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By Lana Vawser
The Lord has been highlighting the story in 1 Kings 18:16-45, the story of Elijah and the battle of Mount Carmel and the prophets of Baal.
This week the Lord showed me this “spiritual showdown” happening over the United States, and then He showed me this battle is also happening over the prophets of His heart. Those who are living in the place of intimacy, seeking His heart and releasing the pure, uncontaminated words from His heart.
I saw the battle raging so strong in the spirit, Jezebel is after the prophets with a vengeance right now to silence them. There is an onslaught happening because that Jezebellic spirit wants to steal your voice and wants to stop you from moving forward.
This Jezebellic spirit is bringing such intimidation in the spirit to cause the prophets to want to run and hide and not speak.
The Lord was very clear that this spirit needs to be brought into the light, it needs to be named and made known that it has been seen. Its tactics and strategies are being uncovered.
The Lord is releasing strategies and uncovering the tactics of this Jezebellic spirit to the prophets now so that you WILL overcome. The Lord is exposing the areas in the hearts and souls of the prophets of His heart where this spirit has been given “legal access” to come in and torment. I saw the Lord specifically dealing with areas of offense, bitterness and fear. The Lord is giving the prophets of His heart the keys to deal with these issues of the heart and to see the “legal doors of access” closed so that when the Jezebellic spirit comes against them, they can rise above, rather than be contained, oppressed and live beneath it. A new day of freedom is upon the prophets of His heart.
He is bringing the prophets of His heart to a higher level of awakening to their authority and into deeper levels of intimacy with Him.
This Jezebellic spirit has been taunting the prophets of His heart, attempting to silence them, whispering lies, containing them, bringing false accusations against them about who they are and what they are called to. This Jezebellic spirit has been coming with heavy clouds of fear, intimidation, terror, despair, discouragement and the feeling of “isolation”.
The Lord kept highlighting to me the “altar” that Elijah built in the story in 1 Kings.
The Lord is bringing a deep cleansing of the “altars” of the heart and lives of the prophets right now.
He is drawing the prophets of His heart deeper in intimacy with Him. Deeper into the fire of awakening to Him as first love. Anything that has taken the affection or focus of the prophets in this season except for Jesus, He is bringing a purging and a purifying.
He is bringing a deep cleansing, a washing by the Word (Ephesians 5:26) to the altar, the altar of lives before Him. He is bringing the prophets of His heart deeper into a place of worshipping in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). A whole new depth, and level of worship where the prophets of His heart are worshipping Him in a deeper level of loving the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, strength and mind. (Luke 10:27) In that place, He is revealing and dealing with any areas that this Jezebellic spirit may find entrance, to take hold.
This Jezebellic spirit hates the prophets and continues to plague the prophets and attempt to steal, kill and destroy from them.
The Lord has been repeating the message “return to the First love” and a “returning to and revival of the Word of God”, because in this place of deeper intimacy, in this place of deeper feasting on the Word, a deeper place of worshipping Him in spirit and in truth, God is awakening the revelation of His authority in His prophets and taking them higher with DIVINE strategy! To a higher place, the WINGED WARRIORS, those that warfare FROM the third heaven.
This Jezebellic spirit is attempting to keep the prophets of His heart fighting from the ground, but her attempts will fall to the ground, as God breaks through now.
In this season, as God is revealing the strategies of this spirit and the strategies of wisdom He is releasing to overcome it, the prophets of His heart, are moving to a higher place of VICTORY.
Rather than living life on the defence, He is moving the prophets of His heart to such a deep place of worship and awakening that they are living on OFFENSIVELY more than ever. Taking ground, and foiling the strategies and attacks of this Jezebellic spirit before it can do any damage.
God is teaching the prophets of His heart right now, in this onslaught, they are facing, how to OVERCOME.
Many prophets of His heart are feeling like they have been thrown back into the trenches again. (Increase of warfare in intensity again) They started to taste breakthrough, and then the onslaught began again.
There is a PROTECTION over you and around you in the trenches. You must continue to pray and worship Jesus. Do not move! Keep standing!
The “impossibilities” that this Jezebellic spirit is screaming, is going to be burnt up as the fire and power of God falls!
God is about to show up in POWER! He is teaching and awakening His prophets in the strategy to overcome this Jezebellic spirit, and at the same time, He is showing up on BEHALF of His prophets IN POWER!!!!
The prophets of His heart are going to start moving in a level of empowerment of the Holy Spirit that they haven’t experienced before. There’s a higher level of clarity, insight, wisdom, strategy, breakthrough, miracles and signs and wonders being released INTO their lives and THROUGH their lives.
The Lord showed me many prophets of His heart being attacked by this Jezebellic spirit especially in the areas of their health.
He showed me a company of prophets rising up in this season with a HEALING ANOINTING upon them to prophesy and see MIRACULOUS SUDDEN healing of disease.
There is a new wave of the Spirit of God being released through prophets to bring miraculous restoration and healing to physical bodies in the release of the Rhema word of God to people.
The “spiritual showdown” that happened on Mount Carmel was a turning point in the history of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.
The “spiritual showdown” that is happening in the spirit over many of the prophets of His heart right now, to silence them, to stop them from moving forward is the VERY INDICATION of the TURNING POINT being UPON them!
I want to decree over you PROPHETS OF HIS HEART your turning point is UPON YOU! You are moving into GREATER FULLNESS of your DESTINY. The marking moment that SHIFTS YOU, CATAPULTS YOU SUDDENLY into a whole new realm of your destiny. THAT is upon you right now and that is another reason why the Jezebellic spirit is on a rampage.
You are taking ground! You are moving forward! He knows you are waking up more than ever to your authority! He knows you are going higher up the mountain of intimacy and revelation with Jesus, to see, hear and declare from a higher place with greater boldness and power of the Holy Spirit to see sudden shifts in the lives of God’s people, cities, nations and the world.
The governmental mantle upon many of the prophets of His heart is being ignited with the fire of His Spirit, to release powerful signs and wonders, sharp prophetic insight and the powerful demonstrations of His fire, testifying loudly that He is the ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD! All other false gods and assignments of the enemy uncovered and smashed in Jesus name.
The fire falling upon the prophets of His heart is falling upon the altars of surrender, humility, integrity and purity. The place of intimacy and seeking Jesus as the first love, loving Him with all their hearts, souls and minds.
This Jezebellic spirit is attacking in many ways, but especially through fear and intimidation.
I saw a powerful move of the fire fo God upon the prophets of His heart where FEAR is breaking off the prophets. A fiery boldness is being ignited like never before. Where Elijah ran for his life afraid of Jezebel after the victory of Mount Carmel and the angel of the Lord strengthened him, the Lord is coming to strengthen His prophets. Supernatural strength, grace and freedom from fear, that you will RUN NO LONGER.
There is a “spiritual showdown” happening right now, but we KNOW who wins, and we stand as VICTORS!
Prophets of His heart, the power of God is going to be demonstrated in your life like you have never seen before. He is giving you the strategies to overcome this Jezebellic spirit and take back ground that it has stolen, and gain more ground than ever.
This battle is about YOUR DESTINY! You’re about to step into a greater manifestation of your destiny where you will speak with greater authority, clarity and insight and His power will be demonstrated in signs and wonders testifying to who HE IS, the One and Only true living God, through your life and prophetic words.


