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LVM Update

Hi Friends!
Thank you for journeying with us, as we press in and listen for the Lord’s heart. We pray that you are blessed, and pressing in yourself to hear his heartbeat of love, hope and truth.
We have had some amazing times in our home state, the last couple of weeks. Our time in Miles, Outback Qld was really touching, with an amazing group of people, seeking God and hungering for revival in the middle of a harsh land. We came away inspired and blessed. Our time with Suzette Torti and Open Heaven Ministries was equally powerful, as we shared and heard on strategies for intercession, and standing in the authority we have to declare freedom and breakthrough.
We are looking forward to our next two weekends in Perth, at Urban Church and Paradox Church respectively. We love the beautiful people we’ve met there already and can’t wait to come back. For those in Perth interested in service times, please check out our itinerary page:
We are incredibly blessed and honored by all those who have sown into what we do. We never require a payment for any of Lana’s posts, but God has really provided for us in our stepping out and away from a 9-5 job into the faith-walk that is itinerant ministry.  Ten days ago, we were surprised that PayPal had suspended our account, as they realized (rightly) that we had forgotten to update them on a change in our ministry structure. For this time, many tried to sow but were knocked back, and monthly payments were skipped during this time. None the less, despite the interruption in the service, PayPal has been restored.
For those who feel led to re-submit their donation on PayPal, please feel free to look for the PayPal  button on our sowing page:
Again, we never require or expect a donation, but we do appreciate it, as it is a physical manifestation of the Lord’s provision in our lives.
We pray a blessing of peace, righteousness and justice over you. May mountains be brought low before you, and the Lord bring restoration and truth to every heart that has been tormented or confused. May your house know increase and joy.
Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Cheri

    I so look forward to spending eternity with you and your family. I’ve been asking the Lord if He could possibly set up a lunch date so I can reveal just how vital a part your ministry has played in my life this last year or so. He hasn’t yet released finances but when He does I pray to sow “Above and Beyond”!! I love you.?

  • Megan Boyack-Huston

    I love your posts it is like you are writting the words just for me!
    Thank you so much it is so encouraging. 🙂

  • Rev. Phillip LEMKIN

    Thank you for your faithfulness & integrity.
    HE is our provider even when we think otherwise.
    Your words are timely and accurate, but WE NEED TO PROCLAIM THEM FOR OUR OWN LIVES DAILY, and STAND FAST in the power of the manifestation of the demonstration of the POWER of GOD in our own lives and release the prophetic through our walk in the Spirit realm to others as those Divine appointments happen. DON’T MISS your timing.
    Thank you Lana.
    From California, the testing State for AMERICA.
    ACTS 17:6. And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brothers to the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come here also;