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Today as I sat with the Lord, I kept seeing angels being released from heaven with compasses in their hands. Coming to minister to God’s people with the Holy Spirit to bring CLARITY to NEW DIRECTIONS. As I sat and watched this vision, it reminded me of a word I posted last year. I am reposting it again today, because I feel there is a NEW LEVEL OF DIRECTION upon the people of God in this season.
Blessings, Lana Vawser
He has gone before you and has prepared the way for you. HE will make your paths straight. Many have been experiencing high levels of anxiety over decisions and direction lately, and I want to encourage you….
He is coming with GREAT DIRECTION! Make sure you are PAYING ATTENTION!
“Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” – Isaiah 30:21
No matter what may be attempting to lead you off track, stay close to the Father’s heart and lean in, KNOWING that HE is leading you, has gone before you, and you will NOT stumble and fall as you continue to draw closer to Him.
You will see things that are rising up against you, falling to the wayside. You will see things that aren’t coming into alignment with heaven’s blueprints and plans over your life, will fall to the wayside.
“Trust in the Lord completely, and not on your own opinions, but with all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in all the decisions you make. Become intimate with Him, in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go.” – Proverbs 3:5-6 – The Passion Translation
Pay attention to what the Spirit is revealing and leading. I saw angels being released in increase holding COMPASSES in their hands and they were coming to the people of God with specific instructions. When they came to the people of God before the directions were revealed there was an alignment happening.
I saw these angels hold the compasses up to the hearts of the people of God and the arrow would indicate their “true north” . If the arrow was out of alignment of the true north being HIM, those who were feeling lost, bewildered, confused, hurt, broken and had lost their depth of intimacy with Jesus, suddenly the vision changed and Jesus came to these ones and began to dance with them with such love and affection towards them. There was such a wooing taking place, a deeper invitation into intimacy and as they danced, I watched the arrows come back to true north. His love and kindness was bringing a beautiful alignment to His people and then once the alignment had shifted back to intimacy, these angelic hosts then back to release direction.
For others that were on true north, these angelic hosts were handing them these compasses and these ones were then lead into greater realms of revelation of His Word and who He is, which will then unlock new doors in the natural.
Specific direction is coming from heaven. Lean in. Do not forsake asking the Lord for wisdom. He will freely grant it and the wisdom He releases will bring life to you and all that you touch.
Continue to worship and adore Him and great wisdom will be poured out upon you that will bring breakthrough, and as you walk in His wisdom and integrity there will be refreshment and healing in many bodies. In the encounters with His wisdom in worship, walking close to Him, bodies are being healed.
“For wisdom comes when you adore Him with awe and wonder, and avoid everything that’s wrong – for then you will find the healing refreshment your body and spirit longs for” – Proverbs 3:7 – The Passion Translation
Those who operate in the wisdom of God will see all they place their heads upon turn to gold and will stand out in the world and attract those of great influence which will then see networks and partnerships for happen to bring shifts in atmospheres into the world for the Kingdom and Glory of God.
Trust in the Lord! Trust Him, even when you don’t understand. Let Him lead you and guide you and follow His specific direction.
These specific directions are being released now to equip the people of God, to stretch, grow and promote the people of God. Ears must be tune to Him and as you follow His specific instruction, you will see you are being lead into greater realms of breakthrough, revelation and life.
Do not be anxious, do not stress. Trust Him completely. He has your best interests at heart! He has specific counsel and wisdom, He is about to impart. Just ask! ?


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  • Lois

    God Bless you woman of God…l needed this and l receive it… Heavenly Father give me Your Wisdom…Praise God! Praise God!

  • Faith Lubitz

    Wow…so I dreamed last night a tall white-haired man had a delicious-looking piece of yellow cake on a plate. He came up behind me and invited me to dance with him…had his arms around me and we danced backward! He led…gently…I felt safe letting him guide us both backward…kinda fits with your word here doesn’t it Lana? Thanks! Now I know who the guy is!

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Thank You Lord give us your direction for our lives in all we do for your Glory and your Kingdom. We wait upon you Lord.
    Give us Wisdom Lord we wait for your touch my Lord.
    Help us to be in your alignment oh Lord.
    Thank you for your words from your anointed servant Lana to us.
    Bless her Lord.Amen.

  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Lynneve

    Thank you, Lana. So many of your words are so appropriate for me, but none more so than this one! This is awesome and exactly what I needed to hear as I find myself being challenged on every side. Seeking and thanking God for the inspiration, wisdom and greater intimacy I know is mine. Blessings!

  • Catherine Canet

    Dear Sis. Lana,
    Praise be to GOD! HE used you for confirmation of God leading our family into new path, new season of our life! Glory. glory to GOD! What an encouragement…my Sister Carla said , ” God is will give us instruction and we need to obey.” Then opened my email
    read your article- NEW LEVEL OF DIRECTION

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    YES LORD! Clarity and Great Direction for Your people. Help us to Pay Attention.
    I had been praying, “Lord let me hear Your direction for my life, say to me ‘This is the way, Walk in it.'” and then here, I read this Confirmation …
    “He is coming with GREAT DIRECTION! Make sure you are PAYING ATTENTION!
    “Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” – Isaiah 30:21”
    In the early hours of July 7th, I kept awaking and checking the time on my cell – I saw 7 something a.m., 9 something a.m., then 10:23 a.m. I thought to myself, Hebrews 10:23, “Hold fast, unwavering, to the Hope you profess, for HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL.” I thought of writing it down, but said to myself I will remember, then went back to sleep. I awoke again to check the cell time and saw 10:23 A.M. A SECOND TIME! The first time i awoke and saw 10:23 a.m., i was Dreaming in Great detail. The Second time I awoke, REALLY Awoke from sleep and saw it, was The LORD confirming His Word.
    You also confirmed Proverbs 3:5-6 – I once was having a conversation with God aloud in my living room, telling Him i did not understand where all of this was going, what direction was my life headed. That night, I dreamt of a tall shiny black rectangular road sign, on the sign were Golden letters that read “TRUST ME” – Immediately Proverbs 3:5-6 came to mind. I thought to myself but why a TALL rectangular road sign – I looked up the DMV sign shapes and Yes, was reminded that the Tall rectangular signs on the roads are for Direction. I was in Awe of our Father.
    And I want to share that three times on July 7th, I saw 777. Breakthrough has come. A new Level -There is a Peace, a Steadiness, Sharpness and Constant Love, that I have never experienced before. No Fear. And He is Absolutely teaching me, and providing strategies in dealing with the “little foxes” – Thank You Daddy! There is a Definite Transformation taking place in His people. I keep thinking of my coworker who said The Lord was Blossoming me, then reading one of your prophetic posts, and “Blossoming” being confirmed. We will continue to Drink Deep, staying Hydrated and pouring out His Love to those around us. The LORD Is With His People, GLORY!!!
    Always, Blessings & Love Ms Lana & Family <3