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Hi Friends, I had an open vision in my quiet time recently where I was taken to heaven and shown a mansion that was being prepared for a saint – a leader that was walking in Purity. As we walk in purity of heart before the Lord, may we see God. (Matthew 5:8)

Heavenly Encounters await,


This is Purity’s story. I want you to meet Purity. Purity is a lover of Jesus. Purity is one continues to seek hard after His heart. Purity is one who stands on the front line and is partnering with Him in what He is doing on the earth. Purity has suffered much, endured much, walked deep valleys with Him while the storms raged, and one who has danced and cried with joy on the mountaintops.

Purity is one who knows the secret place well and greatest desire is to know Him. Purity in this season has felt the sudden onslaught of the fiery darts and weary from the battle, that began to feel the ‘tug’ to withdraw and find the cave to hide in away from the eyeballing stare of the enemy.

Purity had misplaced boldness and forgotten the authority that was theirs because of the weariness that had become so heavy from the battle and the wounds from the darts throbbed with an ache Purity had not known before.

In Purity’s place of despair, the place of almost giving up, Purity began to feel His wooing of love..”Come away with Me…I want to show you something..”

Purity had hardly any strength to press forward anymore, or go deeper, the best Purity could do was stay collapsed at the feet of the One who held her heart in His hands. Suddenly, He, beautiful Jesus reached down and lifted her high off the ground through a portal and entered into a whole new dimension.

Purity found herself standing before a MANSION and she knew she was in heaven. She looked to her left and she saw Jesus standing beside her. She was standing there with Him, in AWE of this MANSION.

It had all the colours of the rainbow all over it, sparkling with swirls like glitter. It was like the house was alive and breathing. This house was FULL of life. Jesus grabbed her hand and He smiled at her and He said:

“I have brought you here to show you a representation of the impact you are having on earth in Me. Do not ever doubt the impact you are having and the treasures in heaven that are being stored up for you. This is just the beginning of what is stored up for you. Come let me show you something…”

He then walked with Purity hand in hand up to this mansion and he opened the white picket fence and as they stepped onto the footpath, they heard this roar of applause.All around the house, around the picket fence were all these people who were shining brighter than anything Purity had ever seen.

They were the great cloud of witnesses and they were applauding loudly.

Purity walked hand in hand with Jesus into this mansion, yet she couldn’t see much inside except polished floorboards, and she instantly had the sense that she couldn’t see anymore in this house because her mission on this earth still had a long way to go and was nowhere near finished yet, but a stirring began to fill her heart that it was going to get a lot FULLER from this point.

Purity felt His strong yet gentle hand motion her to the right, and Jesus spoke: “After the many assaults that you have faced this has now been opened up to you” and there was a HUGE door before her that was covered in jewels.

He opened it, and inside there was a river flowing, but this river had HUGE waves and it was flowing all through the room. It was so beautiful, she was completely immersed in these waves.

The Lord led Purity into the middle of this room filled with the rainbow waves and He began to laugh and laugh and laugh, such joy. Purity began to cry and cry and cry as the grief and pain in her heart began to pour out, she knew instantly that He was restoring her heart.

As the grief and pain came out it was swallowed up by these beautiful rainbow waves and in the place where this pain and grief was her heart was being filled with this rainbow coloured water.

INSTANTLY she knew that HE WAS CHANGING THE ATMOSPHERE IN her promises, IN her destiny. He was turning the pain and the grief into JOY. His laugh had two different sounds. It was a laugh of pure joy, but also a laugh at the enemy.

As he laughed at the enemy, it carried SUCH authority. As each laugh left His mouth, it was as if His laugh were messages, carrying sentences of authority towards the enemy.

The first time He laughed at the enemy, the words boomed: “You think you hit Purity hard, your attempts are petty. You just wait and see what I am going to do to you through her. I am LAUGHING at your attempts. You just watch and see what I am about to do in and through her. Thank you for positioning Purity for greater promotion.”

Once the pain had left her heart, she began to laugh and laugh with Him, their heads flung back in laughter. He then looked into the middle of this room of rainbow waves, and reached in deeper than Purity could see and He pulled out four flags, and He said to her “These are to take back with you.”

The first flag was purple and written on it in HUGE letters was the words “FAVOUR AND PROMOTION”. The Lord then began to explain to her that new doors and floors of favour and promotion are opening up to her.

