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I was watching a movie with my husband last night and one of the characters in the movie mentioned the words “NEXUS POINTS” and as soon as I heard those words I felt the Lord was highlighting them and wanting to speak.  

I began to research into the definition of nexus points and here is what I found.

“Nexus points are places where destiny and opportunity COLLIDE. Where God’s call and man’s courage will intersect. They are strategic moments that speak to the core of history and purpose, of decisions and the trying of men’s souls. They are opportunities to demonstrate in the moment of testing that your heart is true, that out of the fire comes precious treasure and not garbage to be swept aside.” (1 Corinthians 3:11-13) (Quotes taken from:
There are strategic moments of destiny opening up where God’s call and your courage are about to collide. I saw many of God’s people in their prayer closest and they were crying out to God for the “next step”, for open doors and release into destiny. As they prayed and cried out to the Lord there was a shaking that began to happen around them. Some of the shaking made it looks like they were further from ever seeing a destiny door open, some of the shaking was seeing things move around and everything was “up in the air”.
Their hearts were intertwining with the heart of Papa God and bringing a heavenly shaking to usher in the change of season and new alignments.

Suddenly, I saw doors begin to appear before the people of God and they were labelled “STRATEGIC”. As the people of God watched Papa open the doors and they began to step through, they were moving into NEXUS POINTS. Many were shocked and taken back that as they moved through these doors, there was a test before them.
The tests were different for different people, but the common denominator of the test was COURAGE. It required a step into deeper trust in Him, a step away from fear and a step into a level of supernatural strength and courage that they have not known before, but as they stepped forward in courage because of WHO was with them, what unfolded before them was BIGGER and greater than they imagined and the FRUIT of their partnering with Him, moving forward in courage was DOUBLE what they thought they would see. 

Nexus Points are upon the people of God, the ‘next steps’ of the people of God moving further into their callings.
Don’t be disheartened, dismayed or discouraged by the ‘test’ that is before you there is GRACE for the more. Lean into Him, close to His chest, listen to the rhythm and whisper of His heart and be filled with courage and strength to continue to move forward.
The giants that stand waiting for you on the other side of your NEXUS POINT door in the ‘test’ are going to be SLAYED as you stand TALL IN HIM and in courage because of the beautiful, faithful One who stands WITH YOU.
These nexus point doors are not only seeing God’s call over your life and your courage colliding but as you move through these tests and you face these giants and see them slayed, you will see that this nexus point door is a SIGNIFICANT, STRATEGIC one as it is an EFFECTUAL DOOR, the KEY DOOR that is going to release the OPENING OF MANY “SUDDENLY DESTINY DOORS” from this point on.
I saw strategic networks developing on the other side of these destiny doors. I saw a rearranging of relationships taking place. The Lord is sending the strategic people you need to walk with you in this nexus point and beyond. Steward this door well in the place of intimacy and watch how DESTINY is about to be unlocked over you like a tidal wave.


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  • Lauran

    Thank you thank you…. That was so much confirmation in this moment!!!!!! I do have a big test in front me which i had tsken in 2009 but the dream died then as depression took hold… But the dream is coming alive again!!!! Thank you for your obedience to listening to the lord!!!! Thank you! Such a timely post!

  • Mark

    This started for me on November 1. I came home from church and was hit with the flue. I had to contend for my healing. Before I would declare that I am healed once or twice and it would be over. This time I had to keep declaring it all day long. finally by six p. m. the fever broke and by the next day it was all over.
    Then later in the very same week I get a call that my mother was terminally ill. I kept praying for her. In two days she was released from the hospital with no restrictions. Praise the Lord.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    hahaha! Waiting in God’s presence earlier in the morning; got to hearing that there were “ites to fight”!! Yes! And Saturday, I got to go to “Timmy’s Place”, a thrift shop where the proceeds go to Timothy Christian School north of the thrift shop. They have a spot by the cashier offering used Bibles and literature for free. A little dark blue King James New Testament was laying there by itself, so I opted to get it for free. What is on the inside cover? PRESENTED TO____________BY THE BRITISH AND FOREGN BIBLE SOCIETY IN CANADA * “Be strong and of a good courage”. Yes, that’s a life verse on a plaque my parents gave me before I moved away to work for Timothy Christian School in 1980: “Be strong and of a good courage. Do not be afraid, neither be thou dismayed. For the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.” That was spoken to Joshua wasn’t it? Thank You Lord for Your words. Your words are spirit and they are life!!

  • stephanie

    This blog has given me so much encouragement and has helped to keep me on the right path. Please say a prayer for me! I’m really afraid that I’ve lost the anointing he’s placed over my life because I’m afraid and all I feel anymore is fatigued and weary. I’ve been fighting in my own strength because I’m scared and I don’t know why, I don’t understand myself. There seems to be this internal fight within myself, where I sense the Lord is calling for me to go to a deeper place. Its like He goes into reach for a very intimate part or core of my heart and its like when He goes into to touch it, I slap His hand away. When in reality, that’s the last thing I want to do!!! I don’t get it sometimes, why I’m doing the things I’m doing. I’m so afraid he’ll walk away and give up on me and I’ll be left behind in the wake of everyone moving forward. Please pray for me and thank you so much for this amazing blog! They are such confirmations and such road sighs in my life to keep me awake on this journey! God Bless You Lana!!

  • Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    Since I started receiving your prophetic messages they just collide to the season that I am walking through, and I feel so much blessed and encouraged to trust Him more and more and day by day. Please extend your prophetic hand to my wife Suzan Baloyi as she is thrilled when I read the prophetic messages to her also our sons, Ignitious, Tiyani,George, Rhulani and Curtis.

  • Claudia Strong

    Hi Lana! I feel as though I am being stretched in more than one direction. I geel like things are all out of sort! I know also that I am starting a new beginnning and that I am being
    tested. It is a very strange feeling! Im just holding to trust God even more! Thank you for this word!

  • Rae Graber

    About 10 years ago, when we lived in Washington State just below Canada, my husband got a job in Vancouver which required him to cross the border to get to work. We applied for Nexus passes so we could use the express lane which could save a lot of time as the border crossings could sometimes take hours depending on the traffic. To get a Nexus pass was a lengthy process of filling out paper work and providing a lot of information to Immigration so they could do background checks. Once you got the passes, however, crossing the border became much easier and quicker. All you would have to do was wave your pass within view of their scanner and it would pick up the information on the card so the immigration officer knew you were legitimate and basically they would wave you through without any delay.
    The Nexus points are tests and “background checks” so to speak. Once we pass these tests, we are given access to use the Express lane to cross between the border of Heaven and earth more freely.

  • angela

    I was really fretting over an issue I had discovered over a life changing move the Lord was bringing. This post arrived at this time and was very timely and gave me great comfort. It lined up with other words the Lord bought me over the last few days. Wonderful ministry. Praise God and thank you.

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    Amen, thank You Father God, for this is what I mostly need, Lord I praise You, and I thank You in the Name of the Lord Jesus, Amen!!!

  • Kearn

    Hi Lana.. Thank you for always been obedient and bold to release what God has given you. You words are always so timely as my wife and I are in the process of a geographical move which we believe is from God. Just received more confirmation through this post. May the Lord continue to enlarge your territory of influence. God bless!