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  • Christine

    I’m absolutely floored by all these wonderful prophecies like a rain that just keeps on giving more to Gods people how refreshing

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    AMEN JESUS! I RECIEVE this word in jesus name Glory to God! Ive been hit in my body excruciating pain Out of no where, that I have never had! And its like its just bouncing around from 1 area to another! But I trust you jesus????????????????I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! And I WILL NOT QUIT!! Hallelujah Jesus!!???????

  • Dewain Willmore

    Thank you so very much for your wonderful deliveries of our step by step. accomplishments with our Dear Lord! I see it is so and am experiancing this as you tell this grand battle we are having with the Lord. We are the victors this time like no other time has been! I am experiancing all of it. And glory is being put into us every second. Next is reflecting the crystaline body of light. We the bodies of light have the power of love,gentalness,healing, the reflection of being spiritually whole. And seeing this in all others as well! Now it is our job to give this to the rest of our world. Thanks once again,Lana! Dewain Willmore in Austin, Tx.

  • Susan M

    dearest Lana, this is SO accurate— intensely heavy resurgence of trials, & a barrage of robbery, infirmity, fear, and foul Jezebel attempts to hinder the Lord’s Beloved Ones. Just before reading this, the Lord was speaking to my heart, reminding me of His eternal incomparably great power, and I saw the Lion of Judah roaring with such powerfully fierce love, over His people, His roar crumbled to dust ALL dark fortifications. Every assignment of Jezebel being sent to harass or oppress the saints must GO, at His roar!!! Praises & the joyful testimony of the saints shall scatter ALL gloom. Bright blue skies are unfolding. I keep hearing the Lord whisper with intense LOVE over His Beloved Ones: “It is TIME to WIN!” Amen! PTL! xo and shalom

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! YES!! Today I saw 3232 – Saw 32 twice more later in the day. 32 is the number of COVENANT. Covenant reveals the Heart of our Father – it’s our Relationship with Him. Last night, I dreamt 3535. I saw 35:35 appear on a counter in my dream – 35 is VINDICATION. Years ago, i heard it said that the level and intensity of spiritual warfare in your life, is a CLEAR Indication that YOU ARE ABOUT TO MOVE INTO ALL THAT FATHER GOD HAS DESTINED AND DESIGNED YOU FOR! THANK YOU PAPA!! Let it be done unto us according to YOUR WORD. Let It Be Done Father God According to YOUR WORD! Thank You Father God That YOU have Already Declared VICTORY Over Us! We Give You Praise Precious Lord!