The second flag was orange and it said “HONOUR”. The Lord went onto say that there was going to be greater visible manifestations of the His honour and vindication over her life that would bring great change and transition in the body of Christ as she ministered to restore honour in the Bride.

The third flag was green and it said “FINANCES”. The Lord spoke.. “Where the enemy has stolen and broken in the area of finances I am going to bring huge breakthrough and provision leading to HUGE testimony. The Lord was breaking a lot of financial burden the enemy had brought upon her.

The fourth flag was blue yet in the light it was all the colours of the rainbow and it said “DOUBLE PORTION OF REVELATION AND ACCURACY”. The Lord explained that Purity was being positioned for greater clarity the moment the enemy decided to go “head to head” with her.

The Lord then turns to Purity and with a smile on His face He says “Purity, it’s time to go.” They walk back out of this room, out of the house, down the front steps of the porch, down the path and the crowd is still outside clapping and cheering and they are saying “You are doing SO well, it ONLY GETS BETTER FROM HERE.”

They were SO excited and shouted “You just WAIT AND SEE what happens from here. YAY!!!! YAY!! YAY!!!!”

As the Lord led Purity back to portal to leave this heavenly encounter, a handful of angelic hosts crossed her path.

They spoke to her with tear filled eyes and said “It is SUCH AN HONOUR to be assigned to you and work with you in partnership with Him. They handed Purity a little wooden box and as she opened the box there were two keys.

The first key said “access to angelic encounters” – The Lord was moving Purity into a season of greater encounters with the angelic hosts of heaven.

The second key said “access to this place”. An invitation was being released to Purity to come back in and out of this mansion when she needed to.

The angelic hosts spoke “This is YOUR special place”.

Purity then moved through the portal and exited the heavenly encounter, but Purity was healed, restored, refreshed and positioned for greater breakthrough than she had ever known. All the darts the enemy had thrown at her to stop her from moving forward, actually positioned her for greater promotion in Him. Not only was there restoration but she had moved into a realm that was completely NEW.


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  • Lorraine Nwaering

    Thank you Lana!!! The Lord knew I needed this word tonight!!! And I receive it with all my heart in Jesus” Name!!!!!

  • Tina Journey

    This is mine!This is for me! Thank you so much for sharing. I thought I was losing it with so much prophetic words coming, and coming true.
    There are no words of gratefulness I could ever express for your brave spirit so bold in Him.
    Love you. Please pray. There are many doors, entertainment industry and prophetic I am entering. Neither of which I’ve been before. Not publicly anyway.
    Be blessed. You are a blessing and loved.

  • Sophia Livingston

    Never before have I been touched by a prophetic word such as this! Oh, my living God! I have had to give up ALL I have to follow Christ, to pursue God. I awoke one morning to a major gift dropping into my spirit that allowed me to see into the spirit realm. I see everything that the enemy attempts to do…unfortunately, he can see me too! It hurts to see so much pain, ignorance, hatred and downright evil around me. But I refuse to stop pushing and pursuing God. I made a vow at the beginning of this year to align my spirit, soul and body with God’s will for my life. And when I did, it seemed as if all hell broke loose in my direction!! I have testimonies that will blow people’s minds. I hurt all over. My head hurts. My body hurts. My heart aches when I see the destruction the enemy has wrought on the Body of Christ. Still I press. I pray. I cover. I rebuke. I go deeper in prayer. I worship when I can’t pray. And days when I am too beat down and tired to worship, I just crawl into the lap of Jesus to rest.
    The eyes of the enemy are everywhere. I don’t venture out into public much. And I even battle at home around family because I have no where else to go. This experience has taken its toll on my endurance and I’ve been stretched beyond what I thought was humanly possible. But I still stand. I still confess that I’m an overcomer. I confess that I have victory over the enemy. However, some days I would like to confess that I have deliverance as well, but can’t seem to remember the word “deliverance” to speak it out.
    Knowing this about Purity has encouraged my heart beyond belief! In the midst of my pain, battles and struggle to keep the faith I know there is greater. However, I could not see greater until today. Praise God for you!! I am a seer in the true sense of the word and a visual prophet as well. Thank you for the visuals!! They are invaluable; absolutely priceless to one who has had to forsake mother, father, siblings, children, etc. to follow Christ. Oh, my God it hurts me to know that they are not who I thought they were, but I am encouraged that they too will seek the Lord in a real way.
    May the Lord God bless you richly and financially in every area of your life where there is a need. I will remember you in my prayers. Please call out my name: Sophia “Purity” Livingston. Blessings unto you…

