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I had a vision last night and I saw Papa God and He was inviting His people into a dance class.
I saw Him begin to teach them new dance steps that were mapping out a new rhythm of breakthrough.
The steps looked completely different to anything they had ever seen before. Strategic steps to take by His Spirit and revelation in His Word leading them into a new realm of momentous breakthrough. The Lord was spending time teaching them this new rhythm so they understood it well.
As the people of God copied the steps He was teaching them I heard BURSTS OF LAUGHTER! The Lord was leading them into new strategic rhythms by His Spirit that was leading His people into new levels of breakthrough.
This new rhythm was leading the people of God into a new understanding and level of dancing upon your circumstances. Even though these new rhythms were like nothing they had ever experienced before and they had no idea what step to take next, all He was asking was for them to keep their eyes on Him and follow His steps. Laughter and joy was breaking forth as the people of God were being led into new levels of breakthrough and victory.
Get your dancing shoes on, it is dance class with Papa time!


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  • Rael bett

    Thanks for the word Lana,I feel this is where I am with God at the moment,I just want to do whatever he tells me regardless of my situation. I want to be where he is and put on dancing shoes.May the lord cont to use you mightily as a vessel of honour.

  • Robyn

    Two nights ago I had a vivid dream where I was dancing in total sync with a Godly man. He knew the dance steps but I didnt, and as he led me in the dance, I was able to follow him without error in my steps. I had such fun and really enjoyed myself. Now I have the interpretation! Thank you Holy Spirit, thank you Lana!

  • Dr. Three Rivers

    Psalms 30:11 – Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing:thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;
    2 Samuel 6:14 – And David danced before the LORD with all [his] might; and David [was] girded with a linen ephod.

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    So precious O’ Mighty and Gentle God, thank You “ABBA” Father, in the Name of Your Only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!!! Yours O’ Daddy is the Honor, Glory, Praise, Worship, Wisdom, Riches, and Thanksgiving, today, tomorrow, and even the day after, and forevermore, Lord I will always Praise You for Who You ARE, In Jesus Christ, Your Beloved Son, Amen!!!

  • Meshac/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    Surely I am wearing my shoes of breakthrough and I ready to learn to dance according to His steps and I am encourage by your word and how God uses you, because every single day I hear from you, I am strengthened to walk in faith. God bless you Lana.

  • Karen

    Hi Lana
    A month a go me and a friend received exactly the same word. And on Sunday we experienced exactly that and when the breakthrough came every one in the room burst out in laughter.