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I had a dream last year where I was in a courtroom and I knew that the Lord was sitting in the Judge’s seat. I saw Him pick up the gavel and He hit it down on the bench SO loudly. I then heard Him speak loudly and He said “THE SCALES OF JUSTICE HAVE BEEN BALANCED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”
Over the past few days with the awful tragedies that have taken place this dream has been coming to my mind over and over and over.
This morning as I sat with the Lord, I felt the invitation from His heart to join with Him in what He is decreeing over this nation. I kept hearing the words “Take your place in HEAVENLY DECREE”. Use your words over this nation wisely. Despite the awful darkness and tragedy that has taken place, lift your eyes higher. There is going to be some great shaking in the United States but the Church is rising up. The Lord is calling His people to take their place. To arise and shine and to come against this darkness. I felt the heart of God to decree what He is speaking and keep decreeing it until it is SEEN and MANIFESTED in the natural. The heart of God is to bring HIS perfect, heavenly JUSTICE full of love into the United States of America.
As I pondered this dream with the Lord this morning I kept seeing visions of the people of God in the courts of heaven and they were crying out. They were crying out for righteousness for their nation, they were crying out for justice and I saw as they moved into deeper levels of revelation of the decrees that the Father is making over the United States, I saw the word ADJOURN falling over God’s people.
ADJOURN : To put off or postpone
I saw this army of light, rising in the decrees of heaven, deep in prayer and intercession, awakened to their authority in Jesus and they were moving forward and PUSHING BACK the darkness. I watched as strategic plans of the enemy over the nation were being foiled and postponed in the spirit before they could be put into action.
As this was happening I could hear the Lord saying “STAND UP!!! STAND UP!!! STAND UP!!! TAKE YOUR PLACE!!! STAND UP!!!!”
In the awakening that was happening in the body of Christ, the people of God were taking their place and decreeing in the Spirit “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and beginning to move into their God given identity and destiny. I watched as the people of God began to take their place and move into places of INFLUENCE in society and culture to bring radical CHANGE.
This army marched forward in prayer, in intercession, with the angels that are on assignment, into the seven mountains, into the darkness with HUGE badges on their chest that looked FULLY ALIVE that said:
“Greater is HE that is in ME than he that is in the world” – 1 John 4:4
The Lord is rising up His people like never before. We are taking back our rightful place, and where they enemy is causing tragedy and death and destruction, the ARMY OF GOD is rising up, KNOWING who they are and bringing LIGHT in the darkness.
At the end of this vision I heard the Lord say “Put your faith in what I say. Do not let the darkness sway you. Stand with Me and AGREE that the scales of justice will be balanced in the United States of America. The scales of HEAVENLY PERFECT justice. Decree with Me and watch and SEE My Glory!!!!”


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  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Gary

    Do you believe the Lord is saying “THE SCALES OF JUSTICE HAVE BEEN BALANCED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” by these five policeman being killed in Dallas?

      • Natalie richards

        Hi Lana idk how to comment on this just yet lol so I’m using this reply thing but everything you have said it was I have been hearing from the lord in our time together each day and at night in some of my dreams he is awakening soldiers of Christ and telling to fight on their knees and take back the nations! It’s so nice to hear I’m not the only one hearing these revelations from the lord!

  • Deborah Gittens

    Amen & Amen i totally agree, we are living in the times where we are litarally going to be on our face night and day, & what is so sad is like most of the world lives in total ignorance, & not realized that the enemy is setting them up & there is a bigger picture, but for the children of the kingdom we need to be focus & be on post to watch & pray, lana we have to keep people like you in prayer at all times & for how God is using you, i bless God for you & your family daily, love always Deborah.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    ARISE Warriors, The Time is Now! We take our place and our stand with our King.
    Had a dream last night – I was in a shop/store and was given a huge bouquet of Lavender/Purple Roses that were just blooming – They were Stunningly Beautiful. I was in High heels, walking out of the store with the roses in my arms, my daughter was by my side – it was dark out – it was night. We walked to my little Honda in the parking lot, got in, started the car, back out of the parking space and drove forward. Yes, the time is Now.
    God Bless Our Nation, God Bless Israel! We Declare Your Will Father God, across this land, Holy Spirit Come!! Touch lives, Reveal Yourself to the people, Lord, through Dreams and Visions – Let them have Divine Encounters with Your Glory, with Your Majesty! Bless You Father God! Thank You Jesus, Beautiful Rose of Sharon!
    Standing and Declaring in Agreement, and in Faith! Much MUCH L<3VE

  • Hercules Kruger

    hi Lana • i want to encourage you wrt your vision about the scales and that we as individuals have to stand up, fight the fight not as small little babies, but as spiritual adults
    our pastor at Worldshakers CFC, Marble Hall, Limpopo, ZA, this morning preached more or less the same message as your vision
    tons of blessings in your ministry