  • Carol

    Greetings to you beloved of YESHUA, Lana
    This Word was just for me. I am that Purity. It confirms everything ABBA has given through to me and now I have a clearer understanding of God’s plan with my life. Living in a New Dimension.
    Thank you Lana for being so fine tuned into the frequency of God’s Holy Spirit. To bring down and deliver unto us what is in heaven to manifest through your Word of Prophecy in our lives and to have a clearer vision and understanding as I relate to this Word of Prophecy.
    Isaiah 42:9 & 2Chronicles 20:20
    YHVH Blesses you much. Treasures unlimited is awaiting you in heaven.
    Shabbat Shalom Lana
    Carol Matthyse

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    Lord God this is a word, this is a deep revelation, crystal clear, of Who You Are, and what You desired from us as Your people, Lord God my prayer to You now is: Help me Lord to live in holy intimacy with You, a holy communion, help me to develop a deep and personal relationship with You, in Your presence, into the Holy of Holies, directly, and into the great Power of Your Holy Spirit, Lord God I am open to You, have Your way in my life, in the Name of Jesus Christ Your Son, Amen!!!

  • lizette smith

    Praise GOD for this word!! I was in despair just now; crying in the car on my way to work….and then I read this!! It was as if every word was written for me. Thank you for your obedience and love for GOD!!

  • Sharyn Blackman

    Lana this is an amazing word. Thank you for sharing it. It’s really hit the spot for me. I shall continue on believing my breakthrough is coming.
    Bless you in all you do for the Lord.

  • Trena M Morris

    This was so meant for me. All I could do while reading this was to bow my head, take it in, and cry. This touch my heart deeply and it’s exactly what I needed to receive. Thank you for being a yielded vessel to tap into the heart of God and release timely word as you do. Peace, Blessings, & Prosperity always!!!!!

  • Tuulahannele

    Oh, I got tears in my eyes when reading along the encounter. hoping deep in my heart this Purity could be me. Thank you for sharing this encouraging, hope giving vision. Your ministry is big blessing to the body of Christ.

  • patricia sperandio

    WOW! What an awesome word! That is exactly the place God has me now! Thanks for such an encouraging word!

  • batya

    Thank you Father for such an Amazing Word for your brides. Thank you Lana for your obedience to share what the Lord has for us. This is such a timely message, atleast for me, I was becoming so tired, not really spiritually, but physically tired and this is such a refreshing message and confirmation that this journey and the difficulties that try to block our path are so worth it. I get energized when I think of the cloud of witnesses cheering us on. May you receive always the supernatural Peace of God that passes all understanding, all His blessings and divine health. Peace to you. Thank you for your sensitivity to the precious Holy Spirit. Be blessed

  • Rsolomon

    I have read many prophetic words over the past three years.And have related to a few.However this word as i was reading it. I had such a over whelming feeling and joy and some tear’s .That it was my story you was seeing.That Yah Jesus was showing you me.He has spoken a lot of waht he showed you to me about myself.A shock and amazement to see this word this morning.Never have i felt like this when seeing a word before.Wow God bless you Sister Lana and your husband and family and Ministry in Yah Jesus name.

  • coleen

    Dearest Lana,
    You will never know what this message meant to me! I started crying at the second paragraph until the very end!
    Today I noticed I wasn’t getting your e-mails and I became so very concerned and I knew I just had to make sure I get your mails. There was an urgency in my spirit.
    Praise God I re-submitted my e-mail address and they came through again. And now I know satan tried real hard for me to miss this message! I know with all my heart, soul and spirit this was for me!
    Thank you Lana, dearest sister in Christ, for being such a faithful servant of our Father God!
    God bless you abundantly!

  • Donna Ide

    What an anointed piece of glorious revelation . So filled with beauty and grace. Thank You, Abba. Thank you, Lana.

  • Christiana

    Lana, thank you.
    The past 5 months I have suffered and endured much, forgotten the authority that I carry, gave too much and was overcome by storms, became overwhelmed by the darts of the enemy that never seemed to stop… It took me well over an hour to read this last night as I wept profusely out of anger, hurt, grief, pain, and finally the beginning of acceptance.
    Thank you is not enough to prove the gratitude I have for what you released in this word. I am clinging the the Lord harder than I ever have. I have never felt so weak, yet strong because I am only alive because of His strength.
    You are a joy to many, Lana. Bless you.

