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By Lana Vawser 
I had a vision recently where I saw the hand of the Lord come down upon the nation of America and upon the body of Christ in the USA and He pressed a huge button that was gold and shining and it said “RESET” across it.
I saw that there was a simultaneous “RESET” that was about to happen in the nation and in the body of Christ in the nation. As this “button” was pressed, I saw what looked like “sound waves” being released from this button that was activated and the sound waves where moving through the nation and in the body of Christ.
As the “sound waves” pulsated through the nation and the church I could hear Matthew 11:15 and Revelation 2:29 being declared loudly, over and over.
“Whoever has ears, let them hear.” ~ Matthew 11:15
“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” ~ Revelation 2:29
As I was listening to these Scriptures being declared over the nation and the body of Christ, I could feel the invitation flowing from the heart of God to His people to come deeper in surrender, to lay down agenda’s and seek out His heart for He was bringing about a “MINDSET RESET” in the nation of America and in the body of Christ.
I then heard the Lord say “The way the United States is viewed and the MINDSET that has been established in the nation is about to CHANGE and I want My people to agree with My heart and be on the same page. The same page that I have set the stage for a great REARRANGE.”
As I heard the word “REARRANGE” instantly a vision opened up in front of Me and I saw a HUGE CHESSBOARD. I watched as the hand of the Lord moved pieces from the front to the back and pieces from the back to the front. It was happening in the nation and the Church of America all at the same time.
I watched as He moved pieces in directions many people did not like, nor did they expect, and I could see many on the sidelines of this chessboard and they were looking at the pieces being shifted, shaped and moved and they were shouting and throwing stones at them. As these stones were being thrown I saw a word written on the stones and it said “DECLARATIONS”. These declarations being shouted were attempting to stop the “shifting and moving” of the pieces because they were not moving in the way that was expected . The Lord then says to me “Lana, where are their eyes, where is their focus?” I looked and noticed the eyes of these ones were on the “pieces” ,how they look and their movements. So I answered the Lord “They are on the pieces.” He then says to me “Yes, in this critical moment for the United States of America, My people need to make sure that they are pressing deeper into My heart than ever before. They need to make sure that their eyes are on Me and not on the “external”. For My people will not understand My ways and the way I am shifting things around if their eyes are on the natural. They must come lower still, in a place of surrender, no agenda and seek My heart as I release greater insight, strategy, blueprints and keys for this nation. I am about to release the greatest “RESET” upon the nation of America that they have seen and I am inviting My people deeper still. I am about to RE-ESTABLISH what has been lost. I am about to RE-ESTABLISH life. I am about to RE-ESTABLISH hope, but it will be in a way that may look unexpected. Darkness may surround, shaking may be heard, but as My people press deeper into My heart, they will HEAR the sounds of life.”
A vision then opens in front of me and I see myself standing in a room and I see Donald Trump on one side of the room and Hilary Clinton on another. I can see them both speaking, but I cannot hear what they are saying. The sense surrounds me that they are debating or releasing their policies. As this is taking place I see above them a great spiritual battle taking place in the heavenlies. There is a MAJOR WAR going on in the spirit. I can see angelic hosts, I can see demonic figures and there is turbulence, shaking, the storm in the spirit is violent.
I then notice the people of God standing all around Trump and Clinton in a U shape. I see MANY crying out and in fervent prayer as they can see the violent storm taking place in the spirit in this critical moment, but I then see MANY of God’s people with their eyes on each other and they are fighting and throwing stones at each other. They are tearing each other apart and not seeing what’s actually going on in the spirit and taking their position to intercede.
I begin to wonder why the people of God are standing around these two Presidential Candidates in the shape of a “U” and instantly I hear the Lord saying… “This is a critical moment. Get your eyes off U (YOU). Lift your eyes HIGHER! Ask Me for greater sight. Lift your eyes off U (YOU) and your agenda or expectation and keep your eyes on Me and partner with Me to pray for the DESTINY I have for the USA to be manifested in whatever form and way I choose. My people the enemy is using this election to bring division, hatred and poison amongst you. If you have your eyes on U (YOU) this division will continue. I have allowed this shaking to take place in the body of Christ to bring about an exposing of offenses and what is in the heart so I can HEAL YOU, set you free and take you deeper in Me. I have allowed this critical, violent shaking to show you My people, just how much you need to be continually cultivating your intimacy with Me, living in the renewing of the mind, and constantly crying out for discernment and spiritual insight and sight, even when your mind is offended. My people, My people in the United States, do not allow what is going on in the elections to DIVIDE YOU! This is your time to RISE UP!!!!! Come deeper! Come deeper! Come deeper! Trust Me! Trust Me and what I am doing!
Trust Me and what I am doing!”The Lord then continues “The U shape represents a divine U TURN! A TURNING OF DIRECTION!!!!! I am bringing a DIVINE RESET to the United States. I am setting things up again that have been broken and establishing things that are completely NEW, but in order to perceive the NEW that is about to BREAK THROUGH, the NEW that I am about to release into the USA, you must come deeper still without agenda.”
‘In the remaining weeks leading up to the election there will be an increase in angelic visitations, there will be an increase in encounters with Me, there will be an increase in prophetic dreams and signs and wonders releasing KEYS to you My people of My heart for the USA and My plans for what is to come. Leading up to this election, POSITION YOURSELF WITHOUT AGENDA or BIAS to SEEK ME as I am releasing CLARITY and INSIGHT on how to pray and declare for what I am about to do and going to do in the USA right now and the next DECADE. I am ENLARGING your sight My people, I am ENLARGING your vision. I am going to be releasing insight for the next DECADE in the United States, because what I am doing now, FAR SURPASSES an election or one or two Presidential Terms. There has been much warfare and turbulence concerning this election, because this is a TIPPING POINT ELECTION that as My people partner with My heart, will see DESTINY open up in more significant ways than EVER in the USA. The enemy knows this, so there has been great opposition and backlash. Seek Me, hear Me and call and decree My heart. Throw stones not at each other. Partner with Me in declaring and crying out for a DIVINE RESET and NEW BEGINNING! AGREE WITH ME! Pick up My Word and throw the stones at the enemy and the giants that stand before the DESTINY of the USA being opened up in a whole new way. It may be dark, and feel like the darkness is increasing, but My people, SEE, SEE, SEE with the eyes of My Spirit and SEE that I am setting the stage for LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!”


