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LVM weekly update.

Hi all!
This is just a short update for Lana Vawser Ministries.
Our family has been in Hobart ministering at the Dream Again conference, hosted by ps Anthony Castro at Living Waters Christian Centre. There was a great day of worship, teaching and declaration  with Lana ministering prophetically at the evening service with our friend Katy Spakman.
Lana continues to minister at a Sunday afternoon service – 4:00pm October 4th 2015  (Living Waters Christian Centre – 2 Cadbury Road, Claremont, TAS).
I have come into Lana Vawser Ministries in a broader capacity, leaving my position at Australia Post in a step of faith into what the Lord is doing. This will allow me to focus more time and energy into the logistics of the ministry and planning our trip into USA in 2016.
In a short time we are travelling again within Australia, this time to Adelaide, ministering on Mon 19, at Australian  Congress Ministry.
We will keep on sending weekly updates as we can. Thank you for your prayers and support.
God Bless
Kevin Vawser.


  • Merrilyn Culley

    I am a recent follower of this ministry and I love the expression of the Lord through Lana. It has ministered to us time and again through some very difficult times we have found ourselves in.
    Your update today reminded me of my childhood. Originally a kiwi my dad quit his job when I was five and joined my mom in their full time ministry of Child Evangelism. It has been great to have memories of standing around my parents bed with my older sisters praying for God to provide for us. Seeing him come through with food, finances, a car and vacations for my parents.
    I have not followed you guys long enough to know if you have children or not. I just want to encourage you that even though you are with each other a lot now don’t forget to take special time for each other and family time. My life would have been very different if my parents had been encouraged to do that.
    God bless you as you walk into His love hand in hand in Faith.

  • tania Goodison

    Hi there, first thank you for being obedient to your calling. I noticed that Lana was very accurate in my husband and my walk with the Lord, via the Elijah list, which is why I joined your mail list. I’m writing today as my husband and I, from south Africa, are also being called to North America, USA, and Alaska. We have been eagerly waiting on Gods timing with excitement and also a heavy heart, for we know persecution is around the corner. I am very excited as Lana plans her trip in 2016 and we will pray for you as a ministry and a family. Jesus bless you.

  • Jennifer

    I have been so blessed by your ministry! God speaks to me often in dreams and recently I had a dream about Australia. This surprised me a bit as I have never been there and it was pretty specific. When I woke up, I looked at a map and sure enough, my dream was exactly as the map. My dream included Adelaide and then I read it in your post this morning. While I may not understand the dream fully yet, it is a good prompt this morning to cover your ministry in prayer! So thankful for this ministry!!! God bless you all!

  • Vicky Ordowski

    I have been following you all for a few months now and so appreciate what you share what God has shared with you. It sounds like your whole family is on a new journey both in the physical and spiritual. Praying for continued insite and direction on what God is doing for you personally and for what He wants us to know, through you. God speed on your travels.
    Vicky Ordowski,
    Michigan USA

  • Luwanna Stiner

    Excited about you coming to America! God is doing Great things in Indiana. We have found many confirmations in your shared words. Don’t forget Indiana on your trip! Prayers of blessing and continued favor on you & yours!

  • Janette OConnor

    I bless you from the Passion Translation:
    Psalm 63:6 & 8 ” I lie awake each night thinking of You and reflecting on how You help me like a Father. With passion I pursue and cling to You, I keep my soul close to your heart.”
    God bless your sacrificial service to Him. We need your voices in the U.S.

  • Aldo

    hi Kevin, typo: Lana continues to minister at a Sunday afternoon… Should read: Lana continued to minister at a Sunday afternoon. Otherwise sounds like she’s still there in Hobart ministering. ?