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some short posts.

Hi all
As we have been away from our office we have not been able to post to the website as easily (our remote posting system needs a few tweaks).
Lana has posted a couple of short messages on Facebook, so I am now forwarding them to you all.
God bless!
2nd Oct.
I feel such an excitement in the Spirit today and I heard the Lord saying “I am going to blow your socks off with what I am about to do IN YOU, THROUGH YOU and FOR YOU!!!” Get ready to go to a new level of wide eyed awe of His goodness, love and faithfulness.
3rd Oct..
This is an “in over your head” season. The Lord is taking you way past your ability and expectation. It’s not about your ability but your availability. New levels and realms of the “new”. Don’t be afraid! Stay yielded and surrendered. Keep an ear on His chest, for He is about to lead you into completely new levels of anointing, gifting, territory and expansion and when you stand in the midst of it completely in over your head and you see the biggest explosion of breakthrough and move of His Spirit that you have ever seen, you will KNOW that it’s not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit. This “in over your head season” is bringing the greatest stretching over His people to prepare them to see Him move in and through them more than they could ever have dreamed. It is time for new levels of signs and wonders! It’s revival time!


  • Becky

    Thanks for these beautiful, exciting words! God has put in my heart, “You are at the threshold of transition and transformation!” He is moving in our lives, if we are willing and obedient I believe He will use us. Prayers for you and your family on your exciting adventure!

  • Pam Thompson

    Lana, sister in the Lord, I love this Word….I love all the Words from the Lord. Almost all Words you post, a few weeks before, Holy Spirit down loads me or gives me a picture with a lot of the same Words. I love that because it shows me that we are truly One, on the same page, in the same River flow, even though we are half a world away from each other. I’m really expectant for Him to reveal more of Himself and all the goodies He has for His Beloved. Going from glory to glory.
    Gods richest blessings to you, your team and your family. We are just entering into a year of Jubilee, and all that entails!
    Friends eternally in Jesus, Pam Davis Thompson

  • Sandra

    Lana you recently posted about a orphan spirit. Please pray for deliverance from this as I had no relationship with my father except fear. Thank you so much.

  • Tanya

    Amen!!! I’m already in over my head and too far out in the lake to turn back. I refuse to go back to the way it use to be, and am expecting a mighty move of God! I’m in a new place; new territory; and new season….Hallelujah!

  • Jean Lorimer

    Thank you so much for your post. The excitement is contagious. I am encouraged that the outpouring is imminent. To God be the glory