Prophetic Words


As I was sleeping last night I heard the Lord and He spoke loudly:
"I am quickening time between the release of the promise to its fulfilment."
QUICKENING: To make more rapid; accelerate; to give restore; to revive and restore life; to receive life and become alive. (
The Lord is quickening time as His people are between the release of His promise/s to its fulfilment. The Lord is releasing a great acceleration. In this acceleration, the Lord is going to restore, He is going to revive and restore life where life has been stolen.
Through this great acceleration taking place NOW the Lord is bringing His people to LIFE. What has hindered His people as they press in and stand firm waiting on Him, will hinder them no more. The people of God are going to hit the ground RUNNING. The stretching has been long and hard, but the catapult acceleration of time to fulfilment has ARRIVED.
I saw a clock and the clock hands were moving FAST around the clock to bring the people of God to the place of FULLNESS. It stopped at 12! He is establishing His fullness and government in your life as you have continued to stand firm in Him.
Your SUDDENLY has come. The acceleration is not coming, it has BEGUN. Fasten your seatbelts for the process is about to reach fulfilment QUICKLY. A glorious heavenly quickening of time is about to be seen and a demonstration of the goodness of God. His glorious heart of love is going to be seen in the acceleration to restore, revive, restore, set up and release in and through His people.
People of God, in this whirlwind of acceleration you are coming ALIVE to the life that was purchased for you and always yours. The enemy may have come to steal, kill and destroy, but he is defeated. He has lost, and you are moving into greater LIFE. (John 10:10)
His promise/s to you is about to reach fulfilment SUDDENLY! Sudden heavenly alignment.
You are now going to see how He is quickening time between the release of the promise/s to its fulfilment. The power of God is about to be put on display for all to see!!! Wonderful God!!!
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  • Ruth

    Thanks for sharing this with us.. thanks be to God for the encouragement ….please pray for me and us to hang in there .it is so hard and feels like can’t wait no more. .

  • Ruth

    Please pray for my family. For finances. ..we’re over our ears in debt because of job losses and poor health. ..please pray for my son Andrew to drop his girlfriend because it is not of God. .beg you for prayer for his life career and purpose and him to go back to post secondary school. .. .praying for you too. .you’re such a blessing and I wait for email from you each day for God’s personal messages so that I can keep going don’t know where I’d be otherwise ..rl

  • Christi Banks

    Praise Our God! Oh Lana I was just crying out to the Lord asking Him to meet us on earth for perfect time! I know God sent this word thru you & I gladly receive this encouragement & bless you!!
    [email protected]

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    I like to thank you! for your faithfulness to the LORD GOD; may He bless you so much and in such a profound way, above and beyond everything and anything!!!I worship the LORD for connecting me with you, His vessel of honor!!!

  • Elmarie Richards

    Yes I believe that wholeheartedly. All through your posts the last couple of weeks there has been a confirmation and a building up to realising the promises of God. It’s time to receive. Bless you Lana for being a godly prophet and confirming what God has said personally through other prophets. God bless and strengthen you! Elmarie

  • Christi Banks

    Is there another way to sow into your ministry? I tried clicking in the paypal link & entered my cc info but some of the other info would not take. God bless you today!
    [email protected]

  • Beverley Estes

    Thank you for such good word from our Father. When HE is saying some similar words to many of us.
    I have been studying, visiting with HIM and the HOLY SPIRIT, our teacher, and reading every thing I can get my hand on to deepen my knowledge of HIM and to prepare my self for the Bride. “HE says the Bride will get herself ready.” I am so hungry that I could forget to eat, sleep, and still feel really good.
    Thank you in helping us with encouragement. Blessings Beverely