried to get me bound in fear. This word renewed me instantly in faith, saying, ” if God is for us, who can be against us?” Blessings…

  • Charlene Bontrager

    RESTORING GRACE and MANIFESTATION of SEEDS SOWED LONG AGO!!!!!!!!!! is exactly what happened to me this weekend. Restored relationships this weekend with sisters. I got the word on the way out the door and took it to heart, and IT ALL HAPPENED, PRAISE GOD! (one word from God)…