  • Diana

    Just before (just minutes) reading this Word. I was laying across my bed and heard in my spirit, ‘Beware the false euphoria in the dead of silence’. Then, right after this I heard something about the Word. It wasn’t clear. So, I asked if I was to get more of the Word of God or the God of the Word? I felt it was to get more of the written Word. Then, again, to go deeper still WITH the God of the Word, yielding to His leading. So, as I wanted clarity, I looked in my email as I felt there would be a Word from you that would clarify this for me; and, it did. Thank you for taking on the role of leading God’s people by sharing God’s heart ❤.

  • Mary Morel

    Thank you Lana,
    It is 3 am and my husband, Bill, a pastor and man of God’s heart was diagnosed with an agressive form of lymphoma about a month ago. We have been pressing in for healing meanwhile the news and treatment is more intimidating each day. This word is for us! We need this promise and perspective. It rings truer than you know! Thank you for hopebin this storm. Mary

  • Rhoda

    Blessed Jesus!!!
    Greetings dear Lana,
    You would not believe all God is saying and that I am journaling!! As always I find encouragement and confirmation here.
    The resistance is GREAT and our recompense TWOFOLD ITS GREATNESS at battles end. What an overwhelming thought. How will we manage so great a blessing; only by a continuous miracle of divine wisdom that must accompany!
    Holy is thy name LORD Jesus!!! Holy is thy name!!!
    I love you sis! GLORY to God!
    Blessings to you today,

  • Bridget Sanchez

    Thank you for this Word. I’ve been feeling like a fraud and a failure. I feel like I’m making up stuff even though what I’m hearing goes along w/ our Pastor’s message. I hold back the Words that I’m hearing b/c it sounds like I’m making them up in my mind. After our Pastor gives his message, I say to myself; I guess that was God & I regreat not giving the Word I heard. Please pray for me. I feel like I’m going backwards .

  • Paula Judge

    Thank you for this word from the LORD! It is very timely in my life! I am so grateful for the encouragement you are to me and the body of Christ! May God bless you mightily beyond anything that you can ask or think in Jesus Precious Name! Amen!

  • wendy

    Thank you again for sending out these encouraging words God places on your heart. You have encouraged me so much in this last year!

  • Cheri

    Our God is Mighty in Power!! There is NO OTHER GOD BESIDES HIM!! I am amazed at the accuracy of your msgs Lana. The last one had me looking at the definition of lavish I had written down the day before because God had spoken it so loud during my nightly routine warfare. I’m texting this on my sick bed, where I’ve been since last Saturday. Crippling fear is dissipating, like a slow leak!! The enemy keeps screaming, “SHUT HER UP!! WE’LL CUT OFF YOUR HEAD!! Etc…etc…? I am SOOO in love with Him. He is everything beautiful. REVIVAL PEOPLE!! This is so exciting!! I’ve been asking Him for beautiful transition buildings in the inner cities for His Kings and Queens on the streets…..I figure we can redeem the soon-to-be empty State…

  • Faith

    Thank you, thank you, Bless you Lana, Bless you Lord Jesus..I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and ALL MY MIGHT! Thank you for this merciful healing and empowerment!!

  • Linda L. Miller

    1 Kings 18:37 Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again. Then the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the DUST, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
    Luke 10:11 Even the very DUST of your city, which clingeth to us, we do wipe off against you; notwithstanding, be ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God is come near unto you.

  • mijin

    Whoa, this is very timely and something I can relate to. Was in a deep funk for a few days, feeling uncharacteristically hopeless and limited due to a flareup of my offense and bitterness. My pastor from several years ago texted me a verse about Holy Spirit as Counselor and how we are powerful bc of Him. I thanked him and he told me to call him. In those 10 minutes, he encouraged me with God’s truth that I am big and an intercessor for Him. He also encouraged me to soak in God’s presence, which I did later that morning. In that process, I came across this anointed song by Jason Upton. I felt God urging me to fly, free from the Enemy’s snare.

  • Rae

    Here is an encouraging article called The Spirit of Elijah is Coming Upon a Company of Believers. Part of it is based on a prophetic word by Sadhu Sundar Salvaraj.
    According to Salvaraj, where Elijah failed by running from Jezebel, he will teach us to overcome her tyrannical intimidation. The spirit of Elijah will come upon believers so we are able to stand against fear and be victorious against her.

  • Tamara

    This is so confirming for me. I absolutely needed this right now, as a lifeline to what Jesus is saying and doing right now. I hope to get to see and hear you in person soon, here in Texas. Thank you for sharing this word, Lana.