  • Denisa Purnell

    I am in Awe right now. I am Purity. I’ve been there to the mansion with the white picket fence around it. An angelic being took me there. Thank You Lord! and Thank you Woman of GOD! He has given me a burden for the body of Christ. He has also given me a track that I’ve made concerning his bride. He has also been dealing with me concerning keys. Not only that but I have been changing my profile picture on my facebook page to different color flags. Their are so many similarities. Lord I just want to Thank You!!!!! With everything in me… I give you Glory and Honor!!

  • Elma Bryant

    I began to see hope when I started reading your prophecies. I was barely keeping my head above water but I knew I couldn’t give up. I looked forward to reading them and was disappointed when there wasn’t one. I finally received a breakthrough which had to do with me treating myself extra special for my birthday. At first I thought I was being impulsive. A few days before my 53rd birthday I booked a suite at a local hotel. The attacks from the enemy were too much and I kept being told not to give up. I would have a good day then I’d plummet and this was the normal for two years. October 25, 2015 I received monetary blessings 14 times in 24 hours. I was so estatic I started thanking God and I became so emotional I began to cry. Recently you wrote about the sequence of numbers but yours was in reference to time. I received revelation and I go back to October 25th and noticed a pattern dealing with aces and the number one. Ex. AAAA which could be 1111 and another number of substenance may add to it or not. On my birthday my suite number was 11102 and when I looked at it a feeling came over me that I can’t explain but it was great. I walk in the suite and it was relatively white with turquoise purple and fuscia as an accent. The lamp shades were platinum. The view I had made me feel like I was on top of the world. Over the king size bed there was a large photo of big beautiful brown eyes and I sensed this meaning God watching over me. The bed and pillows were very comfortable and my sleep was so peaceful that night it was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. When I read this word at first I didn’t think it was relevant to my now but it kept gnawing at me so I read it again and it summed up my past two years, my now and my future. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  • melissa m

    Driving to work this morning, Father was giving me a “talk” about the word “PURE.”
    It made me smile later when I opened my email and found this story of PURITY.
    Thank you, Lana, for your faithfulness to Him and obedience in your calling to give us what He has entrusted to you for us.

  • Annetjie High

    Thank you Lara as I were reading this I felt atouched to this purity person felt like the message was for me…as I red al the comments it seems I maybe mistaken. But The Lord knows my spiuritual life..your such a blessing! Shalom

  • Therese Bedard

    What a delightful story which tells us how important it is to stay in the race and to remain humble. Jesus doesn’t give us any more than we can endure. When we pass the test, we are promoted to another level.
    I love how you described everything that is actually a truth from the Lord. For everyone, it is basically the same with promotions but the circumstances around it are different. God gifts and equips His saints. And, He offers times of refreshing in between battles. It is a beautiful journey if we follow it while leaning our ear towards the Lord and following His directions and His great encouragement.
    I thank you for posting this. I enjoyed it!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    When I saw the name “Purity” she seemed strangely familiar! Then I remembered the two books I got to read a few years ago by an author Jill Austin? who is in heaven now. “Purity” was a daughter; a dearly loved daughter of the woman in the two book story. Thank you for stirring up such a dear and deeply touching story of beauty: Purity’s encounter with Jesus. It’s like an unveiling happened reading her name again. This morning was so beautiful in the spirit, searching the heart of God and finding His heart. Want to live there all my days and for eternity!!

  • Beverley Estes

    The only thing I have ever wanted sense 5 years of age is The LORD to be my best friend to stick closer than a brother. HE showed me in a dream many years later what had happened at 5. I became one with HIM in a complete way. All you mentioned in the above hit home in every way. I had a cream of the colors or orange and Purple. My two favorite colors are green and blue. On and on it goes. Thank you for solidifying it all.

  • Debbie

    Praise Jesus! I pray this word is for me, I have been through so many storms and wearied battled. I love you Jesus so very much!

  • Shannon Lane

    God has me go back and read this word over about a couple of times a year. This word was the beginning to me truly seeing myself the way God sees me. It began showing me my identity in Him.