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  • Autumn brown

    This is phenomenal. We had a prayer meeting at church tonight to intercede on behalf of Donald Trump and election. I love receiving your emails. I have already forwarded my brother and mom the word given in email. Thank u

    • Bob

      Why didn’t you intercede on behalf of Hilary Clinton as well? Both candidates are deeply flawed, so why only pray for one of them?

      • Kevin

        Hi Rob
        Thank you for your email. Just over a year ago, Lana had a dream about Trump, and in that dream felt the Lord’s heart for him. At the time she actually favored Carson, yet the Lord shifted her heart on this.

  • Terri Richardson

    I pray the body of Christ will heed this word!
    Help me Holy Spirit to keep my eyes on Jesus and to go deeper in His Heart and have courage.

  • Lura hunter

    This is such a needful and timely word. Thank you Father that you have a great plan for the USA. Now we will partner with you to bring it to pass. Thanks for giving us strategic prayer points and the admonition to look to You. Yes. We will trust you! We will keep our eyes on you! We will listen to your voice and pray the prayers of your heart! Thank you Lord.

  • Sam Paschall

    Dear Lana,
    This word mirrors the word of the Lord to me. This week I wrote a “Confessions” letter for what to Declare. In the preamble I wrote:
    “Seeds sown into the quantum (Kingdom) level go beyond the conscience level to the Kingdom level where there is no time and space. Therefore speak (sow) seeds (word) from what we see (soil) in the Kingdom level (as seated with Christ in the Heavenlies), that is the truth in every situation ringing in our ears that is the divine upgrade of hearing what the Spirit is saying, and saying to the Church.”
    I receive and believe this word of the Lord you gave for the USA. It brings much clarity to the exercise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 that I and many of my fellow Americans have been doing…

  • Tatenda Dune

    Oh my God! Ten years! Last week Lord has been talking to me about the US and he said what he was telling me are events, situations, fruition of plans that will happen in 10 years! It’s aligment. He’s putting things into alignment.
    Thank you Lana for posting this. I’m even more encouraged that I’m hearing godw clearly. God bless.

  • Christine G.

    I am so grateful to read these words., I cannot express how very powerfully I am encouraged & upheld by them. Thank you, Lana, for such faithfulness in your ministry. Because of it, I have finally come to KNOW that Jesus loves the United States of America.