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This morning I had a vision where I saw sailing boats and they were in the midst of the storm. They were being blown around by the wind and the waves. There was such turbulence around these ships, and at times they felt like they were going to get ‘tipped’ over and just when they hit “steady seas”, another wind and wave rose up and began to cause more turbulence.
The thing I noticed about a lot of these boats was that they were DEEPLY anchored. So even though the wind and waves were blowing and rising up around them, the anchor was in the depths and wasn’t going anywhere.
In the midst of this vision I sensed the Lord saying “Many are experiencing the wind and waves of circumstances and what they enemy is bringing into their lives to attempt to tip them and sink them. The thing is, as they have gone deeper into Me as their anchor they are SECURE IN ME. The wind and the waves are LIES. They are SMOKE AND MIRRORS attempting to cause My people to believe that they are about to be overcome. This is a lie! As they are anchored in Me, even though they feel ‘shaken’, they are NOT being MOVED. My people are not to look the ‘smoke and mirror’ wind and waves but to look to Me, for the turbulence is simply an indicator that they are about to take new ground, more ground and move into new territory, higher heights and deeper depths with Me and in Me.”
I saw the people of God in the storm, in the wind and in the waves, making conscious decisions to go deeper, to praise Him in the storm, to dive deep into the Word, to see His heart and nestle into His goodness and nature, standing in faith and suddenly I saw the face of the Lord, and His cheeks were FULL of air and He blew SO HARD over these ‘sailing boats’ that represented many of God’s people.
Instantly NEW LEVELS OF WIND was in their sails. A force, empowerment, strength of wind they had not known before and they begin to sail with SUCH strength, such acceleration and the WIND IN THEIR SAILS was STRONGER than the wind and waves around them. They were moving through the storm with undescribable peace and strength.
They moved through the storm in such acceleration, suddenly they were out the other side of the storm in but an instant, and sailing in beautiful, still, sparkling waters with the sun beaming on them.
The Lord is blowing the wind of His Spirit on His people going through the storm as they stay positioned. You may feel like you are in the midst of the storm, and the wind and waves are making A LOT OF NOISE, but it is SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Look to HIM, your ANCHOR. You are secure in Him. GO DEEPER, for the storm is simply the indicator that you are about to move into the SIGNIFICANT new territory, heights and depths.
In the storm, many of the people of God are learning deeper depths of humility and humility is being established deep within them. The Lord did not cause the storm, but IN the storm the Lord is revealing our need of HIM.
The storm is seeing many of God’s people who are leaning into Him, moving deeper in humility and positioning them to see the storm as simply something that precedes their PROMOTION.


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  • Macharia

    Thank you Lana. These words are reasonating completely with my heart right now. I have made a conscious decision to go deeper and deeper in Him, no matter the storms.

  • gracegrace

    Lana, you are a precious gift to the body of Christ. Once again, I read this word through tears, so confident of victory in what the enemy has unleashed against me. Every child of God can take courage from this word from the heart of the Father and stand strong against the lies of the enemy.

  • Elmarie

    Minutes ago I read in Matthews 8:23 about the storm and Jesus walking on the water. Now Lana’s post which says the same thing! Let’s ensure we are anchored in Jesus and every storm has to pass. Thanks Lana, I fully believe that glorious days are ahead!

  • Julie Calderone

    I have been recieving your words for a few months, and I thank you for your ministry.. This is a right on word !! I bought a prophetic painting this summer at a conferance. It was a picture of a wave with a dragon like head kind of hidden on the top of the crest of the wave. The title was “Beautifuly in over my head” I did not seen this image when I first bought it . The Lord said you will not be over taken by the things that are coming at you from the enemy. Later in the summer He said you are going to fly straight into the eye of the storm, and you will not be afraid. For I have made you to fly and soar like an eagle. When an eagle see a storm they actually get excited. Because they know that when they fly into a storm they are going to higher and faster!! I thank you Lord I know your soverin hand is upon my life and I am not afraid, thank you for the promotion… love Julie

  • Liliana

    Hi Lana.
    Just as I emailed you few months ago, most of the things you experience with God to share with other are fully lining with my experience. The storm now is lost work, so I am learning to trust even more. I didn’t think transition will happen this way and it will be painful. but God knew. Still waiting for the new territory, new ground, not easy to wait, sometimes thinking how to stay focused on what are God’s promises for my life, what is my destiny and purpose, how to walk in the same direction in the heavy storm. The answer is the Anchor.
    Thank you God for this amazing lady, always ready to listen to your voice. Bless her and her family with all your riches.

  • Sharyn

    Hi Lana and Kevin,☺
    May you have a blessed time pf refreshing over the Christmas season. Via con dios for all He has for you in 2016.

  • Susan Padovano

    As I read through the email my heart was made glad and I did shout for joy. God is good. such assurance! Oh happy day!